Friday, September 30, 2016

How The ‘Deplorables’ Can Save America - By Brandon Smith

In my last article, “The Deplorables – Who We Are And What We Want,” I examined the basic philosophies that define what I call the liberty movement; the same group of Americans that Hillary Clinton admonishes as part of her “basket of deplorables.”
It is important to recognize that only foolish progressives actually take Clinton’s claims at face value. Clinton seeks to characterize a large subset of conservatives as narrow-minded when she mentions the “deplorables.” But, it is how she defines “narrow-minded” that is the crux of the thing.
When people like her talk about “racists,” they are referring to conservatives who want a secure southern border. When they talk about “Islamaphobes,” they are referring to people who want to stop Islamic refugees from being bused into the country without being vetted or philosophically and morally acclimated to our way of life. When they talk about sexists, they are usually referring to all males in general, because remember, social justice warriors (SJWs) claim that we are “subconsciously sexist,” even if we think we are fair to women. When they talk about homophobes, they are referring to Christian bakers who do not want to participate in services for gay weddings despite the fact that they should be perfectly free to refuse association with anyone at any time for any reason.
What Clinton and social justice lunatics are really referring to when they use these attacks are those people who want to be free to think and do as they see fit as long as they are not violating the constitutional rights of others. No one in Hillary’s basket is actually narrow-minded, but she and her cronies pigeonhole them as narrow-minded anyway.
Clinton is not actually worried about real racists, or real sexists or real homophobes. What she and the establishment are worried about are true conservatives, because our principles are not built on hate; they are built on reason and truth. It’s easy to defeat a movement driven by hate; it’s next to impossible to defeat a movement driven by truth.
It is absolutely essential for liberty activists to understand that the goal of the establishment will be to redefine the core of our movement. If they can repaint us as hateful, then we can be beaten. If they can fool us into acting against our principles in the name of winning by any means, then once again, we can be beaten. If we are able to retain our principles and repel the propaganda, then we will NEVER be beaten. Even the greatest war machines on Earth can be crushed by the force of a principled rebellion.
As my readers know well, I do not hold much optimism for America in the short term. Our economic status is dismal. In my article, “Brexit Aftermath – Here’s What Happens Next,” I warned that global markets would be experiencing a slow grinding decline into the U.S. elections. This is now occurring. It is my belief that international financiers and central banks will pull stimulus support from the global economy just before or just after the elections. I believe that the establishment will attempt to blame conservative movements for the fiscal crisis they created.
By extension, and as I have been predicting for many months, I believe that Donald Trump will be allowed into the White House. Whether Trump is aware of this dynamic or not, I do not know. The point is, our fight is just beginning, and it has nothing to do with a Trump presidency.
The U.S. cannot be saved from the financial crisis; instability is a mathematical certainty. It is how we respond to this instability that will determine our success or failure. Here is what we “deplorables” must accomplish in the next decade if we are to rebuild America and defeat globalism.
Put An End To Economic Harmonization
Economic harmonization is nothing more than a globalist phrase meaning the socialist redistribution of wealth. Globalists and progressives will assert that capitalism is the cause of all our ailments. They will say it leads to an unfair allocation of wealth into the coffers of a select few through the “natural” evolution of corporate power. In reality, most socialist nations work side by side with corporations, and even the existence of the legal corporate model is owed to government interference in free markets. That is to say, there is nothing natural about corporations.
It was western governments that fabricated special legal protections for corporations including corporate personhood and limited liability. Without government protection, corporations could not exist at their current level of dominance. Therefore, bigger government and more government intervention in free markets will likely only serve to secure even greater empires for the corporate elite.
These empires can only be dismantled by removing government as a factor in free markets and allowing true competition in business to return instead of corporate favoritism. As a part of this shift, the middle class must be allowed to thrive through innovation and production. Taxation designed to redistribute wealth only seems to harm burgeoning entrepreneurs and stifles their ability to use good ideas to compete with larger businesses and their superior capital.
Economic harmonization will eventually result in equality — it will make everyone equally poor. Only a handful of elites will ever be able to pursue economic success within this kind of framework.
The End Of Forced Multiculturalism
We’re tired of Cloward-Piven strategies used by cultural Marxists to undermine western principles and heritage. The bottom line is, some cultures are completely incompatible and they should not be roommates. Are we racist for holding this view? No, we’re just being practical. One look at the scheisse-storm hitting Europe right now and only an idiot or a Leftist with an agenda would argue that mass immigration of contrary cultures is a good idea.
Uncontrolled migrations of peoples from socialist nations into nations that desire free markets will only make the effort towards free markets impossible. Illegal immigration by people who only want taxpayer-funded entitlements and that import their socialist ideals as they invade is counter to the health of a liberty-based model.
Harshly theocratic cultures also will not be able to integrate into a society that respects individual freedom. Social justice groups assume that religious freedom requires us to remain apathetic in the face of unchecked theocratic immigration (as long as it is anything other than Christian).  But, potential immigrants and illegal immigrants do not have legal rights under the U.S. Constitution. Religious freedom has nothing to do with immigration.
For example, fundamentalist Islamic culture does not mix with the traditional Western ideals of liberty and free market participation. Period.
Leftists are willfully blind to the distinction. Globalists understand the problem full well and they intend to exploit it. Their goal is to import counter-ideologies en masse in order to annihilate the last vestiges of the West.
Why? Because this is about eliminating the final obstacle to total globalization. They seek to wash out conservative and classical liberal thinking to make way for a collectivist system that outlaws sovereign philosophies as “barbaric.” It is not exactly an “ethnic cleansing;” more like an ideological cleansing of true conservativism.
We aren’t going to allow that.
This is why many in the liberty movement do in fact support a ban on all immigration into Western nations until the damage done by the multicultural cabal can be mitigated. Some may argue for a limited ban on the immigration of certain groups (including Muslims) and this is an issue where the “deplorables” diverge.
I personally don’t know how such a selective ban could be enforced without an insanely large, intrusive and expensive immigration bureaucracy designed to investigate and weed out millions of people not allowed under such a law. A simpler solution would be to freeze ALL immigration for a period of time (perhaps 10 years or more).
This would eliminate the need for the U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS). The $3.2 billion allocated to that entity could be spent better securing U.S. borders.
Frankly, there is nothing wrong with denying citizenship to immigrants for a period of time. The extreme left acts as if open immigration into our country is some kind of human right. It’s not.
A Less Inclusive Republican Party
It is perfectly healthy to be discriminating against ideologies and people that are destructive to inherent freedoms. I remember after Barack Obama took office for a second term that the common argument by Democratic and Republican elites alike was that it was “time for the Republican Party to be more inclusive” if they ever wanted to win the White House again.  What that really means in translation is, it was time for the Republican Party to move completely away from conservative values and be more like the Left.
In reality, the Republican Party needs to stop accommodating socialist and globalist ideals and be more selective about who its friends are, and who its leaders are. Either that or the party needs to go the way of smallpox and die so that more honest political organizations can take its place.
The Eradication Of Language Policing
We “deplorables” have seen political correctness and social justice fear mongering turn our society into a simpering cesspool of terrified effeminate spineless men, deluded miserable vitriolic women who think they are men, and the rest of us who are supposed to walk on eggshells whenever the PC police are around while being sure to use the “proper pronouns.” I think not.
I think instead, the deplorables are going to say whatever the hell we feel like saying. Why should we concern ourselves with the irrational feelings of others? Why should we censor ourselves just to satisfy the ignorant notion that language shapes environment? Language is irrelevant to our internal monolog. Changing the language is not going to change our souls. Thus, controlling it is pointless and only serves to oppress the public.
We’re not going to refer to anyone by a gender other than what their genetics dictate. We don’t care if you wear make-up and a wig and a tampon. If you were born with a Y chromosome, then you are a man. Your personal freedoms do not include the right to force others to recognize you as a woman, a “trans,” a diva, a porpoise, etc. Your feelings do not matter. We are no longer going to participate in your gender role-play fantasies.
Some of us may at times play with race-related jokes and have fun at the expense of other groups. We might argue that women actually don’t make very good Ghostbusters or that movies pontificating about slavery are becoming extraordinarily boring. We will probably refer to illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants and stare at beautiful women like we have x-ray vision.
Understand, there is nothing you can do to stop us, so you might as well spend your time doing something more constructive, like dropping out of gender studies and enrolling in a real college course.
No More Recognition Of Victim Group Status
For decades now it has become trendy for anyone besides white heterosexual males to blame all their failures on white heterosexual males. With all the gnashing of teeth over “white male privilege,” we might forget that the only groups with privileges under the law are victim groups. So much government preference is being given to these groups that almost everyone is now clamoring to categorize themselves as a victim in some sense.
The “transgender” movement is the culmination of this insanity; primarily because there is no such thing as a transgender person except the extremely rare occasion when someone is born with both male and female genitalia. Gender is biological, it is not fluid. You cannot argue with nature about your gender. Laws that govern gender issues should follow biological standards, not hollow psychological standards.
Today, anyone can simply say they are a victim group by virtue of what amounts to a mental illness. It is time to stop treating this mental illness as a civil rights issue. In turn, it is also time to stop the government from designating privileges to groups based on arbitrary victimhood. Everyone today has equal rights under the law. Everything else should be based on merit. If you fail, then it is your own fault. To foster the notion in our society that the evil white man is to blame for all the inadequacies of every loser in the world is to do more harm to those losers than good. Instead, let them take responsibility for their failings so that they might actually strive to do better.
Limited Government
There are only a few reasonable purposes behind government — to defend the inborn liberties of the populace, to repel foreign invaders and to secure a sound monetary framework. That’s about it. But while we deplorables see these as limited powers and responsibilities, socialists and globalists see these as excuses for an infinitely expanding government behemoth.
For example, you can build a functioning military based on the militia model, in which every able-bodied citizen rises to the defense of their community and nation in the event of an attack. This would be a cost-effective and less intrusive model.
Or, you can build a massive standing army with hundreds of bases around the world and a police state here at home, all funded by an unsustainable fiat money and debt system. This would be the big government model, which socialists argue is what government should do to fulfill its role.
The government can also be used to force private associations in the name of protecting the “rights” of others. A Christian taxpayer might be forced to fund entities they oppose, like Planned Parenthood (which receives around $500 million in tax dollars per year). This is the problem with open-ended nanny government; the individual freedom to associate is violated in the name of protecting the victim status of others.
This comes from a “fluid interpretation” of the Constitution and the role of government that allows expansion to be rationalized. To put an end to this would require we “deplorables” to assert a literal and limited interpretation.
True Free Markets
The establishment has spent the better part of the past 30 years trying to convince the world that globalism is a natural extension of the free market. It’s not. The fact is, globalism is a system thrust upon the people, not an organic evolution of economics.
True free market philosophy would dictate that if a model is destroying the wealth standards of a society, that society would naturally abandon it. If a model is elevating corporations, which are a product of government charter and are artificially supported by taxpayer dollars, then this is not conducive to real competition. If a model is allowing those same government chartered corporations to export jobs while destroying any chance for smaller competitors to fill the void through unfair taxation and other laws, then this creates economic instability. Without government intervention, globalism would not exist, because no society with a free market would naturally seek to destroy itself.
The “deplorables” want the end of all welfare, including corporate welfare and the concept of the “too big to fail” company. We want the end of government intervention in business and special favors for corporate elites. We also want the end of central banking and fiat debt based currency. It’s funny, but the mainstream media constantly accuses us of seeking an unfair world, but we are actually the only group of people working on a level playing field.
This concept terrifies progressives and corporate elites alike because without a socialist welfare system and special treatment for victim groups and companies, all success would then rely on merit. This means they would have to work harder than most, or be smarter than most or be more naturally gifted than most in order to be more prosperous than most. Take a look at the millennials permeating the halls of universities today — those that espouse socialist ideals –and you will find yourself struggling to identify a single person with exceptional merit or work ethic.
Take a look at all the banks and corporate monstrosities that should have collapsed eight years ago due to terrible business practices. Under a free market, they would be failures, and rightly so.
As mentioned in my first article on the “deplorables,” these changes– which represent a redress of grievances over decades of American corruption –will not take place without years of struggle and sacrifice. Again, this is not about a Trump presidency or any other future election. This is about action on the part of regular men and women, average conservatives, every day. This is about self-sufficiency, localized economies, the return of individual producers, the refusal to comply with social justice-based laws and legislation, the return of community-based security rather than reliance on state and federal security, local efforts for border security, the punishment of criminal financial institutions, etc.; all of which will probably come at the cost of a fight with the establishment.
While you are welcome to vote for whatever candidate you please, remember that central leadership is not the solution. Self-leadership is the solution. We do not need a hero on a white horse. The future is in OUR hands. Only by the efforts of millions of liberty champions in large and small ways can America return to prosperity, and to freedom.

