Saturday, June 8, 2024

The Curious Case of Our Consenting Clergy - By Nathan Schumacher

 The problem is obvious – thus a curiosity as to why it exists.

Simply stated, most of America’s Christian leadership profess an allegiance to Christ our King, but if they are committed to what He wants down here on earth, then why are these Christian leaders collectively silent in the Public Square regarding what is going on down here?

Why do they offer no outcry, let alone any organized resistance, as our King’s enemies overrun His earthly Dominions, and as usurpers substitute their dominion and law for what was once God’s Law and Dominion in our country? Did they forget that Christ claimed all authority down here on Earth?

Why do they passively allow, without loud dissent in the Public Square, the overthrow of the Christian Dominion and culture that faithful Christians historically established in America – right here on the very soil where Christian Dominion was bought with blood and tears and where faithful Christians explicitly established Christ’s authority following Christ’s proclamation that He had all authority down here on Earth?

After all, the Principles of Law have always declared that silence is consent.

Today, the church in America is not much concerned with the Kingship of Christ, His Kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven, or the practical application of His Law down here on earth. Having little concern for God’s Law and its application down here on earth, the American church has lost the foundation for what were once not only Christian law, Christian ethics, and Christian culture, but has also lost political and physical safety for itself and its children.

This lack of concern for the Kingship of Christ, His Kingdom, or His Law by the average Christian is because the Christian leadership in America is not much concerned with these things. If they were concerned, there would be such a loud voice Pro Christendom in the Public Square speaking to oppose the overthrow of Christ’s Rightful Rule and Law down here, that no one could ignore it.

It has properly been said that culture is nothing more than religion externalized and made explicit. Culture is the physical manifestation of a religion. Since modern American Christians have established no separate tangible explicit culture of their own, but have made peace with and comfortably meshed with, and have no visible conflict with, the secular anti God culture, what does the current culture in America say about the Christian religion in America today? It says American Christianity is largely irrelevant to life down here. It says it is a faith for death – mainly for when you die and an emotional support in the meantime. Modern American Christianity teaches no duty whatsoever to build a tangible Christendom anywhere down here on earth.

Yet in history, Christians were very different. They understood that Christ’s message was all about His Kingdom and this was His great concern. After all, the very first thing Christ taught us to pray for was the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom here on earth as in heaven. Did Christ teach us to pray for this Kingdom to come on earth if He had no intention of bringing it about? This Kingdom on earth can only be a tangible Christendom where things would be done down there as in heaven – where obedience to His law would be kept, applied, and then guarded with great joy by those faithful to Him.

The religion of historic Christians produced an external and explicit culture of freedom, justice, safety, order, science, invention, economic advancement, etc., because their religion applied to all these things. Their religion produced a culture that implemented God’s Law on a practical level over all things tangible and achieved the highest level of justice of any law system ever established. This was the glorious heritage of the Christian people – their very own Common Law. They understood what Henry Van Til so accurately expressed, “A people’s religion comes to expression in its culture, and Christians can be satisfied with nothing less than a Christian organization of society.” Now that is a faith for Life as well as death.

Consider just a tiny few of the current evils that quickly come to mind – just off the top of my head so to speak. These are done by our nation openly in front of God and the American Christian people – done by our deeply evil government leaders as they exercise a culture of illegitimate power:

1) A constant engagement in illegal and unconstitutional wars that violate all the historically established Laws of War, thus a constant perpetuation of War Crimes,

2) The overthrow of the duly elected government of Ukraine by the CIA to use it as a proxy in a war with Russia (and the CIA have overthrown other duly elected governments in countries all over the world),

3) Our country refusing any talks that could avoid war with Russia and our government’s constant push to put NATO (and bio-weapons) on the very borders of Russia to goad them into war – these acts in violation of treaties we have signed and in violation of the Laws of Just War,

4) Then an intentional war of aggression with Russia on behalf of Israel and the Military-Industrial Complex, thinly disguised as helping its proxy Ukraine.

5) The massive theft of American taxpayer’s money to be given away to foreign countries mostly to be pocketed by their corrupt leaders and recycled back to our corrupt politicians causing massive inflation and devaluing of all American’s money. Foreign aid is a hate crime against the American people because it makes them slaves working for foreign governments. Every penny of taxpayer’s money can only be held in trust used only for the direct benefit of the American people.

