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Who are the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world trying to destroy Western Civilization?

There is a scripture which always intrigued me as to how and who would implement the evil - 

The Armor of God – Ephesians 6
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Most Christians probably apply this only in a religious or personal sense, but I think it applies to everything - what part of Christ's rulership is outside of His domain? For example, it is a historical fact that Western Civilization (WC) developed on 3 pillars - Christianity (Christendom), the Graeco-Roman legacy and primarily, and almost exclusively, in the European nations - meaning White. Remove any one of these factors and you destroy WC!

Interestingly, all three posts today connect with this conspiracy to destroy our civilization. Immigration is a big part of it - but little of the population replacement would have been possible without pacifying the population first through our co-opted public education system - - because politics is downstream from education, culture and demographics. 
Sadly, the first response of Conservatives and Churchians has almost always been to run from conflict. Well folks, we are now cornered - what are we gonna do?

BTW - my archive also has another expose on what certain evil forces have planned for Europe - - the plot thickens! 

And what always happens as a result of mass migration? Many archived articles!

The Chicago Model: Population Replacement and the Transformation of the USA - By Robert Klein Engler

Speaking at the University of Missouri in Columbia during a 2008 speech, then-Senator Obama said, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."
Many believe that this fundamental transformation was pursued for the eight years Obama was in office.  
Few would say that at the time that a fundamental transformation was already going on in Chicago.  For more than fifty years, the Chicago Democrats were using population removal to get votes and guarantee the outcome of elections.  Just as an iron curtain once fell across Europe, a red curtain had already fallen across Chicago's 50 wards.
The roots of transformation
What are the origins of this program to transform the nation?  The roots of Obama's politics are to be found in the uni-party politics of Chicago.  It has been the aim of the national Democratic Party to use Chicago as a model and then impose that political model on the United States.
The Chicago model requires, first of all, population replacement.  Population replacement leads to voter replacement and then cultural replacement.  Once population replacement is accomplished, voting will eventually reach a point where it becomes irrelevant.
After population replacement, any opposition party to the Democrats can never get enough votes to stop the fundamental transformation of the United States from a constitutional republic to a socialist democracy.  Democrats will always have a guaranteed majority once population is replaced.  Today, uncontrolled immigration and redefining citizenship are the keystone to unlocking that guaranteed majority.
The ongoing debate over Obama's natural-born citizenship status is an example of how the subject of voting and citizenship is viewed by the Democrats.  What should have been a discussion about constitutional qualifications became one about racism.
This accusation of racism nullified the issue in the minds of many, who had a foggy idea about citizenship to begin with.  The debate also showed that Democrats want votes no matter where they can get them.  They want votes up to the point where votes become irrelevant, as is now the case in most Chicago elections.
Englewood and Daley College
What we intend to show here in summary form is how the accumulation of individual lives and the political decisions made by men produce social changes that some may not desire and others maliciously intend.  Just like the accumulation of individual coccolithophores over time made the white cliffs of Dover, so population replacement has altered forever Englewood and Daley College.
If we take as examples a Chicago neighborhood and an educational institution in the city, we see how a plan for fundamental transformation was carried out.  Both of these examples show how population replacement eventually led to voter and cultural replacement.  Population replacement and voter replacement became cogs in the uni-party state that continues to run Chicago, making the city the most segregated in the nation.
The destruction and transformation of Chicago's Englewood community was perhaps the first and best example of how population removal led to voter removal and the transformation of values.  What happened over the course of about 50 years was that a viable community, often rivaling Chicago's Loop in terms of wealth, shopping, and cultural attractions, was transformed into a wasteland that encouraged broken families, poverty, and drug addiction.
The ruling Democrats in Chicago could see this transformation happening before their eyes and did nothing to stop it.  They did little to stop redlining, the exodus of the white working class to the suburbs, or the influx of poor blacks from the South.
In short, Chicago's ruling elites built a plantation where blacks migrating from the Southern states would be housed in projects and made to vote Democrat.  In many ways, black leaders became the capos of a plantation that assured that Democrats would win election after election in Chicago.  Can anyone point to an example of how Jesse Jackson improved, over the long run, the lives of many blacks living in Chicago?
Local urban election victories would be in turn translated to victories on the national level by other segregated U.S. cities.  Chicago became the model for Democratic victories at the polls.  By the time Barack Obama ran for office, the formula for victory by controlling urban minorities with the help of progressive whites was well in place.
If we move from the example of how a neighborhood experienced population replacement for the sake of voter and cultural replacement, the transformation of Daley College on the southwest side of Chicago becomes a good example of how and institution can also be fundamentally transformed by removing one population and replacing it with another.
