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The Irony of Jewish Moral Outrage and the Axis of Jewish Neurosis, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review

 The Irony of Jewish Moral Outrage and the Axis of Jewish Neurosis

It’s all so ironic.

Zionists sound the alarm on countries like North Korea and Iran having or building the Bomb. They say everything must be done to stop the Iranian nuclear program above all. An EVIL REGIME or ROGUE NATION like Iran doesn’t deserve to have the Bomb.

Well, the ironies…

1. Due to the continuing Occupation of the West Bank(and building of new settlements with the full approval of the US) and the ongoing indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in Gaza, much of the world sees Israel as the real Rogue Nation. If anything, it’s Israel that has nukes, lots of them.
And if any country has been acting ‘rogue’ around the world, it is the US, usually at the behest of Zionists and globalists. It’s amusing that the US should be accusing Syria of terrorism and human rights violations. True, the Syrian government has practiced torture, but it was the US that carried out the Abu Gharib atrocities. The US also used extensive torture in the ‘war on terror'(and has been the main enablers of Jihadi terrorist elements in Syria). And Israeli torture of Palestinians has long been documented even though Israel insists the practice has been ended.

2. Jews have often said that Apartheid South Africa was the worst nation in the world since the end of World War II, but they overlook the inconvenient fact that its main ally was Israel(which currently enforces apartheid policies in the West Bank). Also, Israel supplied South African with Atom Bomb Technology. Imagine that. Jews, who say rogue nation Iran must NOT have the Bomb, once looked the other way while Israel was funneling nuke secrets to South Africa.

3. The most closely guarded secret in the first chapter of the Cold War was the Bomb. In the beginning, the US was the ONLY nuclear power. Stalin eagerly sought the Bomb, and he finally got it through a pro-Soviet espionage network with its share of radical Jews. Among the key players were Julius Rosenberg and Morton Sobell. So, Josef Stalin, one of the biggest killers and tyrants of the 20th century, got the Bomb thanks to certain key Jewish figures.

When the extent of radical Jewish involvement in Soviet espionage became undeniable, the Jews in the media and academia went into hyper-drive and put the anti-communists on the defensive by framing the Cold War in terms of the ‘Red Scare’, ‘right-wing fear-mongering’, ‘paranoid style of American politics’, and etc. Thus, the attention was diverted from the fact of the REAL JEWISH INVOLVEMENT in espionage and the passing of nuclear secrets to the USSR. Liberal and even Conservative Jews closed ranks with leftist Jews who had betrayed the US and aided/abetted a mass killer and tyrant(whose empire stretched across Eastern Europe) in the worst possible way.

4. In the post-Cold-War era, Russia sought peace and good relations with the West as the predominant global power. It abandoned the Soviet ideology of World Revolution. And yet, Jews feel greater animus against the much-diminished Russia than against the Soviet Union of old.
Why would that be? Because Russia is for limited national sovereignty for itself and, as such, might serve as a model for other nations pondering independence from Jewish Supremacist globalism.

Why would Jews hate a Russia whose ambition is far more limited and restrained than during the Cold War? Paradoxically, limited Russian nationalism is more threatening than boundless Soviet expansionism to the Empire of Judea(or EOJ) because nationalism is the most potent force against imperialism and empire-building.

Jewish power is globalist-imperialist, and Jews fear that the Russian example might inspire nationalist aspirations among other peoples around the world.
Current Russian ‘ideology’ simply amounts to an insistence on Russian control over Russia(and Russian ethnics in Ukraine). If Russia minds its own business and respects(and even supports) the sovereignty of other nations, why should Jews feel so threatened(especially when Russia has had a constructive relationship with Israel)? What is wrong with each nation minding its own business and protecting(than projecting) its own national interests?
It is because national sovereignty is the most effective bulwark against Jewish Globo-Homo intervention, penetration, subversion, and inversion-of-values. After all, Jewish Power is globo-hegemonist, not nationalist(except in Israel).

Russian foreign policy doesn’t say all nations should be like Russia. During the Cold War, the Russians-as-universal-Soviets championed the Soviet model as the correct one for the entire world. Not surprisingly, many peoples around the world resisted and rejected this model(even though some peoples adopted it, usually with dire results). So, the international communist revolution was bound to fail.

But the current Russian-ism is not universalist(as in ‘all people should follow the Soviet way’) but particularist(as in ‘each nation should define its own identity, culture, interests and future’). Under the nationalist logic, Iran should be Iran and preserve Iran-ism. China should be China and preserve China-ism. Hungary should be Hungary and support Hungary-ism. Real blood-and-soil ideology is the best formula. It certainly works for Israel(if we subtract the problems in the West Bank and Gaza where Jews violate the blood-and-soil rights of the remaining Palestinian territories).

