Sunday, June 23, 2024

Diversity and Finance - Vox Popoli

 Are why nothing works anymore. From /pol/:

Finance bros are ruining society. Boeing is just the start. Everything you rely on to “Just Work” in your day to day life, in a few years, will no longer be trustworthy. Regular people are soon going to need to inspect every bridge they walk on. Companies don’t give a piss about ensuring safety anymore.

Companies are now being ran by fratdouche finance bros who all feel they deserve prestigious Wall Street positions because they got a C in College Algebra. All these colleges are pushing out thousands of these retards who basically spent four years learning arts/crafts + Excel, and they all think they deserve a job. The worst are the Patagonia douches from big schools like UPenn who are just as stupid and uneducated as the rest, but still think they’re smarter than everyone else because of their school where they learned no math/science/art/history.

The corporate world loves these retards even though they’re inept across the board, and they get put in positions of power. Shareholders demand infinite growth from companies that have clearly peaked, and the finance bros deliver by cutting overhead, starting with safety, engineering, testing, & maintenance.

Corporate sees people like me as annoying chuddjaks trying to ruin their fun, and whenever shit goes belly up, these fucks just collect their bonus, update their resume, and move to the next company.

The worst part is maintenance isn’t a blue collar field of retards anymore. Aircraft maintenance especially is full of skilled, highly-trained technicians who will bounce at the first sign of corporate mistreatment. Finance fags think these guys are toothless retards who will work for anything, when they’re actually sending daily, 6-figure job offer emails straight to their spam folders. I work in energy production, and it’s no different here. I can’t hold onto talent with the way corporate shits on these men like they’re lucky to even have a job.

This is the inevitable end game of reducing everything to mere numbers. And it’s only going to keep getting worse from here, so the more you develop a community that can provide everyone with what it needs, the better off you’re going to be.

Milton Friedman and Leonard Read can stick their proverbial pencils up their deceased posteriors. Free trade, like free speech, was always a satanic trap. As I wrote years ago, we’ll be lucky if we still have indoor plumbing when things hit their nadir.

Collect old books. Preserve their knowledge. You’re going to need it, because imposing social justice limits on AI is going to break Wikipedia soon.