The war in Syria may be the start of World War III

The war in Syria may be the start of World War III or it may mark the end of the USA's brief reign as sole planetary superpower:
Syrian Social Nationalist Party representative Tarek Ahmad says that the war in Syria has reached a dead end, with the intervention of foreign powers turning the situation into a chaotic mess. Moreover, the politician says that Syria is just one front in a Third World War being waged by Washington and its allies.

The Social Nationalist Party is one of Syria's oldest and largest parties. Up to 8,000 members of its armed branch, known as 'the Eagles of the Whirlwind', have successfully fought alongside the Syrian Army against Islamist militants, including Daesh. At the same time, the party has remained a key member of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, a bloc of opposition parties in the country's parliament.

Speaking to Sputnik, party representative Tarek Ahmad said that the military situation in the country has come to an impasse, with the political crisis only fueled and intensified due to the intervention of multiple uninvited regional and global powers.

Commenting on the intensification of the conflict between Damascus, its allies, and the United States, following the US-led coalition's attack on Syrian forces in Deir ez-Zor last week, Ahmad warned that it's important to understand that the US position in Syria is tactical – not strategic.

"The US's goal is not limited to Syria," the politician emphasized. "The Syrian front is not the goal in and of itself. We need to look at this issue objectively, and to admit that a Third World War is taking place in Syria, one which is led by the US and its allies – even if these allies are simultaneously victims as well."

"America's main objective," according to Ahmad, "is to bring any world power that threatens them under control. Consequently, [Washington] is waging a war with these powers; and these powers include China and Russia."
Americans should hope and pray and vote for the end of global US hegemony, because it is bad for the USA and worse for Americans. The war in Syria is directly connected to the war in Ukraine, as both wars are being waged for the same reason. And while Russia and her allies are defeating the imperial USA and her allies in the Syria, and have fought them to an advantageous standstill in Ukraine, China is quietly expanding her strategic position in Africa and the Pacific.

This is why the neocons are so desperate to elect Hillary Clinton. They want to double-down on the wars their proxies are losing, and send substantial American forces into both Syria and Ukraine in order to defeat the Russian proxies there. Their two problems are that while US troops can defeat Russian troops, the Russian proxies are better than the US proxies in both Syria and Ukraine, and Russia can directly operate in both Syria and Ukraine while the USA cannot.

