Sunday, November 26, 2023

What the Great Awakening Looks Like |

 By now you all have heard of the Great Reset, the Satanic plan of people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the guy who definitely didn’t kill himself to depopulate the planet and enslave the survivors into a dystopian horror.

And some have also heard the Q-like panacea that “all will be well” because according to some information released by a “whistleblower” in the 1990s, no matter what the globohomo masters of the world do, project Looking Glass (a supercomputer/quantum computer/PSI enhanced thingymajigabob) predicted that an explosion of human consciousness would be inevitable and thus ultimately foil the plans of the evil pedovores running things.

Even if we assume that project Looking Glass exists/ed and/or is real and it really did predict all that… most humans then do exactly what the Q-psyops did: you just relax buddy, no need for you to do anything! Patriots/whitehats/magicians in charge will fix everything while you just keep your ever-expanding arse right there on that couch and binge on your next netflix gender-bender inclusive series.

Well, I have bad news for you. If a Great Awakening is going to happen it’s as a result of two things:

1. You, yes YOU specifically. You the person reading this sentence right now, getting off your comfortable, lazy, don’t-wanna-know, stagnant mental pond, and start working your brain. Yes your brain. And start habituating it to some concepts you have AVOIDED all your life in order to protect your own mental COMFORT. (Yes, physical too, but the root and far more important issue is the mental comfort).

2. Morphic resonance. Morphic resonance is a thing, I wrote about almost 30 years ago, in my book, The Face on Mars, but you can google it and as long as you get the information from Rupert Sheldrake, you can figure it out more or less. My own work on it has been to try to figure out what percentage of a population needs to exhibit the trait in order to cause a mass-effect tipping point. And it is not a straight forward answer because I think the process is fractal (which is good, because if so, it can happen quite fast if enough people get ability X) but in general terms I have concluded it’s about 1/1000 of the population.

Since “population” can be thought of from utterly global (all humanity) to local (my immediate family) the scale is not perfect, but in terms of getting things moving you could think of it as:

One person in a family is an event.

Two people in a family doing it, one having influenced the other) is a tipping point for say a family of 5-6 or even say 7 people, but probably not for a family of 20-30 resistant people.

And so on… hopefully you get the idea.

So… what exactly would I have you DO to spark off the mass awakening?

I could write a few hundred pages to answer that, but no one would read them, and the ones who did wouldn’t put any of it into practice. So let’s try for efficiently achievable for anyone that cares to actually WANT to be part of the solution instead of dead weight, a zombie, a brainwashed slave, or simply dead because they gave up.

This is what you need to do:

1. Face the horrible realities that are actually facts you have avoided knowing about. I have done this brutally since my early 20s so am used to it now, but it is a rude shock when you first start. The Delingpole post Vox referred to here also put it this way:

But isn’t that part of the problem with horrors like child trafficking, adrenochrome harvesting and ritual Satanic abuse? It’s so truly hideous we’d rather look away and pretend it didn’t exist. We put our own mental security, in other words, before the interests of all those tortured children.

Yes, that IS the problem. You need to face this ugly, evil, crap. But… you also need to do the second thing:

2. Use it as fuel. The anger, the sadness, the utter horror of it, use it as fuel to power the thing that WILL actually make things change. You know what that is? It’s the real engine of the Great Awakening if one is ever going to happen and it is simply this:

The conscious, chosen, known, reality that given the level of evil that exists, you will not, and cannot, ever:

1. Act as if you don’t know. Turn a blind eye to it. Pretend all is well when it isn’t. Or ever participate in anything that furthers, promotes, or somehow encourages that evil, no matter the cost, and,

2. And this is the most important part; you cannot EVER, live in despair, defeat, nihilism, depression, feeling overwhelmed, let the weight of the evil drag you down and make you miserable and thus also make life miserable for those around you, letting them perceive your mental, spiritual, physical, general oppression as a weight that crushes them too. You need to CONSCIOUSLY, CHOOSE, listen to me, CHOOSE, with your own free will, CHOOSE, to be a light of inspiration, hope, power, freedom, happiness, faith and love. And you can’t fake it. Saying “You have a wonderful day now!” While flashing your fake teeth, in your botoxed face, while bouncing on air-filled shoes to make you look “sporty” so your barbie-like plastic tits “bounce” sexily, through your smoothing filter on tik-tok, while not meaning a word of it because your soul is shrivelled inside, won’t do it. Won’t fool anyone. And does nothing for you. Those people are already in hell.

Listen to me now, it doesn’t matter if your back is hurting, you’re out of money, things are bad, your health is bad, your credit is bad and you’re worrying about just getting to the next day.

And by “it doesn’t matter” I don’t mean you ignore the things and pretend all is well. No. You do what needs doing, but you CONSCIOUSLY smile at everything worthwhile. You CONSCIOUSLY notice EVERY ONE of the million things in a day you can let affect you positively. Sometimes even the negative things can be positives. “My back hurts” becomes “Oh, I need to set 10 minutes a day for exercises”.

We all need to work and do things that are unpleasant. So make them pleasant. More importantly, YOU become pleasant. Become pleasant to yourself first. Be the kind of mind and person you WANT hanging around inside your own head. Then become it for others too.

Do the work. Do the things. And remain clear in your mind, your heart, your soul, that in NO WAY will you go down into despair, because that means the child-raping and baby-torturing and murdering pedophile cannibals that do exist, and do run the world of things, win.

And are you going to let those fucking evil monsters win?

Even if they should cut me down in pieces, I am going down with a genuine smile on my face or the just and divine rage of the innocents unleashed on them, and taking as many of them down with me as it is possible to take. And never, ever, will I submit to any of their dystopian plans.

And no, I do not live in constant rage, or anxiety. Because your internal emotional state matters. In the “physics” of the metaphysical, or even just the physics of morphic resonance, which is a thing no honest scientist can now deny with decades of reproducible, undeniable, proof for it, your internal state is what matters.

What really matters.

Why do you think they did the scamdemic? And the isolation? And the CONSTANT fear and depression porn and the CONSTANT austerity measures and collapsing economy?

Because it puts you in an internal state of perennial alarm, fear, anxiety. Do you think a whole species put into that state just suddenly, spontaneously, “Great awakens”?


YOU need to be the spark. Yes, YOU.

Not me, not some other guy or girl. You.

You, every day, you.

I am already doing my part. Been doing it all my life in my own misanthropic way (which is wrong, by the way) and it always served me well-enough, but not now. Now it needs to ramp up to include others too. To teach them to stay upright in any storm. And how. And in what way. Because merely staying upright is not enough now. I too need to evolve. And I am, but don’t you worry about what *I* am doing.

Because what matters here and now, is not me. It’s you. You and how you affect those around you. You.

So awaken, buddy. Now.

Not later, not when you “are ready”, not when you just get this one thing done. Now.

Right now.