Wednesday, March 13, 2024

White House Releases Budget Written In Mythology Posted on March 11, 2024 by Helena

 Biden is tackling the $40 trillion debt load incurred by our government with a new 2025 Budget of $7.3 trillion.   2023, Revenues collected was $4.1 trillion on expenses of $6.4 trillion.   A 56% Shortfall/Deficit on revenue.   While claiming no new taxes – Biden increased tax rates for 2024 wherein a single filer making $100k to $191k is taxed at 24% – with a 37% cap rate.   As of the third quarter 2023, federal net borrowing was $2.3 Trillion to cover the deficit.  Savings as of the 3rd quarter FY was ($1.68) trillion.  Meaning our $2.3 Trillion in borrowing was still short $1.688 Trillion – Pentagon Math.   Social Benefits (SS and Medicare) were in the hole for the year $1.3 trillion.   While Biden declared student loan debt was free.

Federal Benefit Programs will see the highest increase in Biden funding which includes;  welfare and illegal benefits on the backs of taxpayers paying 24%!!   The average taxpayer will now give the government 31% of everything they make for the privilege of having their cities destroyed – their children raped, and their stores ransacked.  7% of that is for money our government promises to invest on our behalf for 40 years and pay us back…

Fun Fact:  Research total federal employees and the number is estimated to be 2.2 million.  FINE PRINT.

However, this number does NOT include:  Federal Reserve, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, foreign service personnel at the State Department, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Office of the Vice President, Postal Regulatory Commission, Tennessee Valley Authority, U.S. Postal Service, White House Office, foreign nationals overseas, Public Health Service’s Commissioned Officer Corps, non-appropriated fund employees, selected legislative branch agencies, the judicial branch, or the military, United Nations, Green Fund.   Employees of NGO’s paid for by US Taxpayer funding.

State and local government employees are estimated to be around 20 million.   And ALL these employees get paid PENSIONS – paid for by taxpayers shelling out 30% or more of their income.  Those benefits are payable as of age 57 and 30 years employment or age 60 with 20 years of service – with some exceptions for age 50.    Social Security – is the problem though because the funds are borrowed against to pay for welfare and illegals and government pensions.   Thus the retirement age for Social Security is tagged to be increased to reinforce the gap – but Federal and State Pensions?   Nah.

Government wants more government while simultaneously ushering in poverty for the middle class.   Because Soros declared that unraveling America would be his biggest accomplishment given The American People are resilient, stubborn, educated, and Patriotic.  As a direct result, those qualities are exactly what Soros targeted.   The Protocols for destruction of an entire society.


What happened to the Galatians of Biblical history?   They were conquered by the Romans and sold into slavery.  What happened to the Thessalonians?   They were massacred by the Romans and the Jews via the Argonauts of Greek mythology.  After the massacre of the Thessalonians, The Bishop of Milan condemned the violence and withdrew communion from Theodosius.  Eight months later, Theodosius said he was sorry and the Bishop reinstated his Christian orthodoxy of communion.

What happened to the Corinthians?   They were slaughtered by the Romans.  Corinth, according to historians, was founded by a descendant of – Zeus.

Once again, we are led to believe that mythology was reality.  And Greek mythology characters were at a constant war with the Roman Empire founded on Roman mythology.

There are no original manuscripts of either Plato or Aristotle.   The writings attributed to these scholars were actually written more than a century after their death in 895 AD.   Did Plato even exist?  The scholars that wrote Plato’s manuscripts (claiming that scraps of parchment survived hundreds of years…) created Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates.  That is the evidence.

Our Government is not governing – they are spending free money.  Our History is not history – it is mythology.   Our Science is not evidence based – it is a Ouija board game.   And no one wants to tell us the Truth because they say we will all fall into a death spiral of mass hysteria.  Medicine causes more diseases and death than the initial disease being treated.

But the ‘hysteria’ that will implode all of society is TRUTH.   And so our government officials lie – about everything.  They lie about expenses, about revenues, about statistics, about risk, about investments, and about the state of our economy.   What has been the outcome of The Lies?   More lies to cover the speck of truth that threatens to expose the lies.

The $50 billion per year for ten years that Biden claims he will collect in excess revenues isn’t going to reduce the debt – it isn’t going to be saved – it will be spent by multiples of  for expanding government, paying for illegals, while hiking  wages 20% to 30%.   Our deficit spending will increase by another $3-$4 trillion IF the Budget is adhered to.   The ONLY way we can ever unravel and reveal the TRUTH is through concentrated mass uncensored research and sharing.