Donald Trump is smart enough to avoid fighting Russia and he understands that the USA has no legitimate national interests in either Syria or Ukraine. That is the real reason the neocon establishment is so hysterical about his increasing prospects for election, and why they are publicly throwing the full weight of their support to Hillary Clinton. They are entirely willing to risk a Syracuse-level disaster under a Clinton administration, which is something that should terrify any sober, historically-aware American.

Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are already lost to the USA and have accepted the reality of Chinese regional dominance. Korea and the Philippines will likely be the next to do so; Korean unification will probably take place before 2030 in an attempt to mitigate Chinese dominance, while Taiwan will presumably reunite with China around that time. The Chinese are playing their cards with their customary patience, allowing Russia to keep the USA occupied while they improve their ability to force the US out of their own near-abroad.

One major potential flashpoint for China is Malaysia, where Islamic civilization confronts Sinic civilization. But that offers little potential to relieve the growing strategic pressure on the tottering US military hegemony.

On a related note, The Saker looks at the most likely options available to the USA:
Once the US comes to realize that its policy sending MANPADs to Syria did not work, it will have only one last card to play: attempt to impose a no-fly zone over Syria.

The good news is that judging by this exchange, US generals understand that any such US move would mean war with Russia. The bad news is that the Neocons seem to be dead-set on exactly that. Since such an event has now become possible, we need to look at what exactly this would entail.

The way the US doctrine mandates to impose a no-fly zone is pretty straightforward: it begins with an intensive series of USAF and USN cruise missile strikes and bombing raids whose aim is to disable the enemy air defenses and command and control capabilities. At this stage heavy jamming and anti-radiation missile strikes play a key role. This is also when the Americans, if they have any hope of achieving a tactical surprise, will also typically strikes at enemy airbases, with a special emphasis on destroying landed aircraft, runways and fuel storage facilities. This first phase can last anything between 48 hours to 10 days, depending on the complexity/survivability of the enemy air defense network. The second phase typically includes the deployment of air-to-air fighters into combat air patrols which are typically controlled by airborne AWACS aircraft. Finally, once the air defense network has been destroyed and air supremacy has been established, strike fighters and bombers are sent in to bomb whatever can be bombed until the enemy surrenders or is crushed.

In Syria, this ideal scenario would run into several problems.

First, while there are only a few S-400/S-300 systems in Syria, the US has never had to operate against them, especially not against the Russian version of these formidable systems. Worse, Russia also has very long range radars which will make it impossible for the USA to achieve a tactical surprise. Last but not least, Russia also has deployed powerful electronic warfare systems which are likely to create total chaos in key US command, control, communications and intelligence systems.

Second, these S-400/S-300 systems are mostly located on what is legally “Russian territory”: the Khmeimim airbase and the Slava-class or Kuznetsov-class cruisers off the Syrian coast. The same goes for the key nodes of the Russian communications network. If the Americans were crazy enough to try to hit a Russian Navy ship that would open up the entire USN to Russian attacks.

Third, while Russia has deployed relatively few aircraft in Syria, and while even fewer of them are air-to-air interceptors, those which Russia has deployed (SU-30SM and SU-35) are substantially superior to any aircraft in the US inventory with the possible exception of the F-22A. While the US will be able to overwhelm the Russians with numbers, it will be at a steep cost.

Fourth, the use of USAF AWACS could be complicated by the possibility that the Russians would decide to deploy their anti-AWACS very-long range missiles (both ground launched and air launched). It is also likely that Russia would deploy her own AWACS in Iranian airspace and protect them with MiG-31BMs making them a very difficult target.

Fifth, even if the USA was somehow able to establish something like an general air superiority over Syria, the Russians would still have three formidable options to continue to strike Daesh deep inside Syria:

1) cruise missiles (launched from naval platforms of Tu-95MS bombers)
2) SU-34/SU-35 strike groups launched from Russia or Iranian
3) supersonic long range bombers (Tu-22M3 and Tu-160)

It would be exceedingly difficult for the US to try to stop such Russian attacks as the USAF and USN have not trained for such missions since the late 1980s.

Sixth, even a successful imposition of a no-fly zone would do little to stop the Russians from using their artillery and attack helicopters (a difficult target for fixed-wing aircraft to begin with). Hunting them down at lower altitudes would further expose the USAF/USN to even more Russia air defenses.
TL;DR: A Syracuse in miniature. An attempted failure to impose a no-fly zone over Syria won't break the US military, but it will destroy any remaining perceptions of the USA's global superpower status.

The Age of the Orc - What we are witnessing, what we are participating in, is nothing less than a civilizational mass suicide.

Dyskord fails to grasp the importance of priorities with regards to the survival of the West:
All the talk of socialism as if its a valid form of government and wont lead to the same failed mess it always degrades into is laughable. I mean seriously now these socialists have jumped on the alt right bandwagon and under the guise of white nationalism proclaim socialism a white concept that only failed because of the inferior genetic or whatever faults of the OTHER races. Another pathetic excuse for a truly foolish system of governance.

I have to ask Vox, if a group of alt white Communists start proclaiming us and others false flag bearers will you accept them as valid by dint of being white nationalists.
At this rate the alt right should it succeed will fall into the same traps which led to the current decline.

I support the 14 words. I believe that in the history of the world only Western Civilization has raised individual men and women to a level of safety, security and freedom unprecedented in recorded history. I believe that nowhere outside of Europe or current predominantly white former colonies like New Zealand and Australia does democracy and Western values prevail. However not all white peoples are equal. In fact today pale-skinned latino's are considered white. A century ago Italians weren't considered white. The same regarding the Irish.

I'm not trying to dispose of the alt white or rally against them. By all means lets work together. But this acceptance of Socialism as valid is IMO disheartening. The rise of the right across Europe in my understanding is a refutation of socialism and its fruits.
First, let's get one thing perfectly clear. In any non-white West, some form of socialism may be the best case scenario. It is more likely that there won't be an economic system that is recognizable as a coherent Western system of any kind. After all, what is the best way to describe the economies of Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, or Malaysia?

Second, identity always trumps ideology in the end. I don't accept socialist economics any more than I accept the idea that 1+1=37 or that the Merovingian dynasty was descended from Jesus Christ. But every mass movement needs the participation of the left side of the bell curve too. The socialists of the Alt-Right are no more harmful to the core cause of the Alt-Right at this point in time than are the free traders, the monetarists, or the Keynesians. Their collective economic ignorance is irrelevant.

The largest invasion in human history is taking place and its consequences are going to shake the world for decades, possibly centuries. The Men of the West have laid down their guard and been invaded en masse by orcs and goblins and other creatures; even their cradles are filled with changelings.

Consider this: there are fewer than 1,000 speakers of my tribe's language alive today. It will be extinct by 2150. My tribe's blood is more diluted than that of the Numenoreans of Middle Earth; it is entirely possible that one day, your grandchildren's claim to be white will be scoffed at in much the same way some scoff at my claim to be American Indian. The same thing has already been happening to the American tribe for more than 150 years, to the point that the very definition of "American" has already been altered beyond all recognition.

The propositionals and universalists among us are wrong, Wrong, WRONG, because they refuse to read history, refuse to listen to us, and refuse to pay any attention to what the orcs and goblins themselves are saying. They believe, erroneously, that orcs and goblins are not only no different under the skin, but also want to be men just like them. But the truth is, they don't. Orcs and goblins want to continue to be exactly what they are, they simply want to pillage and rule in the West in exactly the same manner they do elsewhere.

As Sam Huntington noted 20 years ago, our values are not theirs:

The author of another cross-cultural survey of individualism and collectivism similarly highlighted the dominance of individualism in the West compared to the prevalence of collectivism elsewhere and concluded that “the values that are most important in the West are least important worldwide.”

