Sunday, January 7, 2024

Preemptive Stink - By Capt. Randall

Word War III

Ever notice how the first to label an event or person or thing sets the tone of further conversation?   Or when the entire media adopts the term, however scurrilous and untrue?  It’s simply linguistic jiu-jitsu, a first-strike definition that sticks, at least in the short term, but the stink lingers longer than skunk on a dog.  These Jedi mind-tricks always support an agenda and are quickly accepted in the mainstream narrative......

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.... Why must we always bend the knee to the Israeli government, proclaim undying support and fund their military?  Is it because of the ridiculous claim that Hebrews are the “chosen people” or is it the Holocaust victimhood smokescreen or evangelicals driven to protect Jesus’s future landing spot on The Temple Mount and be raptured at the end times.

Rubbish; dual citizenship-holding zionist-leaning Jews indisputably own our networks, much of social media, Hollywood, a Rothschildean financial system and control Washington with huge “contributions.”

Who would dare criticize the hand that feeds ’em and signs their paychecks?

It is against the law to criticize Jews or Israel and commit the mortal sin of “antisemitism.”  See the network spin against pro-Palestinian demonstrations....

.....No Hate Here….

I personally do not hate anyone,… save liars, murderers and greedy global gangsters who are the actual existential threat to us all.

Criticism of Israel’s Likud government is in no way antisemitism or a hate crime against Jews.  

Many countries around the world have condemned the brutal assault on Gaza, with the exception of the US at the UN.  They do not hate Americans and Israelis as people, they despise the governments of the US and Israel for this as well as our “misbehaviors” in the past and all the death and broken states in our wake.

Funding of Bibi’s Old Testament blood-sacrifice must stop! He is extremely unpopular among Jews in Israel and Jews of conscience everywhere.

Anyone with a lick of humanity sees that the Israeli government has horribly abused our largesse.

Stop feeding the monster!......

A war with Iran MUST be preempted at all costs because it could cost absolutely everything.