Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Russia Backs Putin... Again - Vox Popoli

 The comprehensive failure of Clown World’s color revolution-style strategy to wage psychological and economic warfare against the Russian people, thereby turning them against President Putin and forcing the collapse of the Russian government, is evident in the landmark results of today’s presidential election.

A record number of people have voted in this election. More than 74% of Russia’s 112.3 million voters cast their ballots between March 15 and 17, the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) said on Sunday. This is the highest engagement in the nation’s modern history, unseen for more than two decades. A previous similar turnout was recorded in 1991 at the first and only presidential elections in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, when Russia was still a part of the USSR. At that time, around 74% of voters turned out to cast their vote. The average turnout at the presidential elections in modern Russia ranged between 64% and 69%. The ballot held in 2018 had a turnout of around 67%.

First vote in new territories. It was the first time people in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), as well as in Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, were able to take part in Russian presidential elections. All four regions joined Russia after referendums in September 2022. The new territories demonstrated high turnout figures at the vote, which amounted to 83.7%, 85%, 87% and 88%, for the Kherson, Zaporozhye, LPR and DPR, respectively.

With over 80% of all ballots counted, Putin gets more than 87% of the votes. Kharitonov and Davankov enjoy 4% support each, and Slutsky is backed by some 3% of the voters.

The easily confirmable fact is that Vladimir Putin is far more democratically legitimate, in every sense of the word, than the unelected leaders of the so-called European “democracies”, which are ruled over by a) foreign imperialists based in the United States, b) the unelected bureaucrats of the European Commission, and c) illegitimate heads of state like the UK’s Rishi Sunak, who has never faced an election as a candidate for Prime Minister and is going to lose the first one he faces, and lose it badly, assuming he survives long enough to lead the Conservative Party into it.

And President Putin is, of course, far more legitimate in every sense than the series of decrepit, mask-wearing body doubles that we are supposed to believe are Joe Biden, who clearly didn’t receive anywhere nearly enough votes to win the 2020 U.S. election, let alone the record-setting 81 million that was manufactured for him.

In fact, I suspect the only reason “Joe Biden” has not been charged with any of the various crimes that have been comprehensively exposed and are related to the Biden vice-presidency is because the federal prosecutors know they can’t actually charge anyone who is not Joe Biden for the crimes of the actual man, who is probably lost in the final throes of dementia, assuming that he’s even still alive.

All of the headlines about the illegitimacy of the Russian election or claims that it was, for some totally unnecessary reason, “rigged”, are clearly nothing more than the customary Clown World inversion. The most reliable metric is not to assume that what they are reporting is wrong, it is to assume that what they are reporting is the complete opposite of the truth.

UPDATE: Vladimir Putin himself reached the same conclusion in a recent interview:

“I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word.”