Sunday, January 7, 2024

Post-Boomer Post-Feminism - Vox Popoli

 Divorce rates have been in decline since 1986 and have returned to pre-feminism levels:

Divorce rates have plummeted to their lowest level in more than five decades – thanks to men being more ‘committed’ to their marriages, a study claims. The chance of a marriage breaking down is now 35 per cent, down from a high of 44 per cent in 1986, and a rate not seen since 1970.

Researchers found the decline is almost entirely down to a fall in the number of wives filing for separation. They argue that this is because men’s increased commitment means women are far happier in their marriages. By contrast, the number of divorces initiated by husbands has barely changed in decades.

Granted, the researchers are being ridiculous in their customary attempt to avoid all female responsibility and culpability. It’s literally not the male behavior that has changed, nor has the female behavior changed due to any changes in male behavior. This increase in marital success is due to a) Boomers aging out and b) younger women having seen the results of feminism.

It’s true that the reduced level of marriage probably plays a role here, as some of those who would never stay married aren’t getting married in the first place. But it’s good news that a higher percentage of married couples are staying together now, and these statistics should be kept in mind whenever some bitter MGTOW starts spouting off about how marital failure is inevitable when it’s actually only one chance in three.

UPDATE: A MGTOW responds:

In your newest post, you said that, with the divorce rate having decreased to one in three, that should shut up MGTOWs. I’ll simply ask you one question: would YOU jump out of an airplane if your parachute had a one in three chance of failure? NO! Because divorce wrecks mens’ lives, marriage is still too risky for men.

To which I responded in the kind and sensitive manner for which I am well-known:

You’re literally retarded. And a genetic dead-end. If you weren’t retarded, you’d realize that your analogy is both stupid and irrelevant. Don’t be such a coward. It’s no way to live.