Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Only Cowards Don't See Color - Vox Popoli

A lot of white people, particularly Boomers, proudly proclaim that they “don’t see color”. They seriously believe that’s not a character defect, but a virtue of some kind. The problem is that an unwillingness to recognize racial and ethnic identities is not a virtue, it’s a hideous and cowardly vice.

I wonder if the self-righteous colorblind can manage to see any color here?

A group of blacks attack a white couple in Maryland. These sickening attacks have become more and more common and the media remain tight lipped.

This sort of vibrant attack on a white couple is far from an isolated incident.

White woman tries to save her boyfriend from a black man, and he knocks her out cold. The hostility towards Whites is accelerating.

And they’re not going to end until whites decide that they can, after all, see what everyone else clearly can. Because, ladies and gentlemen, you’re the Indians now.