Daley College, originally named Bogan Junior College, was established to serve the white ethnic communities on the southwest side of the city.  As Latino immigration increased in the '70s and '80s, a political decision was made to turn what was now Daley College into an all Latino school.  That meant replacing the faculty and forcing out the white ethnic students.  After an all Latino administration was put in place, little by little, Daley College was transformed into an all Latino institution.  Population replacement also led to value and cultural replacement.
Where once there were students speaking Polish and Lithuanian, students fleeing communism, there are now Mexican students speaking Spanish and demonstrating in favor of illegal immigration and socialism.
Ethnic cleansing in the U.S.
What happened at Daley College and Englewood was nothing short of ethnic cleansing, yet few in Chicago would recognize it as that today.  Most Chicagoans know little of the history of Englewood or Daley College.
Liberalism and ignorance may be in the water they drink.  Yet to participate today in that structure set up by the Democrats is to participate in its evil, the same way the Germans of the 1930s participated in the growing evil of their politics.
Across the nation, controversy over illegal immigration, the watering down of citizenship, and the relentless attack on U.S. history seems to many to be unending.  Unfortunately, even those with a good heart and a desire for justice are attracted, perhaps in their innocence, to the illusions of the Democratic Party.  Sometimes, we imagine that these misguided citizens outnumber those who are in politics not for patriotism, but for power.  The structure of evil that is the Democratic Party is oblivious to them.
For the Democrats, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob must be replaced with the ideals of the progressive state.  If the Democrats have to use Islam or the wisdom of the great theologian Nancy Pelosi for that removal, they will.  In many cases, the ruling Democratic Party in large U.S. cities distorted the values of freedom and justice to the point where they became the false values of multiculturalism and diversity.
There are some who may argue that Chicago politics is just ordinary urban politics found in a U.S. city that has undergone wave after wave of European immigration.  Furthermore, the fundamental transformation of Chicago has brought prosperity to some.  Walking along the lakefront, it may be hard to argue against that point of view.  To make a counter-argument, you must go to Englewood and Daley College to see the spiritual and physical devastation the Democratic Party's quest for power has wrought.
Beyond that, there is the religious question, which may be at the heart of U.S. political history.  How did Catholic immigrants end up supporting a progressive politics that was opposed to their faith?  Even when some Catholics resisted the transformation of their neighborhoods, as in the case of Father Lawlor, they were betrayed by Catholic politicians.
"Undocumented immigrants" will become undocumented Democrats
It is obvious to many who call themselves deplorables and those living in the heartland that the election of Donald Trump help saved the nation.  The Chicago model of fundamental transformation could no longer proceed unstopped.  Nevertheless, the Democratic Party is still focused on its goal.
As always, the world goes on.  Yesterday's topless towers of Ilium give way to today's Magnificent Mile.  The uni-party, headed by the Democrats, still runs Chicago.  Chicago politicians are not yet done with their hope for a fundamental transformation.
The Democrats still plan to have the same power structure for the nation that we see in Chicago.  Illegal immigration is the first step toward population and voter replacement, just like in Englewood and at Daley College.  Illegal aliens will become undocumented Democrats.
Nevertheless, in many small towns across the heartland, citizens are becoming aware that population and cultural replacement is in store for them.  They want nothing to do with it.  In 2016, they took matters into their own hands.  Donald Trump and the deplorables have frustrated the plan for national, uni-party control.  It remains to be seen for how long.
Further reading from the author: A Winter of Words and What We Found When We Came Home.

Manufacturing Hate: Manipulating The Masses to Incite Revolution - By Jim Fedako

Last Saturday I went on a quest to find the source of rising leftist hatred. I needed to get beyond the facades fronting websites and Facebook posts, as well as the provocative clickbait that covers the edges of browser pages. I needed to get inside the movement – the Petrograd Soviet, so to speak – to hear the Bolsheviki recite Marx, shout slogans, and call for worldwide revolution.
While I consider politics the genesis of coercion and compulsion, I am drawn, ala Murray Rothbard, to the machinations that make up the political process. Since I like to hear from all sources, I subscribe to emails from leftist organizations (and right ones as well), including ProgressOhio, whose website states it is the state’s leading progressive organization. A while back, they sent an email inviting subscribers to a We are Progresstraining summit hosted by Generation Progress, the youth outreach arm of the Center for American Progress (things get murky when you try to put all the organizations together). The summit included speakers from various other Ohio organizations (most small, flying well under the radar, so to speak). I decided to attend to find the source of hatred, expecting there would be calls for blood in the streets.
After I entered the meeting, sat down, and observed, I found the assumed agitators reserved and reasonable, with no revolution proposed. The hate was, for the most part, nonexistent. In fact, I empathized with many of the speakers. Sure their means were wrong, but their ends made some sense. Let me explain.
For a New Liberty: The...Murray N. Rothbard, Mu...Best Price: $9.45Buy New $10.50(as of 06:30 EDT - Details)

