Saturday, November 4, 2023

Hultgreen-Curie, Naval Edition - Vox Popoli

 Joe Biden proposed, and the US Senate confirmed, the first woman to lead the US Navy.

The US Senate has confirmed three high-ranking military nominations, including Admiral Lisa Franchetti, who becomes the first woman to lead the Navy. Senator Tommy Tuberville allowed the votes to go through after months of blocking all confirmations in an anti-abortion protest.

Franchetti, 59, was sworn in as the 33rd Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) on Thursday, following a 95-1 vote on Capitol Hill. The four-star admiral also became the first woman granted a seat at the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff. President Joe Biden nominated her in July – reportedly against the advice of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Since her nomination she has been serving as acting CNO, due to Tuberville’s obstruction.

First woman approved to lead US Navy, 3 November 2023

To say this bodes ill, particularly in the current circumstances, is probably the understatement of the year. But if the limits of imperial overstretch have indeed been reached, it would be absolutely appropriate to have that critical historical moment overseen by the first female Joint Chief of the Navy.


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