Not just less important, LEAST important. The West will not transform the orcs or their values through its magic dirt. To the contrary, they will do as immigrants have always done, and transform the West into the Not-West, just as America has already been transformed into Not-America by not-Americans.

And yet, the Men of the West not only will not fight the invaders, they will not even cease to open their arms, their legs, their hearts, and their homes to them.
What we are witnessing, what we are participating in, is nothing less than a civilizational mass suicide.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

False fears, fake refugees - (We are paying for our own suicide?)

It is increasingly clear that the sob stories about the desperate refugees fleeing war have been nothing but pro-migrant propaganda from the start:
Migrants with recognised refugee status are holidaying in the countries they supposedly “fled”, with their vacations funded by German taxpayers, a newspaper has found. Newspaper Welt am Sonntag learnt that migrants are returning to countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Lebanon for holiday purposes, then travelling back to Germany where they continue to receive comfortable welfare payments.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has been aware for some time that some recognised refugees are taking leisure trips to the very spots they claim their lives are in danger.

The government body sent a written request to Berlin’s employment agencies in June, asking that they report the travel arrangements of migrants granted asylum holidaying in their countries of origin.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Employment Agency confirmed that “there are such cases” but reports that there is “no analysis or statistics on this subject and therefore we do not have information”.
It's time to repatriate every single "refugee" and migrant that has claimed asylum in Europe or the United States. They are invaders and economic parasites, they are not "new Americans" or "new Germans" and they will never be.

And the churches and charity organizations who aided and abetted this treasonous, criminal activity should be investigated, fined, and if they knowingly helped the migrants defraud the public, have their licenses to operate removed.

As for those foolish enough to claim that the West has to help them, keep in mind that Nigeria is on track to have a population of 509 million by 2050 thanks to Western assistance. The West needs to stop helping the global South now or it is going to have to choose between a) mass slaughter and b) being completely overrun.

It will choose (a) of course. And all the blame for the bloodshed should be placed directly on the heads and hands of the Churchians and do-gooders and aid workers who made it possible. They fed the world. They let them know it was Christmastime. And they guaranteed that considerably more people will eventually starve or be slaughtered than would have died in the first place.

How on Earth do you think a bankrupt, invaded, infuriated West is going to be in any position to help a global South that is more than 10 times worse off than before anyway? Do any of you idiot do-gooders even think beyond later this afternoon?

I'm not talking about being cruel to be kind. I'm talking about letting events take their course in order to avoid our children and grandchildren wading knee-deep in blood in the future. And that's the rosy scenario.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Globalism, Soros, and Charlotte: Now I Get It - By Christopher Chantrill

For the last few months I’ve had a question in my mind: Just what is George Soros up to? Because I could not understand why a great capitalist speculator, a financial operator who makes the Koch Brothers look like altar boys, would be interested in funding a lefty activist group like Black Lives Matter. It didn’t compute.
But now I understand. No doubt you readers already figured it out. Alas, I am not so smart.
The light went on when I was reading “Progressivism Goes Global” by John Fonte and John Loo in National Review about the plans of the progressive global governance guys. The key point is articulated in a quote from Anne-Marie Slaughter, the head of policy and planning at the State Department under Hillary Clinton. Her idea is that the “global administrative state would work through the ‘coercive power of vertical [government] networks’”:
Vertical government networks pierce the shell of state sovereignty by making individual government institutions -- courts, regulatory agencies, or even legislators -- responsible for implementation of rules created by a supranational institution.
Don’t you just love that? The globalists get the power, and get to pull the strings behind the national governments, and coerce them into doing their global will.
But first, before the globalists ascend Mt. Olympus, they need to “pierce the shell” and destroy the prestige and the power of the nation state; otherwise the national governments will still have the power to tell the globalist gods to go pound sand. How do the globalists do that?
It’s obvious. They divide and conquer. They set the people in each nation state against each other. They divide them up by class, by race, by gender, by tribe: Black Lives Matter; La Raza; Human Rights Campaign, CAIR. With one ring to rule them all.
So that is why George Sauron and all the top-tier foundations are funding groups like Black Lives Matter. That is why the globalists are all in favor of unlimited immigration. The more that the people in America think of themselves as black or white or Hispanic or gay or Muslim rather than American, the easier it is for the global elite to “pierce the shell of state sovereignty” while we are all busy fighting each other.
So far so good. But there is a problem, as the globalists are finding out, to their horror.
The problem with globalism is what to do when things go wrong, as in the Euro, as in Muslim rapists in Europe and no-go areas in Sweden.
In the nation state, when things go wrong, the voters throw the rascals out and elect a new government. They might elect a Roosevelt over a blundering Hoover. Nothing changes, of course, unless they elect a Reagan, for the ruling class is still the ruling class blundering from crisis to crisis; but at least the people have a new leader and new hope.
What happens under global governance when things go wrong? Huh? Appoint a committee?
Exactly. You globalist geniuses didn’t think of that, did you?
That is what Enoch Powell meant when he said that the European project could not work because there was no European demos, no European people. You need a “people” when things go wrong, so the polity hangs together rather than separately.
Right now, of course, things are going wrong with the globalist project, and the result is that the people in the various nation states in Europe are rallying to politicians that want to re-establish the powers of the nation state to throw the globalist rascals out. While they still can.
What luck that the globalist project ran off the road so soon. Given another 20 years of Soros-funded identity politics, with Muslim Lives Matter making Black Lives Matter look like a walk in the park, the people of Europe would have split up into squabbling racial and religious identities, and with things going wrong and the failure of the globalist elite there would be no demos to throw the rascals out.
Hello globalists, progressives, and all the ships at sea. The whole point of constitutions and laws and separation of powers and elections to secure the consent of the governed is this. They help stop civil war. The political furniture that you want to “pierce” is the way for the people to check their rulers short of bloody civil war.
It is telling that in the aftermath of the Charlotte Riots, President Obama is burbling about white police officers learning about discrimination, and Hillary Clinton is missing in action. It is Donald Trump that is calling for unity.
Of course. Donald Trump stands for Making America -- the nation state of Americans -- Great Again. Obama and Clinton are globalist progressives. They don’t care about unity; they care about divide and conquer.
Now, finally, I get it.
Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.

Deutsche Bank is in trouble - In case you hadn't noticed, we're very far from being out of the 2008 crisis.

In case you hadn't noticed, we're very far from being out of the 2008 crisis. The bandaids are leaking. Heavily.
Update: In an emailed statement, the German finance ministry told Bloomberg that the report on Deutsche Bank by German weekly Die Zeit “is incorrect" adding that "the federal government isn’t preparing any rescue plans. There are no grounds for such speculation.”

Only two more denials until it is unofficially confirmed.

It's all about Deutsche Bank this morning again, where after last night's vigorous denial by CEO John Cryan, who told Bild that the troubled German lender is not seeking a government bailout and that it's balance sheet is solid, earlier this morning Germany's Zeit reported that the German government is working on a contingency plan for Deutsche Bank. The German outlet writes that possible scenarios apply in case Deutsche Bank AG needed capital injection to cover litigation costs and include the option of German government taking a stake.

Contingency plan envisages possible sales of Deutsche Bank units, with the option of state guarantees to back the transactions if needed. One worst-case scenario involving the government taking a 25% stake would apply only in extreme emergency. All options are contingency planning and German govt hopes Deutsche Bank won’t need any state aid.