The summit was small, close to 50 attendees, with at least half being speakers or other members of the various organizations represented. Most were young and clean cut. A very ordinary crowd for an event held on a community college campus. During one session, local Ohio organizations were allowed 15 minutes to present their current agendas. The first organization to speak was Planned Parenthood, who subdued their vile inclinations and simply called for a national sexual education curriculum, never mentioning what the curriculum would entail.
Next up was a speaker from the Ohio Environmental Council, seeking support for legislation to mandate that entities wanting to frack have sufficient funds for post-fracking cleanup. He also wanted legislation to force farms to reduce runoff to protect lakes and waterways. I did not find his ends to be offensive. Sure, while his means were off, his ends were reasonable (i.e. less pollution). Any disparity between means and ends could be easily rectified, assuming the leaders of the council were willing to read Rothbard’s, “Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution.”1
Then things got a little weird. The speaker for the People’s Justice Project noted that, five times a day, she “centered” herself on her commitment to “independent black power,” leading the audience in a chant of, “We have nothing to lose but our chains.” However, her passion was reducing mass incarceration. To that end, she wanted simple drug possession reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony. I agreed, not with the chant that channeled Assata Shakur and Karl Marx, but with any retreat on the so-called war on drugs.
Finally, the last speaker pleaded for donations to his organization that assists refugees relocating to Cleveland. He took a jab at the Trump administration, but it was only half-hearted. I found him to be a committed advocate for others. No revolutionary here, either.
This is the left of my youth, sincerely committed, yet misguided. It is the left that directed my steps when registering as a conscientious objector back in the 1980s. It is the left that desires change, but mistakenly sees more government as the solution. A left that rejects private property, but only because it doesn’t understand the moral and ethical principles underpinning private ownership, though it generally respects self-ownership (not including Planned Parenthood, of course). A left that challenges authority more than it desires collectivism. It is, to continue the analogy from above, the Russian workers in the soviets, soldiers on the lines or in the garrisons, and the peasants in the fields, seeking an end to the war, yet being driven toward revolution.
So where is the hate from the left?
The LawFrederic BastiatBest Price: $4.99Buy New $3.39(as of 12:40 EDT - Details)

As I allude to above, the speakers came from various small entities, all tied together by ProgressOhio and its nefarious, associated organizations. If you follow those organizations backwards, you find they are funded by, or associated with, other entities and individuals. As you go back farther and deeper, you begin to encounter the same names over and over again. It is as if a vanguard exists – an elite cadre akin to Lenin’s view of the role of the Bolshevik Party, agitating all toward revolution – that guides disparate groups, such as those at the summit, into collective action.
Unlike the Russian soldiers, workers, and peasants, who were united to end the war, there is no obvious unifying theme among the grassroots leftist organizations at the summit. Why does an environmentalist care about the struggles of recent refugees? So a theme must be created, which appears to be, from my observations, a combination of anti-Trumpism and pro LGBTQ slogans. Whatever it is, it seems to be working as planned.
The speakers I heard are not fomenting revolution – individually. Yet, they are unknowingly being directed from above to foment revolution collectively. A powerful force is manufacturing hate and manipulating opinions. This force, which cares nothing about the environment, mass incarceration, refugees, or even the LGBTQ community, is twisting views of the sincere, but misguided, from holding rational discussions at summits to manning barricades in the street. An insidious force that generates hate through propaganda, converting the interesting and pleasant souls at the summit into vile spectres, seeking the blood of anyone who dares resist the planks of the manifesto.
I did not find the true source of leftist hate – the scheming vanguard, though I found a hint of its trail. But I did learn something important: we either endeavor to spread the truth of liberty and property to all, or I end up plaintively pleading, at the sharp end of a bayonet, to the folks manning the pickets, “Don’t you remember me? I sat next to you at the summit.”
1. This is similar to the plethora of organizations on the right, such as those united in a genuine belief that marijuana is vile and remain illegal.
Jim Fedako [send him mail] is a business analyst and homeschooling father of seven who lives in Lewis Center, OH.

