Sunday, December 31, 2023

Oh, So You Want A Civil War? - by Karl Denninger

 I've written about this many times; no, you don't.

Just taking a historical perspective the facts are very clear: For every George Washington you get about ten Adolf Hitlers, more or less.  If you think things can't get worse than today yes they can.  Think about Bosnia, as just one example.  European and inhabited since medieval times, nice climate (roughly Italy, for comparison) and with direct access to the Adriatic Sea (although not a lot and Montenegro and Croatia actually are the "owners" of most, there is some.)

How'd that all work out for them?  Not well, to put it mildly.

Its common to blow off one's mouth in such a regard, but consider this: The check you write you might be asked to cash, and if you are and don't cash it you die -- and so do, in all probability, everyone else in your family line.  Does that sober you up a bit?  It should; exactly that happened right here in America in the 1860s, remember?

A better question is "do you really mean it?" when it comes to your "beliefs" in the political and social sphere?

I argue you don't and the reason I argue that is that if you did you could take entirely-lawful and peaceful actions which do not blow things up and kill others, but do absolutely alter the course of political activity and ultimately are no worse in terms of impact on you and yours than an actual war would be, but without the war part.

People talk about "going Galt" but that's only part of it.  As I've pointed out before and was amplified by a commentator on the forum, there's much more to it.  I have engaged in this in the past within my own family and other former associates and were people to take this position on a mass basis and apply it across the board serious change could be enacted without a single shot, arson or other act of unlawful conduct being undertaken.

What am I talking about?

Absolute shunning, extending to all derivatives of the person shunned.  Yes, this includes your own bloodline.

Many years ago when my daughter was a toddler I did exactly this.  In the middle of a holiday dinner my father went down a bridge too far.  He was not drunk; we did have a single adult beverage each, but none of us were intoxicated.  He proceeded to tell me (as he had before) that he was entitled to take actions politically that would, with certainly, screw his granddaughter and, as I pointed out to him he knew it because he was not a stupid man -- in fact, he was a CPA and thus fully understood that you can't spend a single dollar twice.

I got up from the table, collected my daughter and our things and we left to drive back home, 4-1/2 hours.  I did not speak to him or anyone else in the family for several years.

Too much?  I don't think so -- not even today.  He threatened to by his advocacy and vote damage his own granddaughter and my progeny and it was not a mistake -- it was a statement of both intent and was issued with both knowledge of the expected outcome and malice.

Why would anyone sit for that or excuse it?  If you do then you are also taking up that position and permitting it to move forward without consequence; that's your kid being screwed and yes, the screwing is indirect and 20 years into the future but it is as certain if that policy set goes forward as night follows day.  If said person will not change their position and actions you either consent to it by staying or you refuse by cutting ties -- period.  It was not a matter of ignorance in this case since he was skilled in accounting and knew damn well what he was doing.

This was not the only time.  I have in the past cut off all contact with people who have done other seriously-repugnant things.  Its not negotiable; I refuse to countenance it and I don't care what the excuse is.  Either hold to a set of standards or admit you have none.

Now think about this:

All those "rich people" who you think do such terrible things you disagree with (e.g. climate scam, covid mandates, etc.) all get all their stuff via the ordinary people who you engage in commerce with on a voluntary basis.  Those ordinary people all sit in the same pew with you on Sunday.  Those ordinary people drink in the same bar and you continue to drink there when one of them walks in.  Your son or daughter works for one of them.  Your friend does too. 

Your physician almost-certainly, for example, either supported the mandates whether masking, closing schools and business in many cases extending to demanding the shots or at least went along with it.

Why don't you start calling all those people "asshole!" and walking away?  Do you think those ordinary folks would keep providing goods and services to those who will and do actively screw you if you made their life fucking miserable and alone, never mind refusing to associate with them and spend money on anything they were involved with?

For how long would they continue that if you and even ten percent of your friends and associates did that and extended it to all of their family and those who continued to associate with them?

How many of them could continue in business if that was the decision they had to make and how many of them would continue to abuse you indirectly all the way into bankruptcy court?

You know damn well this would stop all of that crap within hours.  It is both entirely legal and non-violent.  Yes, it will inconvenience you, and yes, it means cutting people out of your life -- maybe even your own kin, particularly if they will not repent including apologizing and changing their behavior on a forward and permanent basis.  So what?  Is this better or worse, easier or harder than continuing on the path we're on which is leading to and in fact already has to a significant degree caused the destruction of a reasonable standard of living and much violence, and if it is not stopped is likely to lead directly to widespread civil conflict and lawlessness?

Do you want our nation to go there?  If you believe it can't you are sadly mistaken; it has in many other nations and it both can and on our current path will occur here.

