Thursday, September 21, 2023

Insuring You'll Stop Driving . . . - EPautos


Forcing people to buy insurance they can’t afford as a condition of being allowed to own (or use) something is a very effective way of discouraging people from owning or using things.

Like cars, for instance.

It ought to be crystal clear by now that there are people in positions of power who do not want most people – by which they mean us – to own (or drive) cars. But they are clever people and understand that outlawing cars outright and all at once is too obviously blunt and – more to the point – it would probably result in immediate push-back. Far better – from their point-of-view – to permit us to own cars, provided we abide by certain conditions.

Such as being obliged to “cover” them.

No surprise (assuming you’ve been paying attention) – it is all-of-a-sudden costing a lot more to “cover” a car. About 20 percent more, on average – just this year so far. Many people are being hit up to tune of 30 percent or more.

It is interesting to note that these increases in the cost of “coverage” are being imposed on people who have not been convicted of “speeding” (the vehicular equivalent of not “masking”) or because they filed a claim and so cost the insurance mafia money.

The mafia says it is only making these “adjustments” to take account of higher repair costs and because of costs pertaining to natural disasters. Well, the latter is an obnoxious transfer of costs onto those who did not incur them and the former is just bullshit, because if you’ve not wrecked or filed a claim, then you’ve not cost the mafia anything.

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