Wednesday, November 1, 2023

NOT IN OUR NAME Declare Jewish Peace Organizations - by Paul Craig Roberts

 Organizations of the Zionist Lobby, such as ADL and AIPAC, and Netanyahu have created more anti-semitism than have all of those slandered by them as anti-semites.  The open and brutally insulting way in which AIPAC and Netanyahu flaunt  their domination over the US Government offends many Americans, and ADL’s defamation of people who criticize aspects of Israeli policy, such as President Jimmy Carter, have alienated many more.  Many wonder why a person can criticize US, Russian, Chinese, and every other country’s policies without being slandered as anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, but can only genuflect  to Israel.  

Zionists are clever propagandists.  They have succeeded in convincing Americans that they speak for all Israelis and all Jews.  Such is far from the case. There is strong opposition to Zionism among Israeli Jews.  Many oppose the treatment of the Palestinians.  There are Israeli Jewish organizations that oppose the theft of Palestinian land in the West Bank and the demolition of Palestinian homes in order to construct apartment buildings for “settlers.”  Many Israeli Jews oppose the current bombing of Gaza. Netanyahu has minority support.  He is in office only because he was able to put together a coalition of hard rightwing parties.  It is the mistaken belief that Zionists speak for Israel and all Jews that causes Republicans such as Lindsay Graham, Mike Johnson, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis to be such strong supporters of the current Israeli indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.

Many American Jews are up in arms about the massacre of Palestinians currently underway.  A few days ago two Jewish peace organizations–Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow–marched on the US Capitol and staged a sit-in inside.  “Not in our name,” they proclaimed and demanded an immediate ceasefire and justice for the Palestinians. 

I have had Israeli house guest who came to convince Protestant denominations to disinvest from Israel until the Israeli government reflected the empathy that Americans show Israelis in Israeli government empathy to Palestinians.  Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the Christians were too much under the thumb of Zionist propaganda to have any Christian charity for the Palestinians. 

According to reports, 1.4 million Gazans–more than half of the population–have already been displaced by Israel dropping US-supplied bombs on Palestinian civilians.  Rabbi Alissa Wise told CNN that “it’s wretched. I wake up every single morning with tears in my eyes, rage in my heart, and I channel it into action.”  Her latest was to occupy the US Capitol and urge a ceasefire, which is far more than than any Christian church leader, member of the House or Senate or Biden regime are doing.

Note that it is Jews who are leading the demand for a ceasefire.

CNN published photos of the Jewish peace rally on Capitol Hill.  The Jews are holding signs:  Zionism = Fascism, Stop Genocide in Gaza, Jews Say Ceasefire Now, No To War And Apartheid, Not In Our Name, and other trenchant  statements.

Americans, British, and Europeans need to confront the fact that propaganda from Zionists, a minority of Jews, has turned them into monsters demanding Palestinian blood.  The demand for blood might well end in nuclear Armageddon.