Thursday, February 9, 2023

China Strategy: Kowtowing to Neocons or “Year of the Rabbit” 4-Dimensional Chess?, by Richard Solomon - The Unz Review

(I am not a Chinese national wannabe. My national loyalty is to the former US republic. However, like the ancient Greek city-state of Athens, that entity no longer exists. It was replaced by the US Anglo-Zionist Empire, of which I am a citizen-serf. Or using a more technical lexicon, a prisoner of ZioCorp. I am optimistic that a new and better American republic will arise from the empire’s collapsed wreckage. - RS)

 Super-genius President Xi plays four-dimensional chess. I am stupid and play one-dimensional checkers. I follow Tao. What else can I do? Because of my mental limitations, certain moves by China appear incongruent to me. I understand this is the “Year of the Rabbit” and a time to lay low. However, even in that context, is kowtowing to neocons ever advisable?

US neocons are waging a cold war of aggression against China that could turn warm, or even hot. To avoid conflict, China performs acrobatic contortions. When dealing with the destroyers of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, is appeasement the best policy? Or is it time for a new tact?

In 2018, the “Year of the Dog,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kidnapped Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou at the behest of his neocon masters. Breaking all rules of acceptable business practice, the kidnapping was a strong-arm move to squeeze Huawei.

Using false charges stemming from Huawei’s business dealings with Iran, Canada placed Meng Wanzhou under humiliating house arrest. As if the US has the right to dictate who a Chinese company can do business with.

What was the Chinese government’s response to the brazen kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou? They arrested a couple of low-level Canadians. I’m stupid. To me, that’s like getting punched by the schoolyard bully and retaliating by slapping the kid in the wheelchair. Were the two Canadian bottom-barrel flunkies supposed to represent Meng Wanzhou’s equivalent value bargaining chips?

While I am no fan of big corporations, I believe Meng Wanzhou differs from the typical corporate executive. Her father started the company, and like a dutiful daughter, she helps him run it. She became corporate through birth. Through the lens of the Jungian archetype model, Meng Wanzhou is a Chinese princess.

If anyone can assist in transforming the planet-degrading corporate paradigm into a system of advanced technological production harmonious with Earth’s fragile ecosystems, it’s Meng Wanzhou. Business realities aside, it is the nature of the princess to protect the orphan and widow, as well as the frog and turtle.

The insult to Meng Wanzhou has never been properly addressed. My face burns with shame.

The venal witch Nancy Pelosi invaded the sovereign Chinese territory of Taiwan, despite warnings from China’s government. Before the mentally diseased bat flew in, China threatened the most severe response if Pelosi carried out this disrespectful neocon provocation. How did China respond to the insult? They wasted jet fuel buzzing their planes around in inconsequential aerial maneuvers.

How did the American political class view China’s response? It interpreted it as weakness. US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is talking about repeating Pelosi’s act of audacious face-slapping. (Bloomberg News)

What was the American public’s perception of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) response to Pelosi’s Taiwan invasion?

Many viewed the PLA as metro momma whores. That’s not my view of the PLA. I know their rhino horn solar plexus strike can collapse a granite mountain. I’m merely reporting US public perception.

Under Tao, it is considered incorrect to issue fierce threats and not follow through when the red line is crossed. If immediate action is unwise, better to say: “The proper response will be given at the appropriate time.” Or ignore the provocation. China’s airshow could’ve been a four-dimensional chess move beyond my comprehension. I’m stupid.

With much fanfare, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He met with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. During the proceedings, some Chinese government officials proclaimed the joys of online shopping and consumerism. They called for more “foreign investment” (BlackRock?) into China’s economy. No mention of socialism with Chinese characteristics during the Opium War daughter’s visit.

In the past, China let in foreign corporations with the provision that China gained access to the technology and infrastructure. A brilliant move. Is bringing the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel into China’s economy an analogous play? Does China intend to seize the assets of the City of London parasites, like the US did with Iran’s or the UK did with Venezuela’s gold? If so, a bold plan- but very risky. Like swallowing a tapeworm in hopes of controlling it.

The ziobanksters infiltrate and control nations through “investment” and “lending.” It’s what they do. That’s how they took over the former US Republic. Bacilli only understand penicillin.

The US-Anglo Empire pushes color revolutions all over the world, e.g., Syria, Ukraine. They try to play the same game in China., e.g. Hong Kong, Xinjiang. Orchestrating color revolution on a sovereign nation’s soil is an act of war.

Speaking hypothetically, China would be within its karmic right to push color revolution in the US. Quid pro quo.

In the 1990s China needed a simple low-cost/mass-production automatic rifle for its large army. To meet the demand, the PLA issued the beautiful bullpup QBZ-95. While lacking the “bells and whistles” of its US and NATO counterparts, the QBZ-95 performed magnificently. When China grew richer, it replaced the QBZ-95 with the QBZ-191, a high-tech deliverer of death equipped with all the “bells and whistles.” China must have millions of retired QBZ-95s in storage.

Imagine if civil war broke out in the US and China supplied its surplus QBZ-95s to pro “win-win cooperation” factions. What a funny joke for China to play. Ha ha ha. I’m not suggesting China ever do that, but the neocons should take pause before attempting to deliver the next slap to China’s weary cheek. I would think China’s patience has its limits. What if one day China decides to give the viper a taste of its own venom?