People who associate Nazi evil with ‘blood and soil’ usually miss the point. National Socialist Germany stood on firm ground as long as it stuck with the principles of blood-and-soil. It simply meant Germany for Germans and unification of German peoples on German soil. Adolf Hitler initially restored control over the Rhineland, an integral part of Germany. Then, Germany united with Austria as both nations wanted it that way. They were both German peoples. And then, Hitler took Sudetenland because it was mostly German. This blood-and-soil part of National Socialism was sensible and led to greater stability in Europe.
But then, Hitler began to violate the blood-and-soil principles of other nations: Czech Republic, Poland, and most fatally, Russia.

If any force rolled back Nazi imperialism(as well as Japanese imperialism and then, after WWII, French imperialism and British imperialism), it was the blood-and-soil nationalism of the native folks. Poles resisted the Germans to save their blood-and-soil nation. Russians drove back the Germans for blood-and-soil Mother Russia. The Chinese resisted the Japanese based on a blood-and-soil defense of China. And then, Asian, Arab, and African peoples began to roll back Western Imperialism on blood-and-soil principles. So, true blood-and-soil nationalism has meant the defense, recovery, and/or preservation of the lands and cultures of native folks.

If anything, it is imperialism and globalism that violate the blood-and-soil principle of each nation. Hungary never sought to impose Hungary-ism on all of Europe, let alone the entire world. Its sole message is that the Hungarians have a blood-and-soil right to their own nation.

But, globalist Jewish Supremacists say NO, your nation must be swamped with endless waves of African and Muslim ‘refugees’ and immigrant-invaders, and you must encourage Hungarian wombs to be colonized by the seeds of non-white men, especially black Africans. So, Hungarian wombs should belong to invading races and produce their kids than produce Hungarian kids with Hungarian(or similarly European) men. Invasivism is at the heart of the Globo-Homo-Zio Soros Project(that is now sold as the European Project). Globalism is for Womb Colonization, like what Spanish did to native wombs in South America on a massive scale.

Now, NO Jew would push such a policy on Israel, which by the way takes in ZERO ‘Syrian’ or other kinds of refugees. Jews support the blood-and-soil concept of Israel as sacred, but they denounce the slightest whiff of blood-and-soil nationalism in non-Jewish countries as ‘ugly’ and ‘far right’.

Why do Jews hate national sovereignty except in Israel? Because, outside Israel, Jewish Power is about the dominance of minority-elites. Jewish power is ‘mino-cratic’, or Rule by Minority. And for Jews to maintain their supremacism over other nations, they must deactivate nationalism, deracinate native goy identity, and promote globalism(essentially dominated by Jews and their homo-proxies) as the highest good.

So, if you’re Swedish, put Swedish ethnicity & heritage in the back-burner and instead wave the ‘rainbow’ or rainbung flag in delirious celebration of homos & trannies and, better yet, reject white love and instead offer white wombs to black men and have black babies. (If you express any doubt, you’re to be ostracized as a ‘nazi’ and ‘racist’.)

To better understand this dynamic, consider the fate of George Soros in nations that restored national sovereignty. His power has been reduced or blocked. They’ve had enough of his penetrative, disruptive, and subversive acts masked by NGOs tagged with bogus labels of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, ‘openness’, and ‘human rights’. In truth, it’s just globo-oligarchic greed and power-lust hiding behind nice-sounding cliches. Soros has an easy time gaming and taking over nations without sovereignty and autonomy. But he’s pushed back in nations with blood-and-soil defensive nationalism.

Anyway, the ironies scream at us. Jews, who’d been most responsible for passing atomic secrets to one of the biggest killers and tyrants of the 20th century(Stalin), are now making the biggest stink about Iran and the Bomb. These very Jews are freaking out about Russia when Russia no longer pushes World Revolution and global domination. Jewish Logic sure works in mysterious ways.

According to Jewish Logic, when Jewish traitors were among the spies who passed nuclear secrets to Stalin the mass-killer during the height of the Cold War, it was the anti-communists who were ‘extreme’, ignorant, ‘rabid’, ‘virulent’, ‘paranoid’, ‘fear-mongering’, and crazy. (Robert Oppenheimer, a communist-sympathizer, who wanted to share US atomic secrets with his beloved USSR came to be portrayed as a saintly dissident for world peace.)

