Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The Mossad, The CIA, And The Trafficking Industry Blackmail Book - by Helena


Germany’s Deutsche Welle:  The Eu has a lot on its plate for 2024 including Russia and Trump.   Interesting given last I checked, the US President is not a bobblehead of the EU.   And Ukraine is not a member of the EU so Russia’s actions have net zero effect on the EU – unless they decide to announce footsies on the ground… Except they can’t because they have no arsenol, no viable troops, and Germany’s tanks have hit the wall in Ukraine, as in – they are no longer operational because Ukrainian’s don’t know how to maintain them.

Once again, the parlay comes from the EU Leaders, leaders who do NOT represent The People.   Leaders who have botched their economies.   Leaders who lead into an abyss of toxic jabs, death, and failure.   Accordingly, Ukraine fatigue is to blame.

WORLD BANK:   “Ukraine’s economy is likely to grow by 3.5% in 2023 after contracting by almost 30% in 2022, thanks to ongoing donor support, more stable electricity supply, increased government spending, a better harvest, and the rerouting of some exports through the country’s western borders.”

Ukraine’s budget for 2023 was $42 billion in hopeful revenues – on spending of $82 billion…  with the expectation that nice people would pick up the deficit.  Americans giving $122 billion.  90% of Ukrainians are on social payments.  So what is the ‘revenue source’?  Debt.   Ukraine is sitting on over $148 billion in government debt.   The debt structure began in 2008 during the global recession and intensified after the 2014 coup that set Ukraine down the Wonderland spiral.

The cost to rebuild Ukraine now stands at a precipice of $500 billion to $1 trillion.   And the Zelenskyy entertainers are not too keen to ante up.   Seems they decided Argentina was a better risk for takeover.   Given it is still viable – as opposed to rubble.  Soros is peeved and on his deathbed – he alone kept Ukraine alive via American wallets.

The notion that the EU will vote into membership a piece of rubble run by a porn actor is laughable – even for them.   Still, the bent toward placating the Soros Ukraine remains and will likely remain until Soros’ untimeliness… At which point, Ukraine has nothing to offer – it0s trafficking Empire a shadow of its former self.   Its grain decimated and harvesting toxic waste.   Its oil and gas lines – airports – transport and infrastructure – rubble.

4.5 million people throughout the world are victims of forced sexual exploitation. $51 billion per year is accumulated through forced labor.  Ukraine has been a source, destination, and transit for human trafficking since Reagan gave the country to Soros in 1990.   According to USAID, this has been exacerbated by the Russia conflict… Why?   Because transit lines were decimated.  Meaning Ukraine’s primary source of revenue – trafficking – was hit hard by Russia.

While the EU is mulling using income from frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine going forward, the move is strategically illegal according to International Law and would simply backfire as a precedent is established.  The total amount frozen is $300 billion.   Russia has already stated that retaliation would be severe and quick.   Given the fact that the 92 sanctions affecting 10,600 individuals in Russia by western countries have already backfired, the incompetency of the West could only be extended.  Already facing failure after failure, another blow could spiral confidence in western rule and trust into a bottomless pit of hellfire.

The result would simply be more expansion of BRICS and more contraction of western colonies.

The pundits are quick to use Argentina’s latest bomb wherein Milei pulled out of the BRICS – as a success for the US.   But the reality is Argentina has years of work ahead as it emboldens itself as the Model for the WEF Stakeholder 2030 Agenda.   A poverty rate standing at 40% and total debt over $400 billion (government portion = $200 billion), the only thing Argentina has over Ukraine is a standing infrastructure.

Israel is a destination country for women trafficked from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Belarus, China and South Korea.  The purpose is sexual exploitation.   In addition, internal trafficking of Israeli women sent abroad to Canada, Ireland and England was noted by USAID as well as forced labor and prostitution of a large number of Indian and African migrant workers.

The Epstein scandal seems to have taken another hit as the due north arrow has slipped from the CIA to the Mossad.  Ghislaine Maxwell is considered to be an agent cultivated by her Zionist father, Robert born a Jew in Ukraine.  Epstein too was recruited by Robert Maxwell in the 1980’s for the purpose of laundering money.   Maxwell’s communist connections enabled Israel/Mossad the necessary weapons to destroy the Palestinians in 1948.  ZION doing what it does best.

Maxwell went overboard on his yacht on the morning of November 5th  1991, doctors speculated he had a heart attack and drowned.  His body was ‘found’ floating that afternoon.  But under normal circumstances, a dead body sinks and rises to the surface after 3-4 days…  He was given a full military Mossad funeral.  Questions remain with conspiracies claiming he didn’t die but was rebirthed in Argentina where all good men disappear like Hitler, Osama bin Laden and Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein’s child trafficking exploitation began early 1990.   The same time frame that Soros took over Ukraine.   The same time frame wherein Ukraine came to the forefront of Amnesty International as a global hub for child and sex trafficking.

Did the Mossad already have their blackmail book?   Did Maxwell or the Mossad then recruit Ghislaine to carry the baton with her lover Epstein?

Epstein Island was bought in 1998 – 7 years after the death of Robert Maxwell, for roughly $8 million.   The island has since been sold to hedge fund investor, Stephen Deckoff.     Did he buy the baton?

With Epstein in “Argentina” and Ghislaine in prison, who gained control of the Black Book of names and blackmail?   Did it revert back to the Mossad?   Or was it sold to the highest bidder?   While the focus of recruits for Epstein is parlayed by the Media to be the US – reality is quite different.  The vast majority came from eastern Europe, Brazil, Ecuador and – Ukraine.

The Mossad is quite dirty.   Robert Maxwell was in allegiance with communists to support the Rothschild fidelity of a secular communist Israel.   Ghislaine was her father’s daughter and parlayed those commandments throughout the British Royal Family, ALL western politicians, entertainers, musicians, and Hollywood Zions to assure compliance.    The CIA was a conduit – the FBI was an insurance – and the deeds were the rape of children.

There is no clean slate.   There is ONLY God.   The one entity they fear above everything else –