Queried by Reuters, a Deutsche Bank spokesman referred to an interview Chief Executive John Cryan gave German daily Bild on Wednesday and denied the report. "At no point did I ask the chancellor for support. Neither did I suggest anything like that," had told Cryan Bild in response to a different report that said he had asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her support with a $14 billion U.S. demand to settle claims it missold mortgage-backed securities. Such a request would be "out of the question for us," Cryan said, adding that he could not understand how "anyone could claim that."

Despite the preemptive denial, Zeit said that the German government is still hoping Deutsche Bank will not need state support and only scenarios for a potential rescue are being discussed so far.
In related news, it is calculated that the insanity can last somewhere between eight and 68 months longer before it all crashes down.
The ECB and the BOJ, the two central banks most actively monetizing debt currently, have 8 and 26 months respectively, if they do no changes to their programs. However, if incremental easing is layered on, like expanding the scope of their bond buying programs or purchasing equities even more aggressively, the total rises substantially. The final answer: 68 months, or just above 5 and a half years,  in the case of the ECB, were it to steamroll all political opposition and monetize virtually every possible bond (and 20% of the equity market), and 48 months, or 4 years, in the case of the BOJ. 
How very strange! One would have thought those one million new immigrants would have been good for the German economy....

Curiosity and cognitive paradigms - Commentary by Vox Day

As time has passed, I have realized that my ability to easily defeat other intelligent, educated people in debate has considerably less to do with my intelligence and more to do with what appears to be a higher degree of curiosity, which doesn't actually have much, if anything, to do with intelligence or formal education.

As has often been noted here, Man is a rationalizing animal. And what I have increasingly noted of late is that most people devote most of their intelligence to rationalizing what they already think to be true than they do to figuring out what they think is not true. This desire to rationalize rather than learn is, quite possibly, the intelligent individual's biggest intellectual weakness.

Now, we all do it to varying degrees. But the more we do it, the more absurd and indefensible and self-contradictory positions we will take. Thus we see the monetarists seriously discussing the outlawing of paper money, evolutionists denying the existence of species, anthropologists presenting literal fiction in the place of history or archeological science, and Christians arguing the virgin birth of a non-divine individual.

But this is only one form of the rationalization process. The other one is to base one's opinion on conclusions drawn from incomplete information, to argue on the basis of knowing about something rather than genuinely knowing it. Those of us who have graduated from good colleges are particularly susceptible to this, as we have been introduced to a broad range of classics, we have listened to lectures from professors deeply steeped in them so that we recognize them and know a little bit about them, but the truth is that we don't really know much of anything concerning their details.

Which is why we will so often see someone saying that Marx is wrong without have the least conception of what he might be wrong about, declaring that Fukuyama's declaration of the end of history is stupid on its face without understanding what Fukuyama meant by "history" - and any would-be intellectual should be humiliated upon the realization that his level of knowledge doesn't rise to the level of a pop song by Jesus Jones from 26 years ago - and appealing to all things "quantum" without even being able to define "quantum mechanics".

Complicating this is the common preference for binary thinking, or if you want to sound more philosophical, Abelardian philosophy. "It is so or it is not so" is the binary thinker's mantra; the concept of necessary, but not sufficient eludes him. Consider two contrary examples from the comments on Huntington's book, The Clash of Civilizations, yesterday.
"I suspect that it might be easier to start with worship of blood, soil and nature and work up from there.  The popularity of paganism should be no mystery."

"I would go further, and say not only that Christianity is needed for Western Civilization, I say Christianity IS Western Civilization. You can see from that why the appeal of the Alt-Right, claiming that my racial identity trumps my Church, is an idea not even worth discussing."
Despite being directly opposed, both statements are equally silly, and both are similarly ignorant. Anyone who has read even part of Huntington's book will instantly recognize that neither commenter has read it. The first comment violates the recounting of the history of the various civilizations in general and Western civilization in particular. Given that even a sophisticated religion such as Buddhism has proven insufficient to support the development of a major civilization, and even the highest, most noble forms of virtuous Roman paganism failed to compete successfully with Christianity, it is obvious that working up from the sort of pre-civilized animism that the commenter recommends would not be easier than metaphorically taking whips to the temple and reforming the Christian churches. In fact, it is improbable to the point of being a virtual impossibility.

As for the idea that Christianity IS Western Civilization, this is a historical and definitional absurdity. While religion is much more important in defining civilizations than the secular students of liberal democracy would like to admit, a civilization is considerably more than its definitive religion. Thus, both the following statements by Huntington are both true:
  1. People of the same race can be deeply divided by civilization; people of different races may be united by civilization....The crucial distinctions among human groups concern their values, beliefs, institutions, and social structures, not their physical size, head shapes, and skin colors.
  2. A civilization is the broadest cultural entity. Villages, regions, ethnic groups, nationalities, religious groups, all have distinct cultures at different levels of cultural heterogeneity. It is defined both by common objective elements, such as language, history, religion, customs, institutions, and by the subjective self-identification of people. People have levels of identity: a resident of Rome may define himself with varying degrees of intensity as a Roman, an Italian, a Catholic, a Christian, a European, a Westerner. The civilization to which he belongs is the broadest level of identification with which he strongly identifies.

First, an individual's values, beliefs, institutions, and social structures are heavily influenced by his race; race and culture are deeply intertwined. Second, Christianity is not Western civilization, it is merely one of the most important aspects of Western civilization; as the Alt-Right sees it, Christianity is one of the three necessary components. The idea that one's racial identity trumps one's religion is not worth discussing because it is irrelevant, both to the Alt-Right and to the civilizational paradigm. Both religion and race are necessary components of a civilization, but are insufficient in themselves. This should be entirely obvious from the start, given that neither religion nor race are recognized synonyms for civilization.

Third, the fact that there are three other major Christian civilizations besides Western civilization, Byzantine, Orthodox, and Latin American, (to say nothing of minor Christian civilizations such as Ethiopean) means that Western civilization cannot be Christianity and Christianity cannot be Western civilization. That is an idea that is not worth discussing, because it is as obviously and mathematically untrue as the statement that 1+3.5=1.

Now, we can argue whether a society of Chinese Christians will be more Sinic than Western or more Western than Sinic. I strongly incline towards the former view myself, though I would not view the matter as completely unworthy of discussion. But regardless, we should all be able to concur that it will not be Japanese or Muslim, or, for that matter, neoliberal.

And furthermore, the civilizational paradigm tends to highlight why Alt-West and Alt-White are not necessarily in competition with each other. Alt-White is less an alternative to Alt-West than a subset of it, as Alt-West is focused on the civilizational level, while Alt-White is focused on the national level. However, it also indicates that the Alt-White is going to have to come to terms with the necessity of Christianity to its own objectives if it is going to find any success going forward.

It can, of course, reject the civilizational paradigm, but that is a suboptimal response given the way it is increasingly clear that the civilizational paradigm is vastly superior in explanatory and predictive terms to either the bipolar superpower paradigm that preceded it or the universalist neoliberal paradigm that was supposed to succeed the superpower model.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tom Holland: Why I was wrong about Christianity - with comments from Vox Day

Although I am familiar with the concept expressed by Sam Huntington's civilizational paradigm and have actually read the famous essay in Foreign Affairs called "The Clash of Civilizations", I am a little embarrassed to say that I made the typical college mistake of assuming that knowledge about the concept was an adequate substitute for detailed knowledge of the concept. Which is to say that I'd never read the book that is the expansion of the esssay, which mistake I am presently correcting now.

It's a brilliant, brilliant book that goes well beyond the refutation of Fukuyama's silly "History is Over and We're All Liberal Democrats Now" paradigm and already it has me thinking about how the civilizational paradigm affects the reality of the Alt-Right. And it occurs to me that one of the keys to the success of the Alt-West is going to be a) Christians realizing that Churchianity is not Christianity and driving it out of their institutions and places of worship combined with b) non-Christians realizing
that Christianity is, far from being a societal negative, a societal necessity for any Western civilization.

