Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Not Happy With Christendom? What is your alternative?

DaLimbraw Library has archived many essays by various authors and I greatly respect their expertise in those analyses, but ‘every man has his limitations ‘. When he/she confuses Christianity with Churchianity, it has become his ‘limitation’.

The following clips are copied from DaLimbraw Library and intended only for those rare birds who dig deeper than the average opinion dispenser:

“Until you accept the fact that there is a persistent and material evil that operates in systematic and ritualistic patterns that you can not only discern, but even recognize throughout history, you will never have any idea what is going on around you, why things happened, or what is going to happen next. This is why smart, honest, non-Christian observers so reliably fail in their analyses.” – Vox Day –

“I look around the United States today. There are clearly some places where the lack of a Christian ethic has taken full root; last summer offered dozens of examples in dozens of cities around the country.
For all the critics of Christianity, this is your future if you win the day. It is the society you will leave to your children and grandchildren.” – bionic mosquito –

“One more thing – learning takes time – and it comes incrementally in fits and spurts. The most important part is desire and intellectual curiosity – in order to overcome wrong presuppositions and binary thinking – and have I come to understand that factor in me and others!

We all tend to jump on a new horse of epiphany which we will ride right into the next trap set for us by our adversary Old Devil Scratch.

What’s my point?

I learned over 5 years ago when I started my website and DaLimbraw Library that very few people had the capability to coherently explain how Government/Religion/Politics/Culture play an interactive role in our lives – ALL of them. Vox Day is one of the few who can address ALL of these and intertwine them into a coherent vision if you’re willing to look.” –

“What I find curious is that the writings of many of the authors I often cite have very insightful observations – and then stop investigating further as if there was nothing further to discover! Why?” –

If you have read this far, here is a sample of a word search in DLL on CHRISTENDOM - - these are headnotes to articles by various authors  archived (listed by relevance - you can flip to by date) - will take you at least days, if not weeks, to read all. It is a history!