Friday, June 7, 2024

Johnson and Schumer Invite War Criminal and Mass Murderer To Address Congress By Chuck Baldwin

 We are to the point that sending evangelicals to Congress is one of the worst things we can do when trying to protect America’s liberties.

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Who could have ever dreamed that an uneducated two-bit con man, thief, jailbird, family deserter, phony lawyer and preacher could scribble some heretical notes between the pages of a Bible and utterly expunge the historic truths of Christ’s New Covenant that had been faithfully proclaimed for 1,800 years of Church history from our country’s Protestant institutions and totally take over the entire governmental foreign policy of the world’s most powerful nation—a nation founded by (mostly) Christian people upon the Natural Laws of God—and turn it into an international warmongering machine that would result in the most bloodthirsty and murderous period of human history?

But that’s exactly what Cyrus Ingerson Scofield did.

Considering these events, I strongly urge readers to watch my message from last Sunday entitled Is God “Divorcing” America?

Here is the YouTube link to that message.

Christian Zionism is cursing America. And Christians are so indoctrinated in this antichrist theology that they are too blind to see it; and they don’t even realize that they are helping to lead America into global nuclear war. And Boy! Will they be surprised when no “Rapture” will save them.

So, when the mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu comes to Capitol Hill and evangelicals and members of Congress wave their little Israeli flags, they may as well be waving the old Jolly Roger, the pirates’ black flag with its Skull and Crossbones, because both flags are the flags of murder and death.