So how about a New Years' Resolution:

I will set standards for what is acceptable, and "acceptable" will not include anything that I know or have every reason to believe will screw me or my family members, most-particularly my children and grandchildren whether the action is direct or indirect by that person's support of another who is engaged in the screwing.  This includes things like "de-carbonization" of the economy which would result in us having literally none of modern life.  It includes things like allowing minors to have their dicks chopped off or be prescribed medication that interferes with ordinary hormonal puberty and development for other than precocial presentation (a valid medical reason for said drugs, over a short period of time until said ordinary time comes.)  It includes allowing "gay flags and similar" in schools, boys in girls sports and similar.  It includes allowing any association or conduct related to mandates such as "masks" and "shots."  It further includes any tolerance or support of "migrants" and any housing, education, health care, feeding or otherwise of said people -- that is, anything but immediate expulsion back to where they came from.

If a person advocates, supports, profits from, votes for or allows any such unacceptable conduct they and their entire line who does not vociferously protest and act to counter it is cut off 100%.  No time will be spent, no money will be spent, no recognition of said person whatsoever will occur.  They become no more significant than a rock on the side of the road; to be avoided while driving so you don't wreck your car but otherwise shunned and ignored.  If said person would be in your will or a revocable trust you change it and tell them why.  If said person runs a business and you might want to do business with them you don't and you tell them why.  If said person wants you to work for them you refuse and you tell them why.

In short you take your standards, you take a stand and you enforce it through entirely peaceful and lawful means.

Yes, that includes your direct family and their associates along with the various businesses you buy everyday things from -- such as the local tavern, restaurant or similar.


Well sure it is.  Telling someone to fuck off when it will inconvenience you, maybe cost you a bit more money or even worse, its a blood relative such as a parent or adult child, group of them, or a lover is difficult.  I understand that. But let's look at perspective here because humans are supposed to be able to look forward; it is one of the things that differentiates human beings from lower animals.

How difficult will it be if your electricity costs $0.50 or $1.00/kWh in ten or so years because you supported and allowed the "de-carboning" of our nation?  We were told that this would be cheaper but that's a lie and you can prove it now because California has tried to go down that road and their power costs are higher rather than lower.  What happens if you can't pay for the power to heat your home and at the same time eat?

How about Obamacare?  We were told it would radically reduce your cost of medical care.  What actually happened?  Now a couple in their 50s is quoted over $2,000 a month for effectively-worthless "insurance" that has a $10,000/yr deductible if you actually use it unless you make very little money, where before that was put into place you could buy two months of cover for under half the price and it had little or no deductible!  What happens if you actually get sick after allowing that crap to go on?  You're quite-possibly bankrupt and in in the street!

Tell me again why you would associate with anyone, family or business, that supports that garbage or worse, profits from it and allows it to continue?  Do you like being financially raped up the ass every single day?  Why would you associate with someone who wishes to and is financially raping you?  Do you have to be screwed blind in this way and if and when you are will you even shun your family members and business owners then?

How about those who did outrageous things during the pandemic?  You know, like supporting you being excluded from society if you wouldn't take shots we now know don't work, being fired or even held down and forced or arrested?  Did you exclude all of them to the point that if they walk into a bar today you get up and walk out?  I still do, I've repeatedly reminded people of that fact when asked and always will.  Why?  How many of those people have come up to you and offered an unconditional apology, including a public statement just as was their advocacy that they were wrong?  Zero, in my experience and it has been more than two years since they, and we, all know they were wrong across the board.  Yet many of you will still sit and drink in that bar with them!

Or how about right now with the border?  Over $500 billion, one quarter of the last year's federal deficit, in federal cost alone for a bunch of people who have exactly zero legal right to be here, and every penny of it is a part of inflation which screws you directly and, as cities are discovering, screws everyone in them because money cannot be spent twice.  This is easily more than a trillion a year because our government is allowing an invasion of our nation and we simply don't have it.  Could this be continued for even one day if it was made clear that it will stop now or every lawmaker who doesn't put a stop to it can't so much as go to church or buy groceries without they and all of their families and business associates being shunned?  It is not illegal to refuse to associate with anyone and everyone, including on a derivative basis, who won't put an end to this crap.

Folks if you won't enforce reasonable standards that, if not enforced, will screw you or your children then you wildly increase the risk that when the privation occurs the outcome will be severe, civilization-rending violence and if we get that and you refused to shun people you will be the reason because you refused, out of your own hubris and convenienceto stand for what you know damn well is right and exclude anyone and everyone who supports screwing you.

Spare me your siren songs of "compassion"; they are no such thing.

They're nothing more than demanding that your life be convenient at the expense of others, including those who you claim to love and care about when in fact you do not; you only care about your convenience and as soon as that is impacted you don't give a damn about anyone else.

2024 is the year where you can, and should, change that.

And if you won't?

Don't think I'd lift a finger, say much less a rifle, to stop the thugs if you get shoved into a gas chamber, crematorium or are dispossessed of all you have and freeze or starve to death because I most-certainly will not -- and I will put that marker on the table right now.