Tom Howard's journey away from Christianity into antiquity, then back again, is one that I expect will be repeated by many an apostate, agnostic, and even atheist.
When I was a boy, my upbringing as a Christian was forever being weathered by the gale force of my enthusiasms. First, there were dinosaurs. I vividly remember my shock when, at Sunday school one day, I opened a children’s Bible and found an illustration on its first page of Adam and Eve with a brachiosaur. Six years old I may have been, but of one thing – to my regret – I was rock-solid certain: no human being had ever seen a sauropod. That the teacher seemed not to care about this error only compounded my sense of outrage and bewilderment. A faint shadow of doubt, for the first time, had been brought to darken my Christian faith.

With time, it darkened further still. My obsession with dinosaurs – glamorous, ­ferocious, extinct – evolved seamlessly into an obsession with ancient empires. When I read the Bible, the focus of my fascination was less the children of Israel or Jesus and his disciples than their adversaries: the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Romans. In a similar manner, although I vaguely continued to believe in God, I found Him infinitely less charismatic than my favourite Olympians: Apollo, Athena, Dionysus. Rather than lay down laws and condemn other deities as demons, they preferred to enjoy themselves. And if they were vain, selfish and cruel, that only served to endow them with the allure of rock stars.

By the time I came to read Edward Gibbon and the other great writers of the Enlightenment, I was more than ready to accept their interpretation of history: that the triumph of Christianity had ushered in an “age of superstition and credulity”, and that modernity was founded on the dusting down of long-forgotten classical values. My childhood instinct to think of the biblical God as the po-faced enemy of liberty and fun was rationalised. The defeat of paganism had ushered in the reign of Nobodaddy, and of all the crusaders, inquisitors and black-hatted puritans who had served as his acolytes. Colour and excitement had been drained from the world. “Thou hast conquered, O pale Galilean,” Swinburne wrote, echoing the apocryphal lament of Julian the Apostate, the last pagan emperor of Rome. “The world has grown grey from thy breath.” Instinctively, I agreed.

So, perhaps it was no surprise that I should have continued to cherish classical antiquity as the period that most stirred and inspired me. When I came to write my first work of history, Rubicon, I chose a subject that had been particularly close to the hearts of the philosophes: the age of Cicero. The theme of my second, Persian Fire, was one that even in the 21st century was serving Hollywood, as it had served Montaigne and Byron, as an archetype of the triumph of liberty over despotism: the Persian invasions of Greece.

The years I spent writing these studies of the classical world – living intimately in the company of Leonidas and of Julius Caesar, of the hoplites who had died at Thermopylae and of the legionaries who had triumphed at Alesia – only confirmed me in my fascination: for Sparta and Rome, even when subjected to the minutest historical inquiry, did not cease to seem possessed of the qualities of an apex predator. They continued to stalk my imaginings as they had always done – like a tyrannosaur.

Yet giant carnivores, however wondrous, are by their nature terrifying. The longer I spent immersed in the study of classical antiquity, the more alien and unsettling I came to find it. The values of Leonidas, whose people had practised a peculiarly murderous form of eugenics, and trained their young to kill uppity Untermenschen by night, were nothing that I recognised as my own; nor were those of Caesar, who was reported to have killed a million Gauls and enslaved a million more. It was not just the extremes of callousness that I came to find shocking, but the lack of a sense that the poor or the weak might have any intrinsic value. As such, the founding conviction of the Enlightenment – that it owed nothing to the faith into which most of its greatest figures had been born – increasingly came to seem to me unsustainable.
What Howard learned is something I pointed out in a controverial WND column called "The Morality of Rape", in which I noted that the very idea that rape is wrong, let alone a crime against the state, is an intrinsically Christian concept. The inescapable conclusion is that one simply cannot separate religion from culture, much less from civilization; indeed, Huntington observes that the strongest identifying element of the eight competing major civilizations is, in fact, religion.
Blood, language, religion, way of life, were what the Greeks had in common and what distinguished them from the Persians and other non-Greeks. Of all the objective elements which define civilizations, however, the most important usually is religion, as the Athenians emphasized. To a very large degree, the major civilizations in human history have been closely identified with the world’s great religions; and people who share ethnicity and language but differ in religion may slaughter each other, as happened in Lebanon, the former Yugoslavia, and the Subcontinent.

Tom Holland: Why I was wrong about Christianity

It took me a long time to realize my morals are not Greek or Roman, but thoroughly, and proudly, Christian.

The USS Titanic Is Headed for the Iceberg - WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

