Friday, June 7, 2024

Re-remembering D-Day - The Good Citizen

When they constantly reject reasonable peace offers, it's because they want to send you to war.

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I have strolled the beaches of most sectors, from Utah Beach to Sword Beach, traversing abandoned German bunkers, and having done so under the spell of cringy Hollywood propaganda, and fabricated historical narratives, I can rewatch my old self tour these sights a decade later and now know that my mind was framed exactly how the victors wanted it—with little correlation to what transpired and why.

Above Omaha Beach, in Colleville-sur-mer there is a vast cemetery of white crosses upon a green field overlooking the Atlantic Ocean where many of the brave men who didn’t survive that day now rest. On the road back to Caen there is a lesser-known cemetery called La Cambe, where young German men now rest. Nobody visits the 21,000 Germans interred at La Cambe. These men were not heroes or liberators. They were invaders and occupiers, or so we’ve been told.

If I were to visit the region again today, it would present a very different atmosphere—mostly one of needless conflict and pointless and 100% avoidable mass human sacrifice that was engineered by the forces of global chaos that still rule over humanity today and are doing their best to manufacture a third installment to put the finishing touches on White European cultures and Western Civilization.


Is anyone ever curious why World Wars don’t start in Uruguay or Bolivia, pitting half the continent against the other half? How about world wars sparked in Congo, Panama, Mongolia, or Sri Lanka?

Is the average person ever curious who is behind the importation of tens of millions of third-world peoples to white Christian nations, to destroy them forever? The average white American and European today is more afraid of being called racist than asking relevant questions, and that is why in three generations henceforth his kind will cease to exist. The average Canadian would submit to government-funded euthanasia before ever uttering the word white.

People have been so programmed to be revolted by even the mention of the world “white” that these dedicated programming efforts alone will ensure their extinction. That they program their offspring in the same way they were misprogrammed moves beyond stupidity to insanity......

....And so they’re doing it once again as I type these words.

And once again it is being manufactured for the people they want eradicated from the planet first.