In his article series, technology entrepreneur, publisher, free speech activist, writer, and journalist Ron Unz proved with a reasonable degree of certitude that covid was a US neocon bioweapon attack against China. Mr. Unz’s work should have garnered the highest journalistic awards. Not when Rothschild Zionists own America’s media.

As per the Nuremberg Trials, a biological weapon attack against a nation not only constitutes waging a war of aggression, it is also a crime against humanity. What was the response of some Chinese officials to the Davos Deep State criminals? They said, “Come in Bill Gates. Make yourself at home.” Gates, a close associate of the late Mossad underage sex blackmail ringleader Jeffrey Epstein (ABC Australia), sponsored the covid tabletop pandemic simulation at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health months before the Wuhan outbreak. This Oracle of Delphi was so prescient, he named the simulation virus covid. He even had the foresight to patent the DNA hijacking (as per the Institut Pasteur) mRNA covid vaccine.

After a bioweapon attack, does one bring in a perpetrator to cut lucrative WEF deals that benefit peacock billionaires?

In my Dec.13, 2022 article, “How long can the Ukraine War Last,” I wrote:

“That’s not to say there are no current factors that could shut the Ukraine project down quickly. A neocon think tank might spew out a policy paper that says the circus needs to move to Taiwan ASAP. Jealous of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the neocons could swell up AFRICOM and start targeting China’s African projects.”

In his Feb.1, 2023 article, “Ukraine is Sinking. Are Western Elites Bailing Out,” journalist Mike Whitney reported that the neocon/neoliberal Pentagon-linked RAND Corporation think tank came out with a policy paper stating that the Ukraine War risks becoming an unwinnable quagmire for America. Mr. Whitney interpreted this as a schism between US ruling elites as to whether to focus on Russia or China. I agree with that analysis.

Regardless of how long the Ukraine War drags out- unless China gives Western oligarchs a stake in the BRI and opens its economy to ziobanksters, it remains a target. China is not alone. It has a friend. His name is President Putin. Don’t play coy maiden China.

Ha ha ha. Foolish neocons. If you dare take on the PLA, you will taste Chinese steel. The humiliations of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan will seem like lost games of tiddlywinks. When the dragon expands its wings, the skies will darken over the US/NATO zio-army. Watch in horror as the sharp iron teeth of the Thucydides Trap clamp shut.

Under Jungian archetype theory, and to some followers of Tao, President Xi is Emperor President Xi, earthly representative of the Tao. This is not a political office, but a spiritual one, analogous to the Pope’s.

My comparison of Emperor President Xi to the Pope is for conceptual purposes only, as Vatican City is currently a Rothschild-managed property. My knowledge of Catholic Church history is too dismal to know the how, when, and why, but I suspect the Church’s partnering with the moneylenders during the Middle Ages to open a legal loophole for usury created problems. Like George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Within China, internal conflict pits peacock billionaires, currency speculators, metrosexuals, and other adherents of neoliberal capitalism against supporters of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To subdue these counter-consciousness revolution reactionaries, President Xi needs the support of patriots infused with the zeal of Tao.

China’s external conflict comes from US neocons and their Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel masters. When the debauched US Anglo-Zionist Empire crashes from endless warmongering and leech overfeeding, the parasites plan on relocating to China. The ziobanksters want to inflict a British East India Company “Millenia of Humiliation” on China, use the BRI as an instrument of global debt slavery and planetary exploitation, and make the PLA their new NATO goon squad. This can only succeed with the help of internal fifth columnists.

I am not a Chinese national wannabe. My national loyalty is to the former US republic. However, like the ancient Greek city-state of Athens, that entity no longer exists. It was replaced by the US Anglo-Zionist Empire, of which I am a citizen-serf. Or using a more technical lexicon, a prisoner of ZioCorp. I am optimistic that a new and better American republic will arise from the empire’s collapsed wreckage.

Who am I to advise China? Nobody. I’m meaningless and nothingness. I’m stupid. I follow Tao.

ZioCorp’s security guard has his jackboot on my neck. If I protest, ZioCorp judges stand ready to throw me into a ZioCorp cage. The squid wraps its slimy tentacles around me, constricting my arms and legs as it rifles through my pockets. I’m subdued.

If only I could send a message. To whom? To the man. Which man? The man who’d set a match to a building-sized stack of hundred dollar bills with the same emotion he’d give to lighting a small campfire. The man who smiles with derision at the Swiss bank accounts, gold Rolexes, and Mercedes 500SELs that dangle before him. The man whose front stallion kick could send teeth flying like popcorn kernels from a hot open kettle. The man whose forward rooster hammer fist could split open a skull like a ripe July melon. The man who’d stand firm with President Xi in the face of a category 5 cyclone. The PLA commander. A PLA commander? No. The PLA commander.

“I am bound and helpless. Fly closer little hummingbird. Let me whisper my message in your ear. Ah little hummingbird, your heart beats inside your tiny chest with more courage than a lion’s.”

“What’s the message?”

“Clean house friend. And use a broom with firm bristles.”

“Anything else?”

“A small request. Only to be completed if my message has value and the request presents no inconvenience.”


“If a devil takes me out- please provide the appropriate response. And make the circle as wide as Tao permits.”

“Is that all?”

“Fly hummingbird fly.”