Saturday, September 16, 2023

America’s Ambassadors: Imperial Governors Who Hate White Americans And The World, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

The purpose of a conventional foreign service is to foster friendship, peace, and mutual understandings with other states. Emissaries typically try to bridge gaps and mend fences.

The US State Department does not share this philosophy. Spreading the “New Bolshevism” of left-liberal globalism has long been official foreign policy of the US government, and as the empire declines, they have decided to accelerate the plan to turn every nation into a racially incoherent nihilistic dystopia. This agenda was reaffirmed in a 2021 National Security Memorandum that instructed agents of the State Department to “embed intersectional equity principles into diversifying public diplomacy and communications strategies.” In other words, if a country asks Washington to respect its sovereignty, the answer is to meddle more.

American embassies abroad do not operate as conventional diplomatic missions, they behave more like provincial governors charged with managing the day-to-day affairs of occupied nations. US embassies are without exception nests of spies and intrigue, providing State Department funding and coordination for superficially independent Washington influence operations (“Non-Governmental Organizations”) in order to impose offensive values, orchestrate coups and assassinations, liberalize and take over economies, and terrorize or jail any emerging opposition.

The historical standard is that diplomats are supposed to make an effort to avoid the mere optics of meddling in a nation’s domestic affairs, but any given American ambassador feels entitled to an audience with local officials whenever he or she or They/Them desires. When a leader ignores some edict emanating from the rainbow/Black Lives Matter flag waving imperial outpost, their political opponents receive millions of dollars to steal elections from them while native compromised cronies and assets operating in the shadows open up politically motivated corruption investigations. If all else fails, attempts are made to overthrow elected governments with violence.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our diplomats is that, contrary to the norm of other countries, they are happy to risk polarizing nations against the US in order to promote their universally repulsive vision for the world. America’s diplomats are drawn from fringe and resentful classes — disproportionately Jewish, gay, or black — along with a smattering of billionaire plutocrats who openly bribe our presidents for an appointment.

Several ambassadors are professional gay or anti-white activists tasked with exporting these doctrines abroad, which naturally clashes with locals and ignites anti-American sentiment. The United States Foreign Service not only flagrantly disrespects the traditional cultures, laws and foreign interests they are sent to establish mutual understanding with, they also loathe the majority of American citizens they are appointed to serve!

For a textbook example, look no further than our ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. This black demagogue regularly commands the international community to unite in a global war against the white race in her hysterical and disgraceful rants. Thomas-Greenfield’s most potent venom is reserved for the European state-building majority of her own country, who she defames to the rest of the world as murderous racists that should be brought to heel. If America’s official spokesman insists white Americans are the source of all evil, what are other countries supposed to think?

Los Angeles’ ex-Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has made it quite clear that he hates the duly elected government of Narendra Modi, one of the most popular leaders in the world. During his confirmation hearings, Garcetti promised to dedicate his time to fanning the flames of minoritarian ethnic resentment and use feigned human rights concerns as a leverage against Modi. Garcetti’s appointment has put Indians needlessly on edge about what America has in store for them, yet this did not stop Republicans and Democrats from consenting to this Jewish instigator becoming the national liaison to India.

Choosing Alina Romanowski, a Jewish CIA operative who was trained in Israel, to head our diplomatic mission to Iraq was bound to be controversial. The results were exactly what Iraqis predicted: as soon as Romanowski settled into her position, news reports about American diplomats crafting plans to assassinate local Shi’ite leaders, high profile acts of interference in local parliamentary affairs, and campaigns to stir up tribal infighting have been exposed, leading to Iraqis holding angry protests outside of the US embassy demanding that Romanowski resign.

In Portugal, the Jewish National Fund’s Randi Charno Levine has been active in spreading values so repulsive they even drew pushback in the highly liberal European nation. Levine and the US State Department faced controversy in 2022 over their funding of the Queer Lisboa film festival, a “cultural” event that unapologetically promotes homosexuality, incest, and pedophilia to Portuguese youth.

In nations big and small, important and not, you will find US embassy staff leading and funding marches delegitimizing the majority race or ethnic group, introducing unassimilable people and immigrants to the society, and addressing LGBT parades featuring cross-dressers and child-molesters. A whole army of Washington backed “journalists” and “civil society” figures with bottomless wells of money behind them are instantly spawned by American consulates, and their hubris is so great that they don’t feel they even have to hide their intent of destroying legitimate authorities and the native established order. This activity even occurs in Middle Eastern nations like Kuwait, where public displays of deviant sexual behavior are held on legally immune US embassy grounds, even though they are against the law and extremely offensive to local people.

There are close to 30 Jews serving in ambassadorships right now, generally concentrated in important geopolitical focal points such as the European Union (Mark Gitenstein), South Korea (Philip Goldberg), Japan (Rahm Emanuel), or areas where the United States is actively seeking regime change, like Hungary (David Pressman). Here are some of their ongoing activities and career highlights.

Mark Gitenstein

As ambassador to Romania between 2009 and 2012, Mark Gitenstein leveraged NATO military “assistance” and European Union money to restructure the Eastern European nation into a fully subdued proxy.

During his tenure, Gitenstein led “rule of law” judiciary reforms and built up a new Romanian deep state capable of purging independent political interests in the country. Despite all the grandstanding about theft and graft, a recent corruption trial outed ambassador Gitenstein as the chief organizer of a pro-Washington criminal corruption ring that he cultivated, helped to empower, allegedly profited from, and protected.

On the cultural front, Gitenstein’s embassy functioned as an agent of racial chaos, aggressively mobilizing Roma Gypsies and outfitting them with legal, media and political resources to browbeat the majority. The embassy never missed a chance to work with George Soros and Washington-backed “civil society” groups to undermine popular patriotic anti-crime campaigners.

