Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The Way of the Red-Pilled – The Occidental Observer - by RockaBoatus

(In summary  - this article encompasses my experience of the last 20 years - just about EVERYTHING I thought I understood turned out to be bullshit and propaganda........which most folks NEVER relinquish once they're comfortable with their delusions.

Prediction - the next few years will be UNCOMFORTABLE! - CL)

Today we often hear of persons becoming “red-pilled” while others remain “blue pilled.” The expressions originally sprang from the widely popular science fiction action film “The Matrix” (1999) starring Keanu Reeves as “Neo” and Laurence Fishburne as “Morpheus.”

The movie, according to Wikipedia, “depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside the Matrix, a simulated reality that intelligent machines have created to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source.” “Neo” is given the choice between taking the blue pill or the red pill. If he takes the blue pill, he simply returns to his old life and his old way of thinking in which he believes all that his masters want him to believe.

If he takes the red pill, his eyes are opened to see things as they truly are, a world he never knew existed. In doing so, he’ll learn just “how deep the rabbit hole goes.” “Neo,” of course, takes the red pill but not before he is warned by Morpheus: “Remember, all I am offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

Yet what exactly is the “Matrix”? Morpheus defines it as “the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” Those who have become red-pilled, then, are likewise persons who recognize that the wool has been pulled over their eyes. They see things as they really are and not as the government nor as prevailing opinions would have us believe.

Such persons now perceive the lies they’ve been fed their entire lives. They see the ‘system’ for what it is, and they recognize that it does not have their best interests at heart. They have broken from the prevailing worldview which most people share. They tend to be anti-establishment in their thinking and political dissidents. They are distrustful of their own government and its complicit media. Like the wizard behind the curtain who uses illusions, sleight-of-hand and artful flourishes to deceive the gullible masses, those who are red-pilled have broken from such delusions. They are now free.

Persons who have taken the blue pill, in contrast, are those content with whatever they have been told throughout their lives. Although they can be creative and even insightful at times, their entire view of life, politics, and the world around them is couched within a modernist or secularist perspective. They tend to be socially and politically liberal. They accept the essential foundations of a globalist worldview, and do not challenge it. The term they have appropriated for themselves is “woke,” meaning social awareness, being alert to social issues such as racism, discrimination, and injustice. They are militantly consumed with dissolving the nuclear family, abolishing capitalism, eliminating religion — especially from the public square, promoting gay, lesbian and Transgender rights, and raising children to be gender neutral. They stand firmly opposed to the traditional values of western civilization which is grounded on marriage between a man and a woman, the family, the importance of religion (however conceived), patriarchy, the reality of racial differences, including the importance of racial and cultural homogeneity of one’s nation.

I am using metaphorical expressions, of course, but it helps to illustrate the great contrast between red and blue pilled persons and how they interpret the world.

Like most people, my journey to the red pill came in stages. It began in 2000 when strangely enough I happened to read an article about race realism in of all places a liberal Bohemian newspaper in Southern California! The editor explained that while he did not agree with all the conclusions of the author, he thought his case was so well stated that he felt obligated to make it available to his readers. This would never occur in today’s political climate, of course, but things were not as badly radicalized twenty-three years ago as they are now. I carried that newspaper around for at least six months and read it numerous times. I had never heard such truths, but it made complete sense. It provided a small framework in which I could hang my thoughts about racial differences. In the past, I implicitly recognized that Blacks were different than Whites, but I couldn’t quite articulate it in ways that made sense. My racial equality assumptions muddied up the waters so badly that I couldn’t see what should have been patently obvious. That particular article (author unknown), thankfully, set me on a path that would eventually lead to many other ‘naughty’ truths.

Yet it wasn’t until 2002 when I read Pat Buchanan’s book, The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (St. Martin’s Press), that my eyes were finally opened. It was revolutionary to say the least, and I was able to make better sense of racial issues, especially those pertaining to mass non-White immigration into Europe and America. Jared Taylor’s website, American Renaissance, also played a major role in filling out and making sense of the racial puzzle which I am grateful for.

The point being that the path to the red pill often occurs in stages. Rarely does it occur overnight or in one dramatic event. It’s usually a series of events, seemingly unconnected, that bring us to the point of considering ideas we had not previously entertained.

