Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! - Really? How exactly will that happen? - CL

After 3+ years on this internet mission, what have I learned?

The posts today kinda wrap it up - a wrap-up on the stock market and  

Our Exhausted American Mediocracy - By Victor Davis Hanson:

An excellent synopsis for DaLimbrawLibrary - and thank you, Sir VDH!
And my own comment to add - these self-professing 'brilliants' teach our kids, design our cars, provide our healthcare, control our speech, steal our heritage, restrict or force our associations - and a hundred other benefits which they so richly endow us with - all with our tax $$$$$ or the magical outpourings from that wonderful creation of years gone by - known as DaFed!
Will DaBlessings ever end?
God, I sure hope so!

Happy New Year Folks - and hang on!