Previous article by Jim Fedako: Perversion of Prayer

The Civil War Is at Hand - by Robert Ringer

Even though Fox News gave him the boot, George Will’s signature trait — pretentiousness — is alive and well.  In a recent column in the Washington Posttitled “Vote against the GOP this November,” Will outdid himself with a whole new level of pretentiousness.  One gets the distinct impression that his greatest thrill in life is coming up with words that most people have never heard of.

True, his pretentiousness is phony and obnoxious.  True, he has become a caricature of the infantile whiners who failed to get their way in the last election.  True, his irrelevance has reduced him to a pathetic figure.  But before dismissing Will’s childish behavior out of hand, I think it’s worth examining what his downfall and subsequent bitterness means in the grand scheme of things.

Will is an icon of the establishment that ruled Washington for decades, prior to the Trump Revolution — perhaps, one might argue, since the very inception of the nation.  Those in the establishment have had their way for so long they cannot bring themselves to believe they are no longer in control of things.

To them, the Trump-inspired political earthquake is nothing more than a sociological hiccup — an accident of history that occurs every 50 years or so.  Just bide one’s time, keep calm, hold the fort, and it will all melt away when people finally come to their senses.

The late, great Charles Krauthammer, one of George Will’s closest friends, was somewhat caught up in the same normalcy-bias trap, though he had a much better grasp of reality than Will.  When I interviewed Krauthammer back in 2009, I found him to be reasonable and thoughtful with his words, and, in an uneffusive and odd sort of way, rather pleasant.
However, when Krauthammer and I appeared on a panel discussion together for the second time the following year, he was rather unhappy with my grouping Barack Obama in with some of the more infamous dictators of our time.  Obama is, after all, a nice guy.  Just ask Gentleman Mitt. 

I mention my brief interactions with Charles Krauthammer only to make the point that even though he was unquestionably a brilliant, insightful, fair-minded man — not to mention an incredibly brave one — he could not seem to comprehend the fact that the political landscape was being paved over by a sea of fed-up, truth-telling populists.
I thought about all this in 2016 when Krauthammer said, “This is the strongest field of Republican candidates in 35 years.  You could pick a dozen of them at random and you have the strongest cabinet America’s had in our lifetime.”  I wholeheartedly disagreed with his assessment but respected his opinion.

He then went on to say, “Instead, all of our time is spent discussing this rodeo clown (Donald Trump).”  Still, no big deal, just his opinion.  But when he went one step further and complained that “No previous president has ever talked like that,” it was a telltale moment for me because it showed that Charles Krauthammer, a man who made it a habit to carefully measure his words, simply was not able to grasp what was happening in America.
Clearly, it had not sunk in with him that it was because Donald Trump “talks like that” that he was elected president — even though Horrible Hillary and the Dirty Dems, the FBI, the DOJ, and Never-Trump Republicans illegally conspired against him.

More broadly, I don’t believe Charles Krauthammer, notwithstanding his brilliance, could fathom that because no one has had the courage to reign in the hateful rhetoric and threats coming from the Radical Left, the door has been opened for them to take the next step and resort to the kind of violence that could lead to a second civil war.

The violence of the Radical Left was on vivid display last week when Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielson, and Stephen Miller were confronted and harassed in restaurants and Pam Bondi got the same treatment when trying to enter a movie theater.  The message was clear:  Whatever it takes, “Nazis” must be forcibly prevented from infecting the public landscape.

All this reminds me of why I strayed from hard-line libertarian doctrine some years ago.  It was a result of my finally accepting the reality that there are both evil and ignorant people in the world who delight in causing pain and suffering to those with whom they disagree.  When I use the word evil, it’s not necessarily in a biblical context but, rather, a figurative way of referring to people who enjoy seeing others suffer.

As to ignorance, it can often lead to the same results as evil.  The empirical evidence makes it clear that a person who is ignorant but well-intentioned can do as much harm to others as the person who is knowledgeable but ill-intentioned.

Low-information (i.e., ignorant) people provide the manpower for evil leaders whose objective is to silence their perceived enemies.  They are the useful idiots that Vladimir Lenin spoke about so contemptuously in the early part of the 20thcentury, those lost souls who provide crusaders with the true believers they need to carry out their crusades.
They are generally the kind of self-loathing zombies who became Hitler’s brown shirts and Mao’s Red Guard.  Today they fill the ranks of hate groups like Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and, yes, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In other words, history has taught us not to dismiss rank-and-file true believers as harmless fools.  No matter how ignorant they may seem, they are extremely dangerous if for no other reason than they are guided by emotion rather than intellect.

