Friday, February 2, 2024

The Discovery of Civilization By Jayant Bhandari

(I strongly urge you to read the entire article to begin to understand the vast difference between Western Civilization and the third world. The most ironic part is when you also begin to understand the FACT that we of the west have allowed ourselves to actually invite the third world invasion which will destroy Western Civilization - PERIOD! - CL)

I landed in London in late 1991 to pursue my MBA, using it to obtain a British visa and depart from India. There was a peculiar allure, a charm that felt almost erotic, drawing me towards the West. I was filled with curiosity, eager to understand what contributed to the West’s success and why the world held it in such a high regard. It was impossible to quantify what I was after—if I knew what was on the other side, I would not have needed to go there to find out.

The British immigration officer inquired if I was carrying the money to pay for my education. I affirmed that I had the necessary funds and began to open my bag. I didn’t have the money, but fortunately, he stopped me from opening the bag. I felt proud that I had fooled the officer.

The only way to get any work done in India was by fooling or bribing the bureaucrats.

I was transitioning from a society built on distrust to one characterized by trust, though I wasn’t aware of these concepts then.

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