As this vitriolic, unpredictable, outrageously entertaining presidential campaign enters its final stages I find myself pondering what happens next. I was reminded of the last scene in the 1972 movie, The Candidate. The movie is about a young untested non-politician candidate for U.S. Senator in California who puts his fate in the hands of a veteran political operative and overcomes a double digit polling deficit to win a huge upset victory. His entire focus during the campaign was to win. In the final scene of the movie he is standing among the celebrating campaign staffers and the fawning press corp. with a befuddled look on his face. He grabs his political consultant campaign manager and pulls him into a room. As the press break into the room he asks, “What do we do now?” The question goes unanswered and the movie ends.
The chattering class on the boob tube is enthralled and aghast at every seizure, collapse, and deplorable comment by the two most disliked presidential candidates in U.S. history. The establishment and their corporate media mouthpieces are perplexed and irate that Donald Trump has overcome their propaganda campaign to be leading in the polls with 51 days to go. He is a non-politician who was behind by double digits in the polls a month ago. He hired professional political operatives who have molded his message, while his opponent has been lying about her health, lying about selling access while Secretary of State, and denigrating blue collar middle class Americans in campaign speeches. The momentum is clearly in his favor and absent a major gaffe during the debates he could win an unlikely come from behind victory in November.
No one knows for sure what will happen over the next 43 days to impact the outcome of this highly improbable race between a reality TV star parody and a walking corpse propped up by her establishment cronies in the media, Wall Street, military industrial complex and smoke filled backrooms of D.C. The sole focus of both campaigns is to disparage and destroy their opponent. The negative attack ads will fill TV screens 24/7 for the remainder of this scorched earth fight to the death. The debates will be nasty and venomous, with accusations being hurled maliciously and with gusto. The corporate press corp., being the mouthpieces for the establishment, has done their utmost to scorn, ridicule and attempt to derail Trump’s march to the presidency.
They are shocked and stunned by the failure of their propaganda campaign. The basket of deplorables not inhabiting the liberal bastions of NYC, Washington DC, LA and SF are ignoring the unabashed media crusade to destroy Trump. Trust in the dying legacy media is at all-time lows. The linear thinking establishment has failed to acknowledge the cyclical nature of history and will now reap the whirlwind of consequences for their corrupt, greedy, traitorous actions.
The myopic media is so fixated on the minutia and trivialities related to the terribly flawed personalities of these Boomer candidates ascending to the throne of the American empire, they fail to step back and understand the real dynamics at work. When you comprehend the undercurrents of history it allows you to interpret the current mood of the electorate using the perspective of the Fourth Turning. This election is taking place in the eighth year of a crisis period which is likely to last through the next decade. Written in 1996, Strauss & Howe’s opus has been eerily prescient in predicting the start of and progression of the fourth crisis period in America history, all separated by approximately 80 years – a long human life.
“The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade. Around the year 2005, a sudden spark will catalyze a Crisis mood. Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.” – Strauss & Howe The Fourth Turning 
This Crisis was catalyzed by the housing bubble that reached its peak in 2005, leading to the worldwide financial collapse in September 2008. There is no denying a Crisis mood overtook the country in 2008 and after a temporary lull brought about by the unprecedented money printing scheme by the Federal Reserve and central bankers across the globe, the mood has been darkening rapidly as this election approaches. The fabric of the country is being shredded along racial, class, religious and party lines, as real hardship spreads across the land.
The Soros backed Black Lives Matter has turned into a domestic terrorist organization spurring young black men to ambush and slaughter police officers and innocent bystanders. Radicalized Islamic terrorists are committing mass murder, setting off bombs, and attacking non-believers. The corporate oligarch class, the Wall Street cabal, and their puppets at the Federal Reserve have effectively impoverished and destroyed the working middle class. Both political parties have shown their true corrupt colors as anti-establishment candidates Sanders and Trump generated enthusiastic support to the chagrin of the party bosses.
As we approach the midpoint of this Fourth Turning the regeneracy propelling the next phase appears to be an anti-establishment tsunami of epic proportions engulfing the nation and sweeping away the existing social order in a torrent of bile, venom, accusations and the shrieks of social justice warriors. Hillary’s deplorables are committed to expurgating the institutional cancer pulsating through every corpuscle of this terminally ill empire of debt.
Taking back control of a country, which has been captured in a silent coup by Deep State players of both parties, liberal and conservative ideologies, and corporate interests, has become a relentless quest of the debased and defrauded middle class. The Deep State traitors are driven solely by an unquenchable thirst for wealth, power and control, regardless of the impact on average Americans.
The darkening mood of the country has cast a shadow over this election, as the corrupt political establishment and their corporate media collaborators are failing in their unrelenting propaganda campaign to destroy Trump. The “experts”, pollsters, and pundits are shocked and appalled that a loud mouthed non-politician TV personality could possibly be on the verge of winning the presidency.
These linear thinkers can’t understand why their playbook of lies, misinformation, pointless social justice issues and a myriad of other inane distractions aren’t working this time. They fail to acknowledge that history is cyclical and we’ve entered the phase when generational cohorts are aligned for dramatic sweeping change. The data is there for all to see, but those benefiting from the current perverted paradigm will not be swept aside without a bloody fight.
Based on recent Gallup polls, the establishment probably realizes they’ve gone too far, but their insatiable desire for mammon and supremacy over the levers of finance, politics, and corporate share cropping, has blinded them to the reality of the devastation they’ve wrought on Main Street America. Average American families have seen their standard of living relentlessly driven into the ground by Federal Reserve created inflation designed to benefit their fraud loving Wall Street benefactors, greedy corporate executives, and psychopath politicians who’ve promised voters $200 trillion more than they can deliver. Good paying blue collar jobs have been shipped overseas by Ivy League MBA CEO’s who use wage arbitrage models to calculate how to optimize their stock price and executive bonuses. This is why the real median household income is lower than it was in 1999 and about equal to what it was in 1989.
For those not occupying academic ivory towers or gleaming office palaces in downtown Manhattan, life in the trenches is brutal, back breaking and untenable. With no wage growth in a quarter of a century, crushing healthcare costs due to Obamacare, rents skyrocketing as home prices have been artificially boosted to save Wall Street bankers, government run education and financing leading to a millennial debt crisis, and a Federal Reserve destroying the finances of senior citizens, savers, pension plans, and bondholders, how could anyone other than myopic oligarchs and their cronies expect average Americans to keep taking it without fighting back?
Is it any wonder that 73% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country? This is a massive decline from the 71% satisfied readings of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Do you think this might have something to do with the depressionary economic conditions being experienced by the majority of Americans since 2001?
Considering the Wall Street banking cabal has been ransacking, pillaging and defrauding the American people since 2000 with their fabricated internet boom and the largest control fraud in world history – their mortgage/housing Ponzi scheme, it is entirely logical for tens of millions of hard working Americans in flyover country to be outraged and ready to throw the bums out. The propagandists who have worked tirelessly to consciously and systematically manipulate the public mind through social engineering in government controlled public schools, mass media messaging, and the constant use of fear by government apparatchiks, believe their control of these societal mechanisms is beneficial for our country and the world.
This “invisible government”, the true ruling power in this country, has used their Bernaysian propaganda techniques to mold the minds, desires, beliefs, ideas, and tastes of the masses for decades, but they’ve gone too far, stolen too much, and pushed the average American to the brink. The middle class is steadily being destroyed, along with hope for a better tomorrow, as reflected in Gallup polling data.
The former middle class citizens of this country aren’t sure who screwed them over because they have been busy trying to make a living, while simultaneously being distracted by iGadgets, 700 cable TV stations, social media, sports and myriad of other bread and circus diversions. They’ve been brainwashed to believe the two organized political parties offer them a choice. The two parties are co-conspirators in the creation of this welfare/warfare empire of debt.
Since 2000, we’ve had eight years of a Republican president, eight years of a Democrat president, with both parties having control of Congress at various points over the sixteen years. The national debt, after 211 years of this country’s existence, was $5.7 trillion in 2000. Both parties are responsible for the 342% increase over the last sixteen years to $19.5 trillion. Democrats agreed to never ending warfare in exchange for Republican support for an expansion of the entitlement state. Meanwhile, the country’s GDP only rose 79% over the same time frame.
The puppet politicians in Washington D.C. have only done what their “invisible government” puppeteers have instructed them to do. They don’t answer to the voters or their local constituents. They answer to Wall Street bankers, the military industrial complex, mega-corporation CEOs, and shadowy billionaire oligarchs who fund their corrupt existence. These feckless politician hacks could never have added $13.8 trillion to the national debt in the last sixteen years and run the country’s unfunded welfare liabilities to $200 trillion without the Wall Street controlled privately owned Federal Reserve manning the printing presses and manipulating interest rates to enrich their “invisible government” benefactors. They have inflated away 97% of the dollar’s purchasing power since their shadowy creation in 1913. They are single biggest reason real wages have not advanced since 1971. They are the reason the top 0.1% now have the highest percentage of the national wealth since 1929.