Which brings me to the Boy Scout Republicans — unprincipled toadys like Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and Marco Rubio.  These are the mental dwarfs who bray on endlessly about “reaching across the aisle,” as though they believe their good-faith efforts will make the Dirty Dems respond in kind.  What they do not understand is that reaching across the aisle does not work when those on the other side of the aisle want to destroy you and everything you believe in.

As the Radical Left ramps up its moral-superiority crusade to take out Trump and his supporters, it will become ever more clear that their antics can end only in one of two ways:  capitulation by those on the right who disagree with them (as has usually been the case in the past) or all-out civil war.  Which one is worse is subject to debate.

The only thing we know for certain is that the Radical Left will never, ever back down.  Their hatred is too deep, their anger too raw, their ignorance too great.  And, make no mistake about it, the Radical Left now includes most of the Democratic Party.

Also, never forget that lurking in the background is the only president in history who vowed to fundamentally change America, the only president in history to hang around Washington after his presidency ended and actively try to undermine and destroy his successor; the only president in history to offer such violence-dripped gems as:
“We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends,”
“I want you to argue with them and get in their face.”
“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”  (Maybe this is the best reason of all to cherish the Second Amendment.)

I guess this is what the oh-so-sweet and charming Mrs. Obama means when she says, with a straight face, “When they go low, we go high.”  Wink, wink.

It’s time to face up to it:  The Radical Left is at war with the rule of law, at war with the Constitution, at war with civility, at war with normal, everyday Americans.  The only question that remains is:  What will take the Radical Left’s hatred and insanity to a new level and cause them to fire that first shot at Fort Sumter?

Could it be Donald Trump’s upcoming, ultra-conservative Supreme Court pick?  We shall soon find out.

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Are we on the road to perdition?

Where are we when it comes to our 'Educayshon' system - can we afford it anymore?
Which books will be banned from your library next?
And what's going on in our government - according to Q?

" The basic theme to the Qanon 8chan posts are that Trump and Sessions are frantically working behind the scenes to bring down what we all now know to be a very real and very corrupt deep state shadow government.  The antagonists — corrupt intelligence agency officials, congressmen, and news media plants — did not expect Trump to win and therefore are in “panic mode” over a number of crimes committed over the last eight to twenty years.  These crimes allegedly range from what we’ve seen already (election rigging, dark money, bribes take by elected officials and intelligence agencies) to the far-fetched (mass sex trafficking and pedophilia among elected officials). Some predictions have failed (Hillary Clinton being arrested in October 2017) while others have been eerily prophetic (the pope’s bizarre suggestion of changing the Lord’s prayer)." - the full text is here


Vox Popoli: The path to dictatorship

Well, we can certainly hope that is what Qanon is laying the groundwork for:

Virtually everyone following politics has heard of the #Qanon story. Religiously followed by a growing mass of disciples and vehemently assaulted by a variety of left wing propagandists ranging from Vice to Newsweek, the validity of its claims have sparked a uniquely passionate debate on both sides.  The ones championing its teaching as unquestionable truth range from imageboard dwelling millennials to a considerable number of boomers.  Be it truly the broadcast of insider intel or merely the flagship conspiracy of our time, it’s certainly an exciting read that provides quality entertainment for the end times.

But those faithfully trusting in Q to lead the overthrow of the evil “deep state cabal” and restore American democracy to the people may be missing a much darker purpose for the Qanon posts.  Used as a highly efficient propaganda tool, Q’s drops may actually be aiding an attempt to dismantle the judiciary altogether.  Should it succeed in pushing this distrust across the public through the oft-cited “Great Awakening, this narrative may actually serve to weaponize Americans into removing the only barrier left to toppling democracy and clearing the way for an Emperor to ascend to the throne. That is, of course, assuming that a coup d’etat has not already taken place.

Forget democracy. Forget that worthless piece of paper that has been defined and redefined out of relevance. The God-Emperor has already promised us a Big Beautiful Wall and Space Marines. Let us hope that in his grand munificence, he will see fit to also grant us Inquisition and Crusade!

