Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Reminder to our readers - DO YOUR OWN RESESRCH!

(This is a repeat from two years ago to refresh our understanding of DaLimbraw Library. - CL)

As I often mention, this is not a news site. It is intended to be a resource for mentors. The archive has grown to over 10,000 posts, mostly insights and analysis written by knowledgeable authors that relate to our general content as described on our site heading. While casual readers are welcome, and if you are one - have you ever considered the fact that your reading habit puts you in a very special category?

As a researcher or even casual reader here, you have come to understand the world unlike 95 percent or more of your friends and neighbors. Is it time for you to become the mentor in your family, church or community? 

As Americans, our lives are affected by Government, Politics, Religion and the Culture we live in. However, most of us grew up in families where these subjects were hardly ever discussed. Some of us might be conversant in one or two of these areas, but few of us are able to coherently explain the interdependence which exists among all four. The goal of this site is to educate, inform and provide a forum to learn the effect of these key influences in our lives and how to become a mentor in our community .

I use my archive almost daily. In fact, that was the reason I started it in the first place. I often remembered, when a subject came up - where did I see that? Now I can find stuff almost immediately by word search in my archive!

Why do you visit a library? Research!

Notice these links you see on the right side on the full web version:

That is pretty much the order I follow every day.

There is no one better than Vox Day that I have found as far as PERSPECTIVE in all matters – bar none!

Lew Rockwell does the heavy work of finding analytical essays to archive.

For deep insights you cannot beat Unz Review.

My news site is ZeroHedge.

Gradually over time I have bookmarked many other sites – all of which you will see linked at the bottom of each article archived – you can do the same.

Western civilization is and has been under attack since its foundation in Europe, built on the pillars of Graeco-Roman law legacy and Christianity – do we understand that? The fact is that most of WC has been purposely attacked and undermined by our own leadership for decades by all the 4 major categories of government-religion-politics-culture. Why so? Our ignorance has been purposely designed by our rulers – do you believe that? If not - why not?

Example – word search WESTERN CIVILIZATION – read for days or weeks.

“As time has passed, I have realized that my ability to easily defeat other intelligent, educated people in debate has considerably less to do with my intelligence and more to do with what appears to be a higher degree of curiosity, which doesn't actually have much, if anything, to do with intelligence or formal education.

As has often been noted here, Man is a rationalizing animal. And what I have increasingly noted of late is that most people devote most of their intelligence to rationalizing what they already think to be true than they do to figuring out what they think is not true. This desire to rationalize rather than learn is, quite possibly, the intelligent individual's biggest intellectual weakness.”
 – Vox Day

How is your intellectual curiosity? What is CHRISTENDOM?

Not Happy With Christendom? What is your alternative?

DaLimbraw Library has archived many essays by various authors and I greatly respect their expertise in those analyses, but ‘every man has his limitations ‘. When he/she confuses Christianity with Churchianity, it has become his ‘limitation’.

The following clips are copied from DaLimbraw Library and intended only for those rare birds who dig deeper than the average opinion dispenser:

The mission is clear -it is up to you and me – with the grace of Almighty God – to restore our civilization – NOW! The HOW is up to US! Get to work and do your own research in DaLimbraw Library or anywhere else that is useful and edifying.

The DLL was never designed to be an end all of wisdom, but rather a starting point for your discovery of reality and truth. There will be periodic updates and posts in DLL, but not daily – I need a break, frankly.

May God bless our efforts!