Monday, November 6, 2023

A Glimpse of the Game - Vox Popoli

 A veteran Conservative Party politician informs on the real shadow government that controls the Members of Parliament:

‘At any one time, there are around 30 MPs behaving in the most shocking way and getting into serious trouble that they need help with. That is an extraordinary number, and nothing is done. Often they will go on to be promoted. Not straight away – the misdemeanours are held over them and used to control them.

‘To be honest, that’s how the whips’ office has always worked. The difference is, this isn’t the whips doing it in a whips’ way to secure party unity. This is being done by a small group of self-serving men who think it is all a game. They live and breathe politics. They think of nothing else. And they control people using fear. If I were a religious man, I’d say there was something about the Devil in No10 right now.

‘Many voters regard us as the party of the family, but these people have very different morals. Most of the people who support the Conservative Party, who work for it, who vote for it, who pound the streets delivering leaflets for it, would be horrified if they knew about the behaviour, the morals, the principles and values of many of the people who governed them.’

DAILY MAIL, 5 November 2023

The same shadow government controls most politicians in the USA, in Europe, and quite possibly more than a few in Israel and Japan. What they call “democracy” is actually “katantocracy”, as it is government of the people by degenerates for the blackmailers who use the threat of exposing their degeneracy to control them.

China and Russia have mostly, if not entirely, rooted them out, which is why both nations are now condemned as being “anti-democratic” despite the fact that their rule is observably far more in keeping with the actual will of the people than is the case in most “democratic” countries.