But now, when the Soviet Empire is no more and Russia is ruled by a moderate patriot who upholds national sovereignty as a model for all nations, Jews are freaking out, frothing at the mouth, screaming about Russian hacking & interference, Russian aggression, and Russia’s ‘unprovoked’ invasion of Ukraine. Such hysterics are put forth as ‘rational discourse’.

But where is the evidence of Russia’s neo-Soviet ambitions? Did Russia invade Iraq? Did Russia level Libya? Did Russia foment the coup d’etat in Ukraine? (Russia annexed Crimea only in retaliation to the US-engineered coup and could no longer tolerate the situation of NATO dangling the possibility of membership before Ukraine.) Are Russian tanks encircling the US from Canada and Mexico? It’s the Jewish-run US that pushed NATO up to the Russian border and mobilized soldiers and tanks into Poland and Estonia. It’s the US that used Sub-Nazis in Ukraine to pull off the Maidan Coup. It’s the US that cooked up lies to destroy Iraq and Libya. It’s the US that worked with Saudis and Turks to aid crazy Jihadis against secular Assad, the patron of Arab Christians in Syria. The saying, “Jew screams in pain as he strikes you” is most apt.

Jewish Power is ramping up tensions with China as well for three reasons. China has Russia’s back and vice versa. Thus, Jewish hatred for Russia extends to China as well. Also, Jews feel ‘betrayed’ by the Chinese whom they groomed to play second fiddle to Zion. But especially under Xi Jinping, China said NO to globo-homo and other such Jewish tricks. Anti-China hysteria is also a means by which Americans are distracted from the fact of Jewish domination. When Jews are not (mis)directing American animus toward Russia-Russia-Russia, ‘White Supremacists’, or ‘Muslim Terrorists Everywhere’, it’s the Yellow Peril Card. In every case, it’s about directing mass rage at ANY PEOPLE but the Jews(and blacks and homos as the favored allies of Jews).

The real problem is the world spins around the Axis of Neurosis, mostly Jewish. Humanity is on the precipice of another World War because of the Jewish neurosis of globalist domination and hegemony. The notion that each nation should be autonomous and sovereign is anathema to Jews who see gentile nationalism as a barrier to Jewish financial, ideological, and military penetration and takeover.

Of course, much of this is done with bribery. With immense wealth, Jews seek to buy off the elites of every nation to collaborate with Zion than defend their own nations. It’s no wonder so many nations wave the homo flag. Want a good trade deal with the US? You have to let US imperialists plant the homo victory flag in your country. Carrots & Bribes OR Sticks & Sanctions(or even Bombs).

It makes no sense for the whole world to spin around the Axis of Jewish Neurosis that demands that all nations bow down to Jewish supremacist interests over their own national identity and interests. Jews denounce true nationalism of the ‘blood and soil’ as akin to Nazism, but this is disingenuous because the best thing about National Socialism was its blood-and-soil nationalism up to 1939, and the WORST thing about Nazism was its imperialist violation of the blood-and-soil of other nations. If National Socialist Germany had been true to the principles of blood-and-soil, it would have united only German peoples in German lands — just like Israel sought to unite Jews from around the world in Israel.

In the end, both Germans and Jews morally failed because they went from nationalism to imperialism. Hitler wanted more than German lands, and Jews grabbed the West Bank in 1967 and never let it go. Worse, via the US(which came under total Jewish power under Bill Clinton), the Zionists have been exerting their hegemonic ambitions across the Middle East and North Africa, spreading havoc all over, not least boomeranging on the EU with mass-migration-invasion.

Nationalism is blood-and-soil. Imperialism is a bloody takeover of other people’s soils. It was when Hitler moved into imperialist mode that his project was doomed. His aggression awoke blood-and-soil rage in other nations that refused to live under the German heel. When Bismarck unified Germany, his goal was to forge German peoples in German areas into one nation. He advised the Kaiser against vying with the British and French Empires for world domination. If Hitler had kept his nationalism on the Bismarckian level, World War II could have been avoided.

In our world, ‘Russianism’ means every nation should preserve itself and be itself. It doesn’t mean all nations should be like Russia or imitate Russian values. It means, “just as Russia preserves Russian-ness, other nations should preserve their own unique identities and heritages.”
It is THIS aspect that most threatens Jewish globalists because the rise of non-Jewish nationalism in each nation means more barriers to Jewish penetration and takeover, not least with the proxies of homosexual globalists so eager to plant Globo-Homo victory flags in every nation. When homos take over the culture of a nation, they promote the ideal of the pansy-wussy male, which undermines national masculinity that stands against foreign threats. Europe, having been wussified, cannot even defend itself from US bullying and Muslim/African invasions. Jews want it this way.