How to Survive the Civil Unrest - The Organic Prepper - by Daisy Luther

The rhetoric in the United States is heating up and we’re sounding anything but…well…united. It seems to most media pundits like we are too far down the path to Civil War 2.0 to turn back now. Activists are laying siege to government offices. Threats toward people who disagree are growing in ferocity. It’s ugly and getting uglier. It’s a powder keg that is about to erupt. (Here are some thoughts on what a full-fledged Civil War might look like.)
It is only a matter of time before civil unrest begins to escalate and spread throughout the country. Many people are wondering, how do you keep your family safe during widespread unrest? It’s not about being fearful. It’s about being prepared.
My thoughts on this manipulated division are fodder for another article. (You can find it here.) This article is apolitical (to the best of my ability, anyway) and focuses strictly on what you need to know to survive should the unrest come to your neighborhood.
You need to understand how riots unfold.
First things first, you need to understand how this kind of unrest unfolds so that you can see the warning signs earlier. Never underestimate the power, rage, and motivation of a mob.
Here’s the pattern:
·         An outrage occurs.
·         Good people react and protest the outrage.
·         Those perpetrating the outrage try to quell the protest because they don’t think that the outrage was actually outrageous.  (And whether it was or not can fluctuate – in some cases, force is necessitated, but in more and more cases, it is flagrantly gratuitous.)
·         Others react to the quelling and join the protest.
·         A mob mentality erupts. Thugs say, “Hey, it’s a free for all. I’m gonna get some Doritos and while I’m at it, beat the crap out of some folks for fun.”
·         All hell breaks loose.
·         The military gets called in.
·         The city burns, and neighborhoods get destroyed, and no one in the area is safe.
·         Cops act preemptively, out of fear, and for a time, there is no rule of law.
·         If you happen to be stuck there, know this: you’re completely on your own.
Tess Pennington wrote about societal breakdowns in more detail – read her excellent article for more information on these predictable scenarios.
Some people are just waiting for the opportunity to behave in this fashion. They’d love to act like that every single day, but they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in jail. But when a verdict gets rolled out, when a storm takes out the power, when a disaster strikes, they delight in the chance to rob, pillage, loot, and burn.  Who can forget the day before Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast, when thugs were coordinating looting rampages via Twitter?
I remember learning about “sublimation” in a high school psychology class.
Sublimation is a defense mechanism that allows us to act out unacceptable impulses by converting these behaviors into a more acceptable form. For example, a person experiencing extreme anger might take up kickboxing as a means of venting frustration. Freud believed that sublimation was a sign of maturity that allows people to function normally in socially acceptable ways. (source)
If you believe Freud’s theory, then it’s easy to see that many people look for an excuse to revert to their true natures.  In a situation where “everyone” is doing something, they are able to cast off the normal control of their impulses without much fear of reprisal. The number of looters and thugs far outstrips the number of arrests going on in Baltimore, so there’s a very good chance that someone swept up in that mentality can go burn somebody else’s home or business and completely get away with it.
Make a flexible plan.
With situations of civil unrest, it isn’t as clear-cut as disasters like a looming storm or a chemical spill.  It depends on where you live. In a small town, far away from riots and protests, your lockdown area could be much greater than your own home. It could encompass your immediate community, too, and life might go on as it always has for you, aside from the need to stay just a little closer to home than before.
However, if you live in a city or suburb, it may become essential to make a decision quickly. Do you lock your doors and stay home? Or do you get out of Dodge?  It is a question only you can answer. One thing that is very important is this: if you need to go, do NOT miss your window of opportunity to do so safely. If the entire city feels the same way, you’ll most likely be stuck in traffic and trapped in your car. Protesters have shut down the highways more than once in recent years, and you’ll be far safer behind the brick and mortar of your home than you will be in your car.
By the way, there’s always someone who chimes in with a snide remark about how cowardly it is to lockdown with your family in order to stay safe. Blah, blah, blah. If you want to go get involved in a battle to make a political point, that’s certainly your prerogative. However, my priority is the safety of my family, and as such, I hope to avoid engaging altogether.
The first thing you need to do is get home.
If your area is beginning to devolve, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to get everyone in the family home. (Or if your home is in the thick of things, to a safer secondary location.)
In a perfect world, we’d all be home, watching the chaos erupt on TV from the safety of our living rooms.  However, reality says that some of us will be at work, at school, or in the car when unrest occurs.  You need to develop a “get-home” plan for all of the members of your family, based on the most likely places that they will be.
·         Devise an efficient route for picking up the kids from school.  Be sure that anyone who might be picking up the children already has permission to do so in the school office.
