Sunday, February 5, 2023

This One CANNOT Be Dismissed - by Karl Denninger

This sucks folks, and while the I told you so banner is at the end, its not the sort you enjoy flying.

The author of the substack is pretty-much spot-on here.  This is characteristic of an immune runaway response in the endothelium which we know is a problem with these jabs because it was demonstrated that direct endothelial damage occurred due to the presence of the spike protein even without any other part of the virus back in the fall and winter of 2020.

Again, as I have repeatedly pointed out no less than the Salk Institute published a paper on this and while they tried to frame it in the context of Covid infection that was a political and not medical decision and was screamingly obvious on its face, as their analysis and investigation used only the spike.  Obviously a Covid infection that results in viremia (that is, virus in the circulation on a systemic basis) will by its nature include the entire virus; that is, the spike and nucleocapsid.

But there are exactly zero injections you can give to someone, anywhere, that will not result in some amount of circulation of the material via the blood.  An intramuscular injection by definition is systemic within seconds as muscle tissue is some of the best-perfused in the body and irrespective of exactly where the needle lands the material will be taken up by said tissue and that tissue is supplied with oxygen and nutrients (and the waste products carried away) by the circulation.

That this occurs with the Covid jabs was scientifically proved by the biodistribution study Japan insisted be produced (after our FDA did not do so) and which was leaked early on, demonstrating that among other places the product ended up in the ovaries.  The only way it could have gotten there is via the circulation.

Unless you can find evidence via toxicology or similar that both of these young men did something else to jointly cause this damage the common element of being jabbed, given the Salk paper and others on this topic that demonstrate direct spike injury to the endothelium must be considered the likely cause.

Note that occlusive coronary artery disease (which would be extremely unusual in anyone this young) was not found.  The heart attacks, in short, were not caused by a cut-off of circulation on an immediate basis into a region of the heart muscle.

Heart attacks of this type occur when electrical conduction is disrupted.  If you get lucky the disruption happens in the atrium and you get aFib, which is often symptomatic and can be treated before it causes serious problems.  Untreated aFib over time tends to produce clotting in and around the heart which is extraordinarily dangerous because if one of those breaks off it is in the arterial side of the circulation and very likely to wind up in a coronary artery (you have an immediate heart attack) or brain (you have an immediate occlusive stroke.)

But the atriums of the heart are much smaller than the ventricles in terms of their contractive force and electrical impulse (which is why when you look at an EKG that first spike is so much smaller); the much larger element is the ventricle, and if that conduction gets disrupted you go into vFib which immediately cuts off the circulation and, unless you're immediately attended to and can be shocked back into sinus rhythm you die.

Most -- but not all -- of the time you can find this damage with an EKG, troponin test and/or a cardiac MRI (looking for LGE.)  The latter is invasive as it requires contrast and thus is not free of risk.  What I can't speak to (and I don't think anyone, even a cardiologist, probably can with accuracy as this has simply never been done before to enough people to know is whether an EKG, for example, can rule out this sort of pathology.  I simply do not know if you have taken the damage that might result in this electrical disruption in your heart muscle whether it will invariably produce an abnormal EKG trace.  In addition there's another problem in that if it does is there anything, realistically, you can do about it?  The answer to that might well be "nope."

The evidence that this risk was real predated the rollout of these jabs in America.  It was deliberately ignored by both the medical system and those in our government, all the way up to the President at the time, Donald Trump.  Joe Biden, who was at the time President-elect, also deliberately ignored same as did both of their running mates and both the current HHS Secretary and Biden's to-be nominee for same, along with the entirety of the FDA regulatory apparatus.

Mass-deployment of these jabs was criminally stupid and everyone involved in doing so and the process that led to it, including specifically Trump and HHS Ash, ought to be held criminally responsible for every single death linked to this as should every manufacturer, distributor and health care professional and organization involved in the administration of same.  This must also extend to every single "influencer" and CEO who trumpeted this garbage or even mandated it as accessories before the fact.  Yes, this is a call for indictments, prosecution and imprisonment and execution of those responsible.

All of them.

The default position, given what we know at this point, is that everyone who took one or more of these jabs sustained some amount of this damage until it is conclusively proved otherwise.  Over 200 million Americans, in short, must be assumed to have taken this damage as a direct and proximate result of the willful blindness and intentional misconduct of everyone involved.