Sunday, February 12, 2023

DaClownWorldDream is Our Nightmare and We EARNED it!

First a quick review - Clown World is built upon a series of intellectual pillars that range from Darwin, Diderot, and Freud to Einstein, Keynes, and Foucault. The first thing that rapidly becomes apparent when one regards them as a set is first, that they are all frauds. Read more

So where are we now? The War Against Us - Kunstler

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy our economy” – Chris Hedges

The evidence…..and this is just a partial list of the latest….

Why the 1787 Constitution Did Not Bring Republican Government to America By Ryan McMaken

The Popes of Sodom - Vox Popoli

When Rhetoric Becomes Reality - Vox Popoli

why there isn't going to be a covid vaccine vaccines aren't magic and why boosters are a sucker bet

What funeral directors know that you don't - by Steve Kirsch

Where's the Grit? - Vox Popoli

The Ever Widening War - by Paul Craig Roberts

This essay is an exercise in connecting dots, of bringing together apparently disparate events that are actually connected in some meaningful way, done in an attempt to give readers an opportunity to place world events in context and have an entire coherent picture emerge from those apparently separate elements. The contents of this essay are as follows:

(1) The 1930s Great Depression

(2) The US domestic gold seizures

(3) The 1934 Silver Purchase Act

(4) Citibank’s Great Chinese Gold Robbery

(5) The Worldwide Gold Robbery – The US FED

(6) The 1933 Jewish Declaration of War and Economic Boycott of Germany

(7) The Attempted 1933 Jewish Fascist Coup in America

(8) The Takeover of China

(9) Preparation for WWII against Germany

The United States and Russia – the two greatest nuclear powers on the planethave embarked on a wide-ranging “indirect war”. All that now remains is for them to engage in direct warfare, which will end up happening sooner or later. If later, it will be exactly because both powers are aware that any direct war between them will inevitably escalate into nuclear war, with a good chance of devastating them both.


The Height of IGNORANCE? When It Becomes WILLFUL!

I learned in the last 20 plus years that almost all of my previous learning had been pure bullshit and propaganda – a hard thing to swallow…but true….and still learning. – CL

The Burning Platform - I’m 53 years old. The older I get the less sure I am about things I was sure about when I was 25 years old. I believed stocks for the long run was an unquestioned truth. I believed our economy was based on free market capitalism. I believed stock prices were based upon profits and cash flows. I believed a home was a place to live – not an investment. I believed the Catholic Church was run by good men doing good things. I believed journalists and the media were watchdogs working on behalf of the public. I believed our military was protecting our interests. I believed politicians legislated on behalf of the people. I believed the main purpose of bankers was to loan money to businesses and consumers in order to support economic growth. Boy, was I dumbass.

Why so much WILLFUL ignorance? It pays well! - Why should we expect them to understand any of this? They are paid above-market wages not to understand it.

(What a freaking farce - these Boomer Pampered Princes don't even understand WTF the problem is - and we rely on their advice? At least DaFrench generals do - - while I haven't been much into Boomer bashing, the evidence is warming me up to it.

A bunch of spoiled brats - while enriching themselves through DaFed's funny $$$$$ Wall Street casino, besides their generous Federal pensions added to their 'consultation' fees with military contractors - their kids and grandkids are sucking wind - competing with third world immigrants while seeing our manufacturing base moved overseas is quite a legacy - shall we say 'good riddance'? - CL)

The next time you see your kids and grandkids, look them straight in their eyes and say: Look what we left for you!