6) Provoking China by belligerent economic actions, (Let us have war with Russia and China to block their rise to superpowers, and with nuclear war if necessary, so the U.S. empire can remain the world’s only superpower, I mean, what could go wrong)?

7) Biden’s new policy, approved of by most Republicans, of using nuclear weapons, not if we are attacked by nuclear weapons, but whenever it is in the “interest of the United States” and now a policy of using them as tactical weapons on the battlefield whenever needed,

8) A Constitutionally illegal CIA engaged in murder, torture, secret prisons, disappearing people, overthrowing governments, etc., etc. – the list is endless – this entity is easily the greatest crime syndicate in the world today,

9) Making us a terrorist nation by promoting and committing terrorist actions – the blowing up of Russia’s oil pipelines is a good current example of a terrorist act and an act of war authorized by the President against both Russia and Germany,

10) The issuing of Constitutionally illegal mandates all over this land, forcing people to have harmful “vaccines” injected into their bodies, killing, and maiming many. This done in violation of one’s unalienable rights and against their will – and if they refuse then removing their way of making a living,

11) States now organizing to be “sanctuary” states both for those wanting to murder their babies and for “trans-genders,”

12) The introduction of computerized voting, subject to massive fraud, where no access to the software is allowed to know how it works (oh yes, its “intellectual property”) – thus removing any true chain of custody to verify the vote (we now have a system like the old Soviet Union where Stalin said, “those who vote mean nothing, those who count the vote mean everything”),

13) A hopelessly corrupt legal system and court system which advances injustice every day – one completely disconnected from any historic Christian ethics as set forth in the historic Maxims of Law – just as the Christian church in America is disconnected from historic Christian ethics.

14) Courts “legalizing” sodomite “marriage” and giving sexual perverts special protection,

15) The mutilation of children to “change their gender” – and the perpetrators never punished,

16) A massive prison system, now increasingly run by private entities for profit, and where a huge number of those imprisoned would not be found guilty of any crime under historic law. (Under Common Law there can be no charges where there is no damage to a person or his property. Furthermore, God’s Law basically only allows restitution to the victim or capital punishment as judicial sanctions – never prison),

17) A profoundly Constitutionally illegal, and thus unlawful, national police force operating on the soil of the States, the FBI, guilty of murdering numerous innocent Americans with no one punished, an example being the murders at Ruby Ridge and Waco, the FBI transformed into a domestic spy organization against the American people, and more than ready to act against the Christian people with deadly force whenever deemed necessary.

18) The President unlawfully using the government of the United States to openly supply weapons, and massive payments of BILLIONS of hijacked taxpayer money to Israel, to act as a full partner in perpetrating genocide against the Palestinian people. So, now our country is involved in the ultimate crime of Against God’s Law, natural justice, the Laws of War, and all customary and International Humanitarian Law, our government is a full partner in mass murder by all means possible – and it is ongoing and is intended to continue. This is an industrial scale mass slaughter, by American bombs and arms, blowing to pieces civilians, women, children, hospitals, schools, and refugee camps. Casualties, seventy percent women and children, buried alive under rubble of homes, hospitals, and schools to die long horrible slow deaths. Doctors, nurses, medical workers, survivors, and members of the press shot point blank. There are at least a hundred babies born daily with no medical care. Food distribution points used to attract desperate people as points for mass slaughter, at least 196 aid workers murdered to date, children murdered by Israeli snipers as they look for food and wander into unposted “kill zones”. Then there is the final solution: deliberate starvation of everyone including children, United States congressmen calling for nuclear weapons to be used against the Palestinian people. Trump encouraging Israel to “finish the job,” and Franklin Graham “praying with Netanyahu” and donating, via

Christian’s tithe money, aid and help to Israel – but none to aid the victims of Israel’s war crimes. Don’t get me started.

19) And now, the President giving approval for the US to strike Russia with missiles on their own soil, an international act of war, with the laughingly fraudulent rhetoric that it would be done by Ukraine when the whole world knows the satellite systems used for targeting, the technical personnel doing the job, and the weapons themselves are all done and made by the US and NATO. Russia is not fooled and have made clear that they will strike back on those responsible as they have a right to do under the Laws of War. Our leaders are crazy and corrupt enough to do it.