I have wondered why more people are not red-pilled. How could they not be when there are so many reasons to believe we have been lied to about almost everything? Our government lies to us constantly. Our colleges and universities have lied to their students for decades. Our nation’s most prominent newspapers have a long history of either featuring articles containing half-truths or outright lies to the American people. Our history books often have a political agenda that outweighs the need to present accurate history.

The sad truth is that most people are content to live with a blue-pilled mindset, to see things just as the media dictates. They have no interest in thinking differently or in challenging the status-quo because they are not even aware that there exists competing worldviews or alternative viewpoints. Even if they did, it would matter little to them. They are not inquisitive by nature nor are they particularly openminded. Their thoughts are limited to that which is earthly and temporal. They do not ask the deeper questions of life, nor does it bother them in the least that they possess no appetite for such matters. They are, as the old saying goes, “A mile wide and an inch deep,” meaning shallow or lacking depth in their thoughts and opinions. The challenging or probing questions from those who are red-pilled is dismissed by them as mere quibbling over insignificant matters.

The red-pilled way of life is largely unpopular because such truths are disturbing and take us out of our comfort zones. It leaves us with the real possibility of knowing that we have been wrong and have misunderstood reality. For many people this is too much to bear. They want to be liked, to have the approval of their friends, family and business associates. They care more about what others think of them.

Yet for those who have become red-pilled, truth is paramount! Thus, the kind of person who is red-pilled is, generally, a truth seeker. Granted, there are going to be degrees to this depending on the person and their intellectual acumen. But overall, the red-pilled person seeks to know and understand the truth. They have little patience for lies, no matter how pretty they might be painted.

The red-pilled way of life is also often costly in terms of losing friends, being popular and widely received by others, and there is always the looming threat to one’s employment and finances. The Left has made it so due to their intolerance of other viewpoints which threaten their foundations. The federal government, as one might expect, looks the other way while Bolshevik Leftists seek every avenue to silence, vilify, and physically attack their opponents.

I am thinking of such dissidents as the prolific author, Harry Elmer Barnes, who challenged and refuted the court historians in his day over inconvenient truths surrounding World War II and its aftermath. The late David Hoggan, the historian who became a pariah to the academic establishment because he dared to set the record straight showing that Churchill, FDR, and Stalin were the real warmongers rather than Adolf Hitler (see his The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed and his later work, The Unnecessary War: 1939-1945 Germany Must Perish).

Harry Elmer Barnes

Germar Rudolf, the brilliant German chemist, has been arrested numerous times and has endured severe persecution by the authorities because he has academically challenged the Holocaust narrative in a host of publications.

Special mention must be made of the late Canadian German, Ernst Zundel, who suffered multiple trials and imprisonments because he published literature critical of the Holocaust. His house was even burned down because of what he dared to say.

Zundel and many others like him, such as Monika Schaefer and the 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, have been tried and imprisoned by the German authorities not because they stole from or physically harmed anyone, but because they expressed their opinions. The authorities strike hard against such dissidents because they upset the narrative which all are expected to believe without question. Their lies are on such shaky ground that even 94-year-old grandmothers must be silenced and imprisoned so as not arouse inquiries from the sheep.

Ursula Haverbeck

There is also the eminent British historian, David Irving, whose books are praised for their historical accuracy and attention to first-hand sources. Yet because he mildly challenged some aspects of the Holocaust story and maintained that Germany’s Chancellor never officially issued an order to exterminate the Jewish people, he has been attacked, ridiculed, jailed, sued, and chased down by his detractors (see his Hitler’s War).

And then there is our own Kevin MacDonald who has been constantly maligned and attacked for over two decades because he wrote a scholarly book documenting Jewish power in America and the cultural subversion they have engaged in since at least the 1930s (see his The Culture of Critique).

Once one becomes fully red-pilled, one cannot unsee what has already been seen. The great truths concerning racial differences, Black dysfunction and criminality, third-world immigration, the great Covid ‘plandemic,’ Europe’s migrant invasion, the truth behind 9-11, Jewish cultural subversion, Pearl Harbor, World Wars I and II including the atrocities committed against the German people after the war, the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the World Economic Forum and its earth-shattering plans, including the truth about the Austrian corporal, and a plethora of other subjects are so startling and revolutionary that one cannot return to their old ways of viewing the world as they once did.

