Saturday, June 10, 2017

So...who is Antonio Gramsci? - By Bionic Mosquito (on the purposeful destruction of Western Culture)

Appendix I
As it plays a critical part in the story, I must comment on the purposeful destruction of Western Culture, best explained by Antonio Gramsci (emphasis added):
While firmly committed to global Communism, [Gramsci] knew that that violence would fail to win the West. American workers (proletariat) would never declare war on their middle class neighbors as long as they shared common Christian values. So the Italian communist — a contemporary of Lenin — wrote an alternative plan for a silent revolution. The main weapons would be deception, manipulation and infiltration. Hiding their Marxist ideology, the new Communist warriors would seek positions of influence in seminaries, government, communities, and the media.
Gramsci himself rejected Christianity and all its transcendent claims. Nevertheless, he knew Christian culture existed…. For that was the force binding all the classes… into a single, homogeneous culture. It was a specifically Christian culture, in which individual men and women understood that the most important things about human life transcended the material conditions in which they lived out their mortal lives.
The first phase in achieving “cultural hegemony” over a nation is the undermining of all elements of traditional culture.
He has a thing for Christian culture, don’t you think?
What does this have to do with my theory of history?  Disallow others from controlling.  Common culture provides governance with much less government.  Destroy common culture and you inherently invite more government, more control.
But why the focus by Gramsci (and others, continuing to this day) on Western, Christian culture?  Why not African culture, Chinese culture, whatever?
From which culture came forth the idea of liberty, from the earliest days of the Middle Ages?  Where was the highest level of liberty achieved (over a meaningful population) by man on earth?
That’s why.