All this, and our Christian moral leaders cannot find their voices. So, then, what exactly is this display of religion on Sunday mornings? Is it not true that God does not want our worship if we do not first establish justice in the land (Amos 5:21-24)? Wouldn’t it be true that when our government can fully partner in committing genocide with no outcry from Christian leaders, that the churches of America are certainly dead with regards to any worship that God will accept?

Once our government can commit genocide with no one punished, politicians know they can do anything – anything to us and our children.

Is it uncomfortable to read these few things? But Winston Churchill was spot on when he said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it; ignorance may deride it; malice may destroy it, but there it is.”

Well, the list of crimes, evil, and injustices perpetrated by those in power in America could go on and on.

The whole country is held together by nothing more than media’s lies as evil doers act with impunity.

All this, and so much more, with no opposition or rebuke raised loudly against these evils in the Public Square by this country’s Moral Authorities – those in Christian Leadership in this land. Any nation is doomed if there is no voice of authority in the land crying out against injustice and lawlessness, a voice raised in open conflict with evil. Who is supposed to do this if not America’s Christian leaders?

This duty to speak publicly, to lead in the opposition to evil, is the first step in working for the re-establishment of Christendom and its safety for us and especially our children. This duty falls first and foremost on those who are the Moral Authorities – the Christian leadership – not the rank-and-file church members. The higher the rank, the higher the duty to speak out.

A personal experience will illustrate: I was in a debate with a federal official over the immorality of our country’s endless illegal unconstitutional wars, my opposition based on the Laws of War, Christian ethics, and conscience. I thought I made an excellent irrefutable argument, but the next thing I was told was that I did not know my own religion. This federal official stated that no denomination except the Amish ever voiced any opposition to any of these wars or opposed any of their members fighting in them. He recommended I go back to my Christian Leaders and have them explain to me the Christian religion. I was told that perhaps then I would know why Christianity had no moral objection to these (clearly unconstitutional and unlawful) wars.

If anyone thinks God is not going to make the American people drink the dregs of His cup of anger, as God made Israel and other wicked nations drink it over the wickedness in their land which they tolerated, then they do not understand the God of the Bible. Since the American Christian people have not been led to raise hue and cry over all this wickedness in our land, and then separating themselves from it, they too will drink God’s bitter wine of consequences. Silence is consent but our long-established Principles of Law go further and declare: Consentientes et agentes pari poenf plectentur [Those consenting and those perpetrating are to be caught in the same punishment].

God requires that His people come out and be a separate people. The most loving thing Christians can do for their children and for the lost world is to rebuild Christendom with a tangible culture and a different standard of justice. This duty falls first on the higher Christian leaders such as Bishops, Heads of Denominations, publicly recognized Christian leaders, leaders of local presbyteries, etc., but it is the duty of every Christian leader, Pastor, and Elder to cease being silent and to be an example speaking out, and especially to be calling for those higher Christian leaders to formally organize an effective pushback in the Public Square. They are the Officers of the Christian people and they must take the point.

We live in a time of crisis where evil and injustice are being especially established and where all protection of unalienable rights has already disappeared leaving us with only civil rights – which in truth are only privileges granted by government who can rescind them at any time.

Our Christian leaders must not face the future doing business as usual. They must take instruction and warning from the long-established Principles of Law, from their very own Common Law, expressing the judgement of historic Christians who did establish a tangible Christendom – a Christendom whose echo we are still living on. These long vested Maxims of Law declare, “Legem terrae amittentes perpetuam infamiae notam inde merito incurrunt [Those who do not preserve the law of the land, then justly incur the ineffaceable brand of infamy].

Old Anglican Prayer

Lord of all power and might, Who art the Author and Giver of all good things, mercifully grant us grace valiantly to fight in Thy cause. Give us the sure conviction that Thou art ever on our side. Grant us in battle unflinching courage and an unconquerable spirit, so that no hurt or obstacle may ever deter us from our duty. And in victory, O Lord, grant us to be worthy of Thine everlasting love and to continue Thy Faithful Soldiers and Servants unto our life’s end: and this we beg for Jesus Christ, His sake. Amen.

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Ps 94:16