David Irving

And this is precisely why book banning, shadow banning, and doxing those who spread dissenting social and political viewpoints are so vigorously pursued by our enemies. They are unwilling to engage dissidents in open debate for all to see and for people to decide for themselves because they know, perhaps intuitively, that their position has little if any evidential merit. It’s much safer to censor their opponents than risk the seeds of doubt that will surely spread if the public is given alternative paradigms. There can be little success in controlling people when they are given the entire truth.

On a practical note, sharing red-pilled truths requires tactfulness, wisdom and patience. I have seen a tendency among zealous red-pillers to ridicule and purity spiral with others who may not quite be where they are in terms of understanding all the issues. They mock those who adhere to racial differences, but who haven’t yet arrived at the Jewish Question.

In my own case, it took several years of much reading and carefully thinking through the JQ before I was persuaded by it. This was not due my obstinance against the truth, but rather because I wanted to be certain that I truly understood the issues at hand. I didn’t want to deceive myself nor others.

Civic Nationalists are similarly ridiculed because, while good intentioned perhaps, they come from an intellectual framework that assumes the validity of the current system. They think it merely needs to be reformed rather than replaced by something that truly accounts for racial differences and works to secure a future for Whites and their posterity.

Yet Civic Nationalists are often on board with some of what we believe and want for our country. Yes, they are still stuck in an old paradigm that has proven not to work, but they are generally politically conservative, and stand opposed to the Left’s degeneracy. What sense is there in alienating them because they have not yet arrived where we are in understanding some of the deeper truths about race and other matters? Can White Nationalists in the U.S. really afford dismissing massive numbers of Whites who may not have progressed to where we are at this point?

Christians, likewise, who may not yet be racially conscious are often vilified as “Christ-cucks” and other epithets. Yet what sense does it make for us to alienate huge numbers of White Christians throughout America’s Bible Belt when in large measure they hold to very much the same traditional values that we hold dear? Rather than express hostility toward them, wouldn’t it be more prudent to try to reach and reason with them? You’d be surprised how many of them would be receptive to our message if treated politely and respectfully. As the old saying goes, “You can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Thus, there is the need to be patient with others who are still struggling through many of these issues. And it’s important always to recognize that what may be rejected today, might be accepted tomorrow as both experience and circumstances combine to awaken our people to reality.

Finally, there is the need to be cautious of becoming so black-pilled that one despairs and is thereby rendered ineffective for our cause. There is plenty to be concerned about, no doubt, and it’s easy to become depressed and hopeless when we witness the condition of our country and the blindness of our own people. Despite this there are still reasons to be hopeful.

A growing number of Whites are waking up, and the federal government along with its street shock troops of Antifa and BLM are doing their best to vilify all White people which only serves to drive them to our camp. Truths such as the ‘great replacement’ are being more widely discussed than ever before. Patriotic White Americans are gradually losing their patriotism knowing full well that their own government is unabashedly anti-White and corrupt to the core. The Left has shoved the most deviant and imbecilic doctrines down our collective throats which has provoked many Whites to fight back. This is not something they would have done ten or fifteen years ago. But things have changed. The Left has also directly targeted our children with their LGBTQ propaganda which has caused a whole lot of momma bears to shake up those school district meetings.

The more the Left pushes the proverbial envelope, the more our people awaken from their racial and cultural slumber. The Left will not stop. They will not give up. They will not come to their senses. They are determined to destroy all that is good, beautiful and decent. They want to burn it all down and replace us and our entire country with their Utopian paradise. Yet the more they pursue their demented dreams, the more they will find a growing resistance among us.

People can only put up with complete insanity for so long. Most of us just want to be left alone. We want our families. We want peace. There is every reason, then, to be hopeful that the Left will inevitably cancel itself out.

There is also good reason to believe that our endless and unpayable national debt, along with our continuous warmongering abroad, will eventually cause this evil system to collapse under the weight of its own hubris and stupidity.