Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Bear Warns Clown World - Vox Popoli

 Vladimir Putin makes it pretty clear that Russia is going to invoke NATO’s Article 5 and strike every NATO country if any of them are foolish enough to send troops to Ukraine instead of simply targeting the foreign soldiers and intelligence agents that are secretly in Ukraine with missile strikes as they’ve been doing all along. It’s apparent that the Russians are growing tired of the neoclowns’ childish “I’m not touching you” game and will not tolerate many further provocations.

We need to shore up the forces in the western strategic theatre in order to counteract the threats posed by NATO’s further eastward expansion, with Sweden and Finland joining the alliance. The West has provoked conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East, and other regions around the world while consistently propagating falsehoods. Now they have the audacity to say that Russia harbours intentions of attacking Europe. Can you believe it? We all know that their claims are utterly baseless. And at the same time, they are selecting targets to strike on our territory and contemplating the most efficient means of destruction. Now they have started talking about the possibility of deploying NATO military contingents to Ukraine.

But we remember what happened to those who sent their contingents to the territory of our country once before. Today, any potential aggressors will face far graver consequences. They must grasp that we also have weapons – yes, they know this, as I have just said – capable of striking targets on their territory.

Everything they are inventing now, spooking the world with the threat of a conflict involving nuclear weapons, which potentially means the end of civilisation – don’t they realise this? The problem is that these are people who have never faced profound adversity; they have no conception of the horrors of war. We – even the younger generation of Russians – have endured such trials during the fight against international terrorism in the Caucasus, and now, in the conflict in Ukraine. But they continue to think of this as a kind of action cartoon.

That being said, I think all the hysteria in the Clown World media about Putin making “nuclear threats” is the usual Fake News. He’s obviously talking about using non-nuclear hypersonics as a reminder that there is nowhere to hide, albeit with the guarantee that if Clown World responds by further escalating the situation by going nuclear, Russia will respond in kind.