Make no mistake about it, everything the Federal Reserve has done since the Wall Street created worldwide financial collapse in 2008 has been to benefit their Too Big To Trust Wall Street owners, the rich and powerful oligarchs, and the biggest borrowers on the planet – the U.S., Japan and EU governments. The $3.8 trillion of QE was funneled into the vaults of the Wall Street bankers so they could pretend their insolvent balance sheets were solvent. The true purpose was to drive stock prices higher in order to subsidize Wall Street, corporate executives, and the .01% who own most of the stocks, while giving the appearance of economic recovery.
The inflation created by QE drove the middle class standard of living lower as energy, food, rent, home prices, health insurance, tuition costs and taxes rose relentlessly. Wall Street and their establishment crony capitalist parasites hit the jackpot in this rigged game, while Main Street lost again.  The Fed’s easy money policies are why since 1999 home prices have risen 76% while household median real income has fallen by over 1%. Pricing millennials out of the housing market has led to the lowest home ownership rate since 1965.
Luckily, the Fed and Wall Street concocted a scheme whereby Wall Street used the free money provided by the Fed to buy up millions of foreclosed homes at fire sale prices and rent them back to the poor schlubs who had been recently evicted by the very same Wall Street banks. The engineered shortage of home inventory led to soaring rent costs for everyone. This is called winning by the establishment.
Reducing interest rates to 0% again benefited those with the most debt: Wall Street banks, mega-corporations, and the U.S. government. It destroyed the finances of senior citizens living off their savings, penalized people for saving, and incentivized heavily indebted consumers to borrow more. How did allowing Wall Street banks to borrow at 0% so they could charge consumers 15% on credit card balances and 6% on auto loans benefit consumers? Did the government enslaving young people in $1.3 trillion of student loan debt with only low paying service jobs available at graduation, benefit anyone other than for profit diploma mills?
The Fed supposedly instituted their ZIRP as an emergency measure during an economic conflagration not seen since the Great Depression. According to the government and the Fed, we are now in the seventh year of an economic recovery with low unemployment, record corporate profits, household income jumping the most in history, and the stock market at all-time highs. If this fantasy narrative was true, the Fed’s discount rate would be 3% to 4% – not .25%. We are lost in a blizzard of lies.
At this point in the cycle only the truly cognitively deficient, Ivy League professors and lapdogs for the ruling class believe the tripe, disguised as government sanctioned economic data, being peddled by those desperately trying to retain hegemony over the country. The real people living in the real world know unemployment is not 4.9%, but north of 15%. They know inflation is not really 1.1%, but north of 5%. They know GDP is a warped measure of economic health, as soaring healthcare expenditures boosts it and using a real measure of inflation would reveal recessionary readings. They know Obamacare has driven their health insurance costs higher and made their care worse. They know “free trade” agreements like NAFTA and TPP result in their jobs being shipped overseas by corporate conglomerates. They know taxes and government fees ceaselessly march higher. They know the government has spent $4 trillion conducting an unwinnable war on terror by waging undeclared wars around the world and we’re less safe than we were in 2001.
Our leaders have made all the wrong choices. The American people have allowed a small cabal of powerful deceitful men to stealthily capture the financial, economic, political and social levers of power in this nation. The result will be depression, violence and ultimately war.
“History offers no guarantees. If America plunges into an era of depression or violence which by then has not lifted, we will likely look back on the 1990s as the decade when we valued all the wrong things and made all the wrong choices.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning
The darkening angry mood in the country is self-evident. Race relations are deteriorating rapidly. Cops are increasingly seen as the enemy or just revenue generating shakedown artists for their establishment bosses. Home grown Islamic radicals have been inspired by ISIS and other Muslim terrorist organizations (created, funded, and armed by the U.S. government) to slaughter the American infidels, while our government actively attempts to allow more into our country.
As Snowden revealed, the Deep State has created a surveillance state because they see “the people” as the enemy. They realize the militizaration of police forces and conducting military assault exercises in U.S. cities is not to protect them, but to protect the Deep State. The social justice red herrings are meant to distract the populace and keep them chasing their tails, while the looting and pillaging of the nation’s wealth continues unabated.
Honest, hard-working, traditional, family oriented households, not ensconced in the liberal elite bastions of NYC, DC, LA, or SF, have lost trust in politicians and their fellow Americans. The largest percentage of Americans in history distrusts all politicians and the government institutions run by these corrupt sycophants. Conservatives think liberals are brain dead. Liberals think conservatives have no heart. The social fabric of the nation is in tatters.
There is absolutely no desire for compromise on any issue. The insurgent crusades of Sanders on the left and Trump on the right have shattered establishment illusions they could continue to hand pick captured cronies who would do their bidding. The linear thinkers in the mainstream media are stunned their propaganda campaign to destroy Trump and elevate the choice of the establishment – Clinton – has failed miserably. It shouldn’t be a surprise based upon the Gallup polling data.
With an ongoing depression for the majority of American households, extreme dissatisfaction with the course of the country, and complete distrust of establishment politicians, it would be highly unlikely for the people to select the ultimate corrupt establishment lackey as their next president. While Trump draws tens of thousands to his rallies, low energy sickly Clinton can barely fill a high school gymnasium.
Despite outspending Trump 10 to 1 on negative ads, Trump is either leading or tied in national and key state polls. Considering the establishment controlled media is probably skewing the polls and the huge silent majority isn’t telling the truth, Trump’s lead is probably larger than being reported. The panic among the Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley elite is palpable. The anger and disillusionment of the majority is being channeled by Trump in a crusade to sweep away the existing social order. There is no escaping the Fourth Turning.
“Don’t think you can escape the Fourth Turning the way you might today distance yourself from news, national politics, or even taxes you don’t feel like paying. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted. The Fourth Turning necessitates the death and rebirth of the social order. It is the ultimate rite of passage for an entire people, requiring a luminal state of sheer chaos whose nature and duration no one can predict in advance.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning
Unless the Deep State can rig the election or arrange for something unfortunate to befall Mr. Trump, we are likely to have a president Trump on November 8. When viewed within the context of the Fourth Turning, it is entirely logical that a cocksure Prophet Generation leader would emerge as a response to the anti-establishment regeneracy mood surging across the land. Being a libertarian minded realist, I realize the coming challenges will not be met with less government intervention, less government spending, or less money printing by the Federal Reserve. The era of procrastination and half measures is over.
“The era of procrastination, of half measures, of soothing and baffling expedience of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.” – Winston Churchill
Donald Trump and the country he will lead will be dining on a banquet of consequences for the remainder of this Fourth Turning. Trump has been a master of sound bites. The “Make America Great” slogan has resonated with the masses, but slogans won’t pay the interest on the $20 trillion national debt, make good on $200 trillion of unfunded entitlement liabilities, honor government pension plans that are $4 trillion underfunded, or turn $1 trillion annual deficits into surpluses. No candidate has ever been elected by promising to cut entitlements and asking the voters to tighten their belts and be prepared to sacrifice. They promise them more goodies.
Trump has promised to cut corporate and personal income taxes. Who doesn’t like lower taxes? He will cut regulations. Sounds good. He will expand government childcare subsidies. Sounds expensive. Not a peep about Social Security, Medicare, or defense spending. In fact, Trump declares he will rebuild the military. Cutting taxes and regulations, while starting a trade war, will not pay for itself.
Deficits, which are already on automatic pilot to reach $1 trillion in the next few years, will be driven higher. Voodoo economics didn’t work in the 1980s and it won’t work now. This isn’t a TV reality show where the happy ending can be scripted. I picture Trump making his glorious acceptance speech at 11:00 pm on November 8, striding backstage after the speech, turning to Steve Bannon and asking, “What do we do now?”
When I started writing articles about the economy, banks, military industrial complex and corrupt politicians back in 2008, I still naively believed the system could be changed from within. I thought Ron Paul’s vision could save the country. But after watching politicians double the national debt, TARP passed by corrupt politicians of both parties when 90% of their constituents were against it, not one criminal banker prosecuted for the biggest fraud in world history, a president waging undeclared wars all over the world, a national healthcare plan passed against the wishes of the people, and a rogue Federal Reserve implementing disastrous monetary schemes to enrich Wall Street while throwing seniors under the bus, I realized this rigged system is unfixable.
Trump may have the best intentions, but he will be foiled at every turn by his enemies in both parties, along with the ingrained establishment government apparatchiks running the hundreds of useless government agencies. The media will skewer his every statement. Wall Street and corporate America will threaten his agenda if it negatively impacts them in any way. The “invisible government” might decide it’s time to pull the rug out from beneath the overvalued markets, resulting in a crash. The civil chaos is likely to spread as Soros funds the violence. He will be tested by foreign powers. The Middle East is guaranteed to explode in chaotic violence.
Trump may have second thoughts about taking the helm of U.S. Titanic after it has already hit the iceberg. History is cyclical and we are only halfway through this Fourth Turning. The risk of catastrophe over the next decade is high. I have studied history and believe we will be confronted with economic, social, and military upheaval on par with the Great Depression/World War II crisis and the Civil War crisis. We are doomed to repeat history, whether we’ve studied it or not, because human failings span across the ages. Whether we meet the deadly challenges ahead will decide the fate of our country.
“The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning