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My Journey From Illness And Despair Towards Truth – OffGuardian - Kevin Smith

 Many churches don’t really teach anything meaningful about the Christian faith and are just social clubs for people who want to be ‘saved’. Many churchgoers have the same materialistic tendencies and lack of awareness as the public generally.


Whether religious or not, I think many readers here will relate to some of these experiences.

In 2014 I was working for a UK organization which adjudicates financial disputes. The work was interesting, but the organization was going through a structural change which made no sense. Our work began to be micro-managed and woke ideology started creeping into the office.

That same year, I collapsed and was very ill from a major bleed due to a duodenal ulcer. It wasn’t really what is known as a near-death experience (NDA) but during my recovery I felt different spiritually and used the time to reflect on life. Before I hadn’t embraced any one religion but was always open-minded.

In 2017, under a new tyrannical manager, for the first time I pushed back. I documented the bullying and told the organization to leave me alone to do my job. They agreed and, overnight, my stress disappeared and a confidence I’d never had helped me to become a trade union representative, join the organization’s Christian Fellowship and even the Muslim Book Club.

I was always interested in geopolitics and history and attended some outside work events discussing the war on Syria and the part played by the Western media in distorting the truth in successive wars. After my first event, I sensed a cloud lift and a feeling of vindication of my views. I felt destined to write about it all. I published many articles in independent media about Syria, religion, the mainstream media and mental health.

Meanwhile, at work the toxicity increased and while I was coping better, I was relieved to be offered voluntary redundancy to pursue my further research and writing.

After a year’s ‘honeymoon period’ of feeling liberated from the control freaks, the ‘pandemic’ landed. I could see instantly the lockdowns and other measures made no sense, so I researched hard, particularly around the globalists, their secret societies and malign influence on world events. To my horror I realized the world was in the grip of a coup.

So, I started writing about it and by April 2021 suspected there was a depopulation agenda, a deliberate destruction of small business, planned social and economic collapse, demographic engineering, introduction of digital currencies and Chinese style social credit. Also, an agenda to prepare us for climate lockdowns to control movement.

It was also evident there was a plan to further normalize transgender ideology and sexualize children.

I learned these agendas are rooted in history and interconnected. The tactics used were to create a crisis, division and distraction then offer a solution out of the chaos. Ultimately, to make us fearful, compliant, dependent and under their control, for example, through food scarcity and orchestrated financial implosion.

Since mid-2021 I’ve thrown myself into more research, including around the Covid injection side-effects. I recently decided to try to put some of my current thoughts in writing. Not because much of this information is not already out there – more so because I think it’s often useful to gather all the moving parts and put them in some order. Many people faced with lies and distraction from mainstream media tend to view events in isolation or within their specific specialism, so the ‘big picture’ penny never drops.


My journey exploring religion was slow at first and I read books like The Case For Christ written by a former journalist and atheist. Based on extensive research the book made a logical case for God’s existence.

In recent months I think I’ve become much closer to God. My journey started more on the evidential side. However, the spiritual dimension now feels much stronger, I believe in part because the global coup is about to intensify soon.

Recently I’ve read and watched dozens of online presentations about near death experience, the bible and prophecies, demonic possession and child trafficking. Things are now much clearer to me.

Anyway, here are a few of my learning points on God and Christianity.

I realized early on there was something wrong with organized religion. Many churches don’t really teach anything meaningful about the Christian faith and are just social clubs for people who want to be ‘saved’. Many churchgoers have the same materialistic tendencies and lack of awareness as the public generally.

My view is that many churches have been infiltrated over many years by some darkness – a view which I think is supported by Catholic Church scandals and locking down churches and using them as injection centers.

So, I made the conscious decision to study and pray at home.

When I feel frustrated or through my curiosity, by prayer, I’m always guided by God to the right answers. God, I think works in the way of patience whereas I wish to know the answers now. But I feel humbled and privileged for the wisdom, intelligence and resolve I receive through God in his time.

I ask a question and it always gets answered in one way or another, often days later when simply stumbling upon it or being able to piece things together. Above all, I feel protected.

During the recent period I think many awake believers have been struggling with negative emotions and not-so-good traits which come from the burden of the disturbing knowledge about the world we now possess. I often feel I’ve sinned by rowing with my family over the injections. But what if I’d said nothing?

It’s a mixture of emotions in play, and often my angry or frustrated reaction to those who can’t see the truth plays havoc in my mind as to whether I’m doing right in God’s eyes. I constantly struggle with this but believe God will forgive us ‘smaller sins’ in the background of the burden and multitude of attacks on us from all directions.

Another thing I grapple with is, “What does God want from us”? A surrender to his power or one where we play an active part? Previously I firmly believed God gives us the tools to change things for the good and if we don’t use them, he might intervene if we’re lucky. Or he might not bother.

I think God changes things in ways unseen or less obvious and through the power he instills in his believers. So, we have an important part to play now. But ultimately, I think believers should place more faith in God and in divine intervention when the insanity coming at us now and in the future may overwhelm us.


I feel I’m at an advanced stage of my journey to the truth and God. My current focus is studying global child trafficking and the film ‘Sound of Freedom‘ reinforces my belief that a cult of satanic weirdos, psychopathic traitors and sexual deviants underpin much of the chaos we are seeing now. Destroying child innocence through various agendas is part of their plan as they see children as closest to God.

Waking a few more people up is our next step, and many have woken. On the horizon are new ‘pandemics’, grid take-downs, controlled financial meltdown, climate lockdowns, war and possibly even a fake ‘alien invasion’.

However, through our numbers, preparedness, wisdom, determination and in God’s armor, we have many things in our favor.

The globalist ‘Great Reset’ and its wide-ranging evil is an ambitious undertaking – too ambitious, I think, and whatever happens soon, it will eventually fail. The question is simply how many of us they take down with them. So, finally it’s important for us not only to wake up, see who and what the enemy is but also to prepare.


These are some of the things I and I’d guess many readers here are doing. They’re not really new ideas but, as a list, might be useful as a sign post to good preparation sites out there.

Learn as much about the modern world and steadily build up your physical, mental and spiritual health. Look for inspiration from the great work of others of which there are plenty of examples on this site and elsewhere. This has helped me immensely in these dark days.

Food scarcity and financial meltdown are in the works. Stock up on essentials and look up prepping sites. Store food with the aim of helping those less prepared. Barter items such as coffee and alcohol will come in useful.

Likewise stock up on medicines such as antibiotics and supplements. For example, it’s now thought the Covid injected ‘shed’ spike protein to the un-injected. For both groups of people, Nattokinase is thought to be useful at preventing and dissolving blood clots caused by the injections and shedding. There are many other supplements which can help with the immune system and with detoxification.

Consider taking as much money out of the financial system as possible into gold and silver. These are a store of value and a hedge against economic collapse.

I keep a sizeable sum of cash at home. In the likely event ATMs shut down during a banking or grid crash, cash will probably be in use for a limited time.

Donate if you can to independent media sites. Right now, they are the barrier between us and further tyranny. Support if you can legal cases associated with the ongoing tyranny and lobby local politicians. Most judges and politicians are bought and paid for by the globalists but there have been some successes.

Gardening and seeds. This is possible even in a small space and is quite easy once you get going.

Think local. Engage more with your community. Co-operation will be essential during a system collapse. Also longer term we may have the opportunity for our own reset, based on local co-operation and decentralization.

Open a bible and apply the passages to what’s happening today. I’ve come across many examples and, in some cases, they provide me with comfort. Watch online presentations and interviews by the few brave church leaders who’ve joined-up the dots.

Importantly do all you can to protect kids from predators in the medical and education system. Unite and speak up at your school boards.

Stand up for yourself. It worked for me as I can attest.

Finally, try to reduce fear for the future using some of the above steps. Ultimately our future will be decided by our creator but during these dark times we should improve ourselves to stay on the path he meant for us.

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Kevin Smith is a British citizen living and working in London. He researches and writes down his thoughts on the foreign wars promoted by Western governments and media. In the highly controlled and dumbed down UK media environment, he’s keen on exploring ways of discouraging ideology and tribalism in favour of free thinking.