Friday, June 9, 2017

Another suggested study for mentors – Western Civilization - by CL

What is Western Civilization? You can read an encyclopedia and get a perspective – or you can key word search the term as I did in this archive - – keeping in mind that every essay (including encyclopedic) is written by a person with a particular understanding, point of view and possibly an agenda.
Here is an interesting quote from the first article in my search results – “As has often been noted here, Man is a rationalizing animal. And what I have increasingly noted of late is that most people devote most of their intelligence to rationalizing what they already think to be true than they do to figuring out what they think is not true. This desire to rationalize rather than learn is, quite possibly, the intelligent individual's biggest intellectual weakness.” – Vox Day.
Accept that as the prevailing culture of writing – the question then becomes – “What is the truth on this matter?”
Another fact I have learned – “Discovering truth for us imperfect humans is a process, not an end state!”
Whenever we decide that at some point we ‘now have the truth’ and refuse to ‘prove all things’ - we begin our journey on the road to Delusionville. As Will Rogers and others have been quoted to say – “It’s not what we don’t know that hurts us – it’s what we know – that ain’t so!”
The responsibility for us and our disciples is that we truly ‘prove all things’ – and as we travel that road, our understanding, as well as our confidence, will increase immensely – and thus our effectiveness.
So, as you begin your journey to understand Western Civilization – see if you can determine what the fundamental requirements might be for its existence and its survival – and perhaps your own role in it.

Good mentoring!
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