One of the more famous incidents during Gitenstein’s time in Romania was a public spat with Baia Mare Mayor Catalin Chereches, who took necessary measures to contain a wave of Gypsy crime in 2011. Controlled forces in the country opened up a spurious bribery case against Chereches in hopes of ruining his political career, but local Romanians ignored them. Chereches, who campaigned for re-election from prison in 2016, managed to win with 70% of the vote in a small victory over Washington and its Open Society.

Gitenstein is promising to use his post as ambassador to the European Union to further bully various Eastern European member states Washington perceives as “problematic.” At the EU, Gitenstein has been integral in locking the whole continent into the Ukraine war catastrophe, causing an economic crisis throughout the bloc in the process.

Philip Goldberg

Philip S. Goldberg has served in every administration since Bill Clinton.

Goldberg, who is gay and Jewish, has also worn out his welcome in numerous nations he has been tasked to operate in.

In 2008, Goldberg caused a diplomatic crisis when he was expelled from Bolivia. Goldberg used Washington’s influence to kill an important gas pipeline agreement between indigenous nationalist Evo Morales’ government and Brazil in hopes of isolating Bolivia and sending Morales a message. When it became clear Morales was too popular to depose through conventional democratic means, Goldberg’s embassy began providing support for regional breakaway movements and inciting riots in hopes of inciting a civil war.

Morales eventually ran out of patience and declared Goldberg persona non-grata over the State Department’s overt and covert election interference on behalf of his US-backed opponents. Since then, the nation has faced uninterrupted political instability, which culminated in Morales’ overthrow in 2020 at the hands of a CIA orchestrated coup.

Goldberg was the lead instigator of a similar diplomatic controversy during his time as ambassador to the Philippines between 2013-2016. The US embassy’s familiar playbook was deployed against another very popular leader, Rodrigo Duterte. Goldberg oversaw the mobilization of every resource available to undermine Duterte’s presidency and prevent him from governing, eventually deciding to finance his political opposition.

Duterte, who became world famous as an anti-crime campaigner, did not have the backing of the strongly compromised Filipino state to expel Goldberg, but he nevertheless settled on taking to the media to call him a “gay son of a whore” for meddling in his country’s internal affairs.

Now in South Korea, Goldberg is making America new enemies. He personally led Seoul’s US embassy organized gay pride parade, which remains highly controversial in the country and enrages locals. Goldberg is an enthusiastic interloper who thwarts any attempt at inter-Korean reconciliation with the North while simultaneously pushing the State Department’s agenda of compelling the South Korean government to join the Quad, an anti-China military alliance that Koreans do not believe is in their interest.

David Pressman

David Pressman, another gay Jew, was appointed to represent the United States to Hungary in 2022. Right out of the gate, Pressman has been at war with the Viktor Orban government.

Orban appears unable or unwilling to simply expel Pressman, likely due to fear of economic or even military retaliation from Washington and Brussels. The US embassy’s intelligence activities in Hungary are among some of the most aggressive inside the European Union and Discord leaks reveal that Budapest privately sees the US as a geopolitical adversary.

A global anti-Hungarian smear campaign in Jewish controlled media has been accompanied with the US embassy funneling money to Orban’s opponents. Several US government and Jewish run media outlets piped into the country utilize propaganda and disinformation to try and discredit and delegitimize the Hungarian state.

The relationship America has with Hungary is remarkably similar to how the country was treated when it was a member of the Warsaw Pact. Pressman, who proudly voices his contempt for the Hungarian people and their autonomy, is currently redoubling efforts to manufacture a Washington-compliant legal structure and deep state full of lackeys with the hope that a political figure like Orban, once he is out of office, can never come close to power again.

Rahm Emanuel

Few figures in recent history have generated more anti-American sentiment in Japan than ambassador Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago and son of an Israeli terrorist.

Japanese elites are loyal toadies, but opposition to US demands have been mounting in the public consciousness and the country’s Diet.

Japanese commentators have been expressing particular alarm at the control Emanuel and Washington seem to have over Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. When earlier this summer the US forced Tokyo to liberalize its trade relationship with South Korea — a decision that will objectively hurt the Japanese economy — Emanuel received angry pushback on social media from Japanese netizens, with comments like “We are not your country. The Japanese government is too weak. Japan cannot be called a sovereign nation.”

The nuances of Japanese and South Korean diverging interests take a backseat to Emanuel’s mission of preserving Washington’s foothold in Asia through the deployment of proxies to fight China. The US embassy is obligating them to integrate beyond what their respective populations see as desirable, and if they don’t like it, too bad.

Emanuel has also been a prominent locus in the country’s debate on institutionalizing various new pro “LGBT” laws. The US ambassador has publicly affirmed that Japan will pass this legislation, even though there is stringent and steadfast opposition to this law in the Japanese parliament that in theory should make it dead on arrival.

And yet, despite massive popular opposition, Japan’s highest courts — created by the US occupation after losing WWII — have ruled that bans on same-sex marriage are “unconstitutional.” While Japanese commentators are especially enraged at Emanuel’s loud and presumptuous imperial tone, in the end, the facts show he is functionally the master of their political destiny and the Japanese are not.

Through his diplomatic post in Tokyo, Emanuel has also taken it upon himself to organize refugee resettlement to Japan, another development that sharply contradicts with the desires of natives. These are largely white Ukrainians at the moment, but the infrastructure will be permanent and used again when the next global refugee problem arises. The US embassy has even ginned up a bizarre “diversity” program for Japan that features American blacks being sent to the country.

With the recent passing of the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we should take a moment to reflect on the interrogatory that has lingered since: why does the world hate America?

The answer is that those who act in our name hate the world…and us too.