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To understand World War Two, it is imperative to understand World War One, for the second conflict was a tragic continuation of the first. It would be a good idea to read “Anti-German Hysteria of World War One,” available from a link on the main page of this site before going any further. One must look beyond the propaganda, the Hollywood images and comic book presentations of either war to comprehend how and why the utter ruination of this ancient land with its historically profound influence on European culture occurred, and how a rich, powerful nation which enjoyed a positive, even glowing image at the dawn of the twentieth century would be cut off at the knees and relegated to a stature of relative unimportance today. -

“The bombing must be directed essentially against working class houses. Middle class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs.” Frederick Lindemann, Lord Cherwell

It is not your happy pseudo-Bavarian tourist village in the USA. No good beer, buxom barmaids or oom-pah bands here. This “German Village” in the Utah desert is all that remains of a full-scale, six block replica of typical pre-war working class housing in Berlin. It is on a test site created by the Allied military to develop weapons of mass destruction for use against German civilians.

It was part of a larger five square mile German/Japanese “doomtown” built in 1943. Despite their “successes” with their 1,000 bomber fire raids against Cologne and Hamburg, the British were frustrated by their inability to ignite the same type of firestorm in Berlin, so Allied scientific advisors urged the creation of a program of incendiary experimentation on exact replicas of German workers’ housing. According to the Air Force, Dugway’s German village “corresponded to the type of housing in which 80 percent of the German industrial population lived.”

Until recently, nobody understood fully that the terror-bombing of German civilians was not a “friendly fire” mistake, or the result of a bomber missing its mark. We believed the tall tale that schools, churches, cathedrals and castles were hit only when “enemy soldiers were firing from them” or because some small town mayor “refused to surrender.” Until the Internet leaked out uncensored, unfiltered information, most of the grim images and graphic accounts of the horror which rained from the skies over Germany were hidden away and free from scrutiny, judgement or condemnation. Mortality figures from Allied bombing, kept top secret for many years, now trickled out, as did photos, personal accounts and old newspaper clippings.

Visit Some Bombed German Cities - This is only a partial list of the 1,000 or so bombed German cities and towns, many of which suffered attacks similar to Dresden but are less well known. Some other cities are mentioned elsewhere in these pages and there are still others for which information is not yet available.

The Expulsion and Extermination of Eastern European Germans: An Overview

“Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and overaged men, have been killed in eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe; about 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee from their homesteads and are on the road. About 25 per cent of these people, over 3,000,000 have died. About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to eastern Europe and Russia as slaves. It seems that the elimination of the German population of eastern Europe – at least 15,000,000 people – was planned in accordance with decisions made at Yalta.” Senator Homer Capehart in a speech before U.S. Senate, Feb. 5, 1946.       * More

The Sad Story of East Prussia

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm forward. Kill! You gallant soldiers of the Red army.” Ilya Ehrenburg

“In the windswept courtyards of the Stettiner Bahnhof, a cohort of German refugees, part of 12,000,000 and 19,000,000 dispossessed in East Prussia and Silesia, sat in groups under a driving rain and told the story of their miserable pilgrimage, during which more than 25% died by the roadside and the remainder were so starved they scarcely had strength to walk.” NY Daily News Correspondent Donald Mackenzie





The World War Two Allied Bombing Campaign

Overview of the Bombing Campaign
The Planning     The Toll

The Bombing of Germany
City by City Index of Destruction

The Expulsions and Refugees in Several Parts

Overview of Expulsions
The German Problem: The Eradication of Ethnic Germans     Refugees

East Prussia
Murder in East Prussia     The Baltic Germans

The Lost Coast

Oder Neisse
Silesia’s Stolen Heritage

Fate of Sudetenland Germans

The Brunn Death March
Death Marches and Massacres

More Expulsions
Russia     Bulgaria     Romania     Yugoslavia     Hungary     Holland     France

Other Consequences of War

The Human Problem Making the World Safe for Democracy American Style
Re-education     Occupation     Starvation     Rape     The Women     The Children

The U.S. Psychological Warfare Division, SHAEF, now sprang into action and began implementing its well-crafted psychological propaganda campaign for the purpose of developing within Germans a sense of collective guilt and responsibility. Using the American controlled German media, they launched an intense campaign to shock and humiliate the prostrate German public into accepting that they were all guilty of crimes against humanity in one form or another. Also, to “create an image of the occupation in the German mind” and enforce “democratization,” criticism of the Allied occupiers was made illegal, as was uttering any disapproval of Allied actions during the war, including the civilian bombing campaigns. Captains from “Psychological Warfare” units supervised the conversion of the German people to what they purported to be “American ideals and values.”

The Plundering of Germany
Soviet and Allied Plunder

The Book Burnings: Selective Censorship
Burning of German Books     Re-education     Censorship

The Destruction of German Monuments
Destroying the German “Will to Wage Future War”

The Sorry Fate of German POWs
Enslavement, Starvation and Murder of German POWs


McLaughlin on Hamburg: Death of a City

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