·         Discuss the plan with older kids – there have been rumors that children could be moved by the schools to a secondary location in the event of a crisis.  Some families have formulated plans for their older kids to leave the school grounds in such an instance and take a designated route home or to another meeting place.
·         Keep a get-home bag in the trunk of your car in case you have to set out on foot.
·         Stash some supplies in the bottom of your child’s backpack – water, a snack, any tools that might be useful, and a map.  Be sure your children understand the importance of OPSEC.
·         Find multiple routes home – map out alternative backroad ways to get home as well as directions if you must go home on foot.
·         Find hiding places along the way.  If you work or go to school a substantial distance from your home, figure out some places to lay low now, before a crisis situation.  Sometimes staying out of sight is the best way to stay safe.
·         Avoid groups of people.  It seems that the mob mentality strikes when large groups of people get together.  Often folks who would never ordinarily riot in the streets get swept up by the mass of people who are doing so.
·         Keep in mind that in many civil disorder situations the authorities are to be avoided every bit as diligently as the angry mobs of looters. Who can forget the scenes of innocent people being pepper sprayed by uniformed thugs in body armor just because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?
·         Know when to abandon the plan to get home. Sometimes, you just can’t get there. Going through a war zone is not worth it. Find a different place to shelter. Pay attention to your instincts.
The reality is, family members are likely to be at work or school when things start to break down. You need to have a plan laid out in advance to get everyone together and you need to be flexible enough to know when to go on to Plan B.
Be ready for lockdown.
Once you make your way home or to your bug-out location… STAY THERE.
By staying home, you are minimizing your risk of being caught in the midst of an angry mob or of sitting in stalled traffic while looters run amok.  In most scenarios, you will be far safer at home than you will be in any type of shelter or refugee situation. (Obviously, if there is some type of chemical or natural threat in your immediate neighborhood, like a toxic leak, a flood, or a forest fire, the whole situation changes – you must use common sense before hunkering down.)
This is when your preparedness supplies will really pay off. If you are ready for minor medical emergencies and illnesses, a grid down scenario, and a no-comm situation, you will be able to stay safely at home with your family and ride out the crisis in moderate comfort.
Here’s a quick checklist:
·         Check your pantry and fill any gaps in your food preps.
·         Order emergency food buckets
·         Get your water preps in order
·         Get cash in small denominations out of the bank.
·         Make sure you have enough garbage bags, pet supplies, and toiletries.
·         Pick up a copy of a comprehensive preparedness guide like The Prepper’s Blueprint
·         Check your supply of candles, matches, and lighters. (This article has more information)
·         Flashlight and spare batteries and/or dynamo wind up flashlights.
·         Make sure all electronics are fully charged and keep them charged during the lead-up to an event
·         Make sure any cell phone battery packs are fully charged.
·         Fill up your gas tank up to the max.
·         If your vehicle isn’t in a garage park it trunk end in as close to a wall as you can. This makes it harder to get to the tank to either steal the fuel or set fire to it.
·         Check your home security – walk around looking at your property as if you were a burglar and take appropriate action to improve security if required.
·         Have something on hand for the kids to do in case of school closures.
·         Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit and enough OTC medications to last the family for at least a month.
·         Check and clean your firearms and be prepared to defend your family if trouble comes to you
·         Pick up some extra ammo
·         Plan to keep pets indoors
·         Make sure you have enough of needed prescription medications to last a few weeks
Staying home is the number one way to keep yourself safer from during a civil unrest situtation. If you find yourself in an area under siege, the odds will be further on your side for every interaction in which you avoid taking part. Every single time you leave the house, you increase your chances of an unpleasant encounter.  Nothing will be accomplished by going out during a chaotic situation.
Try to stay under the radar.
Your best defense is avoiding the fight altogether. You want to stay under the radar and not draw attention to yourself.  The extent to which you strive to do this should be based on the severity of the unrest in your area. Some of the following recommendations are not necessary in an everyday grid-down scenario, but could save your life in a more extreme civil unrest scenario.
·         Keep all the doors and windows locked.  Secure sliding doors with a metal bar.  Consider installing decorative gridwork over a door with a large window so that it becomes difficult for someone to smash the glass and reach in to unlock the door.
·         Put dark plastic over the windows. (Heavy duty garbage bags work well.)  If it’s safe to do so, go outside and check to see if any light escapes from the windows. If your home is the only one on the block that is well-lit, it is a beacon to others.
·         Keep pets indoors. Sometimes criminals use an animal in distress to get a homeowner to open the door for them. Sometimes people are just mean and hurt animals for “fun”.  Either way, it’s safer for your furry friends to be inside with you.
·         Don’t answer the door.  Many home invasions start with an innocent-seeming knock at the door to gain access to your house.
