Sunday, February 11, 2024

Free Speech is Blasphemy - Vox Popoli

(DaSatanic phrase of 'free speech' has been drummed into our brains since birth......CL)

Free Speech doesn’t sound quite so appealing once you realize it literally means Blasphemy.

The only reason the concept of “free speech” was created as an ersatz human right during the Enlightenment was to permit secret satanists to blaspheme against Jesus Christ despite the many laws of Christendom that forbade them to do so.

And now that they can blaspheme freely and legally, we have all seen how genuine their philosophical commitment to the concept was. Like free trade, free speech is just another inverted satanic lie that delivers the exact opposite of what it promises.

Whenever Clown World promises “freedom” it delivers chains.

Just exercising his god-given right to free speech…

UPDATE: In which a dictionary from 1919 is consulted.

A friend gave me a copy of Webster’s Elementary School Dictionary from 1919.

Words not included in it: racistantisemitic.

Words included: antichristian.