Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Washington Has Decided that a Dominant US Presence in the Middle East Is the Key to US Hegemony and Much More Important than Palestinian Lives |

 The extensive menu I prepared for readers today can wait until tomorrow.  The interview with Michael Hudson brilliantly explains the past, present, and future.  Read it three times.  PCR

Washington Has Decided that a Dominant US Presence in the Middle East Is the Key to US Hegemony and Much More Important than Palestinian Lives

“To the United States, Israel is its landed aircraft carrier in the Near East. Israel is the takeoff point for America to control the Near East.” — Michael Hudson

Read this discussion between Ben Norton and Michael Hudson.  It will open your eyes:  Points I have made for years have found traction and are being expanded. Hudson points out that the neoconservative agenda of clearing the Middle East for Israeli expansion is superseded by Washington’s agenda to establish its hegemony on control of oil.  “Greater Israel” is in the final analysis “Greater America.”  The reckless pursuit of US hegemony is leading to World War III.  As it will be nuclear, it will be the final war.  Note: Middle East, East Asia, West Asia refer to the same place.

A sample:

“It’s not Israel’s wagging the American tail, just the opposite. You mentioned that America is supporting Israel. I don’t think America is supporting Israel at all, nor do most Israelis, nor do most Democrats.

“America is supporting Netanyahu. It’s supporting Likud, not Israel. The majority of Israelis, certainly the non-religious Israelis, the core population of Israel since its founding, is opposing Likud and its policies.

“And so what really is happening is that to the United States, Netanyahu is the Israeli version of Zelensky in the Ukraine.

“And the advantage of having such an unpleasant, opportunist, and corrupt person as Netanyahu, who is under indictment for his bribery and corruption, is precisely that all of the attention now of the whole world that is so appalled by the attacks going on in Gaza, they’re not blaming the United States.

“They’re blaming Israel. They’re blaming Netanyahu and Israel for it, when it’s the United States that has been sending plane load after plane load of bombs, of guns. There are 22,000 machine guns . . . that America is sending for the settlers to use on the West Bank.   . . . 

“The United States is trying to say, well, we’re only there to give help to an ally. The whole world has noticed that the U.S. now has two aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, right off the Near Eastern shore, and it has an atomic submarine near the Persian Gulf.

“Why are they there? President Biden and Congress say we are not going to have American troops fighting Hamas in Gaza. We’re not going to get involved. Well, if the troops are not going to get involved, why are they there?

“Well, we know what the American planes are doing. Yesterday, they bombed yet another airport and a fuel depot in Syria. They’re bombing Syria. And it’s very clear that they’re there not to protect Israel, but to fight Iran.  . . . 

“The United States is pushing Israel and Netanyahu to escalate, escalate, escalate, to do something that at a point is going to lead Nasrallah to finally say, okay, we can’t take it anymore. We’re coming in and helping rescue the Gazians and especially rescue the West Bank, where just as much fighting is taking place. We’re going to come in.

And that’s when the United States will then feel free to move not only against Lebanon, but all the way via Syria, Iraq, to Iran.

“What we’re seeing in Gaza and the West Bank today is only the catalyst, the trigger for the fact that the neocons say we are never going to have a better chance than we have right now to conquer Iran.

“So this is the point for the showdown, that if America is to control Near Eastern oil, and by controlling Near Eastern oil, by bringing it under the US control, it can control the energy imports of much of the world.

“And therefore, this gives American diplomats the power to cut off oil and gas and to sanction any country that tries to go multipolar, any country that tries to resist US unipolar control.”

What you don’t know about Netanyahu:

“Whereas the first generation of Israeli leaders were much more, many of them were European, whereas the later generations of Israelis have been really American.

“I mean, someone like Netanyahu, he is an American. Netanyahu was raised in the United States. He went to high school in Philadelphia. He went to high school with Reggie Jackson, by the way. He spent his most formative years in the U.S. He went to college at MIT.

“He then worked in Boston, and he worked with many Republicans that he became friends with, like Mitt Romney, like Donald Trump. And then when he went back to Israel, he was sent to the U.S. to be a diplomat in the United States.”

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