·         Keep cooking smells to a minimum.  The goal here is not to draw attention. The meat on your grill will draw people like moths to a flame.
·         Keep the family together.  It’s really best to hang out in one room. Make it a movie night, go into a darkened room at the back of the house, and stay together. This way, if someone does try to breach your door, you know where everyone is who is supposed to be there. As well, you don’t risk one of the kids unknowingly causing a vulnerability with a brightly lit room or an open window.
·         Remember, first responders may be tied up.  If the disorder is widespread, don’t depend on a call to 911 to save you. You must be prepared to save yourself.  Also keep in mind, as mentioned earlier in the article – the cops are not always your friends in these situations.
Be prepared for defensive action.
If, despite your best efforts, your property draws the attention of people with ill intent, you must be ready to defend your family. Sometimes despite our best intentions, the fight comes to us.  (Have you seen the movie The Purge?)
Many preppers stockpile weapons and ammunition for just such an event.  I know that I certainly do. Firearms are an equalizer. A small woman can defend herself from multiple large intruders with a firearm if she’s had some training and knows how to use it properly. But put a kitchen knife in her hand against those same intruders, and her odds decrease exponentially.
When the door of your home is breached, you can be pretty sure the people coming in are not there to make friendly conversation or borrow a cup of sugar.  Make a plan to greet them with a deterring amount of force.
·         Don’t rely on 911. If the disorder is widespread, don’t depend on a call to 911 to save you – you must be prepared to save yourself.  First responders may be tied up, and in some cases, the cops are not always your friends.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, some officers joined in the crime sprees, and others stomped all over the 2nd Amendment and confiscated people’s legal firearms at a time when they needed them the most.
·         Be armed and keep your firearm on your person.  When the door of your home is breached, you can be pretty sure the people coming in are not there to make friendly conversation over a nice cup of tea.  Make a plan to greet them with a deterring amount of force. Be sure to keep your firearm on your person during this type of situation, because there won’t be time to go get it from your gun safe. Don’t even go to the kitchen to get a snack without it. Home invasions go down in seconds, and you have to be constantly ready.
·         Know how to use your firearm. Whatever your choice of weapon, practice, practice, practice. A weapon you don’t know how to use is more dangerous than having no weapon at all. Here’s some advice from someone who knows a lot more about weapons than I do.
·         Make sure your children are familiar with the rules of gun safety. Of course, it should go without saying that you will have pre-emptively taught your children the rules of gun safety so that no horrifying accidents occur. In fact, it’s my fervent hope that any child old enough to do so has been taught to safely and effectively use a firearm themselves. Knowledge is safety.
·         Be ready for the potential of fire.  Fire is a cowardly attack that doesn’t require any interaction on the part of the arsonist. It flushes out the family inside, leaving you vulnerable to physical assaults. Have fire extinguishers mounted throughout your home. You can buy them in 6 packs from Amazon Be sure to test them frequently and maintain them properly. (Allstate has a page about fire extinguisher maintenance.) Have fire escape ladders can be attached to a windowsill in all upper story rooms.  Drill with them so that your kids know how to use them if necessary.
·         Have a safe room established for children or other vulnerable family members. If the worst happens and your home is breached, you need to have a room into which family members can escape. This room needs to have a heavy exterior door instead of a regular hollow core interior door. There should be communications devices in the room so that the person can call for help, as well as a reliable weapon to be used in the unlikely event that the safe room is breached. The family members should be instructed not to come out of that room FOR ANY REASON until you give them the all clear or help has arrived. You can learn more about building a safe room HERE.  Focus the tips for creating a safe room in an apartment to put it together more quickly.
Again, even if your plan is to bug in, you must be ready to change that plan in the blink of an eye. Plan an escape route.  If the odds are against you, if your house catches on fire, if thugs are kicking in your front door… devise a way to get your family to safety.  Your property is not worth your life. Be wise enough to accept that the situation has changed and move rapidly to Plan B.
You have to remember that civilization is just a veneer.
So many times, when interviewed after a disaster, people talk about being “shocked” at the behavior of others.  Their level of cognitive dissonance has lulled them into thinking that we’re safe and that we live in a civilized country.  They are unwilling to accept that civilization is only a glossy veneer, even when the evidence of that is right in front of them, aiming a gun at their faces, lighting their homes on fire, or raping their daughters.
They refuse to arm themselves and prepare for an uncivilized future.
Accept it now, and you’ll be a lot better off when the SHTF.
Look at what happened during the Ferguson riots. Look at the behavior of the stampeding masses on any given Black Friday shopping extravaganza. Look at the horrifying rhetoric espoused by people angry about the politics of our country.
Then tell me again how “civilized” our country is.
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