Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Memo to Mentors – Dec. 26, 2018 – Why is the United States military involved in endless wars? And why are Americans fine with that? Are you?

It is no longer acceptable that US armies fight with taxpayers’ funds for the sole financial interests of global financiers, even if they are US citizens.

In an even marginally sane world, the fact that a nation’s armed forces are engaged in daily military violence would be cause for shock and alarm, and pulling those forces out of that situation would be viewed as a return to normalcy. Instead we are seeing the exact opposite. In an even marginally sane world, congressional oversight would be required to send the US military to invade countries and commit acts of war, because that act, not withdrawing them, is what’s abnormal. Instead we are seeing the exact opposite.

Just a few weeks ago we posted this- There was no longer a question of using US armies to defend principles or interests, but to use them for a reorganisation of the world by dividing it into two parts – on one side the states integrated into the globalised economy, and on the other, the others. The Pentagon would no longer fight wars in order to steal natural resources, but to control access to those resources by the globalised nations. A division directly inspired by the process of globalisation which had already trashed half of the Western populations. This time, it was half of the world’s population which was to be excluded 

In case you did not see it, David Stockman explained that our defense budget should only be about $250 billion and not $750 billon in this - So the $500 billion difference is the fiscal cost of Empire, which is pushing the US toward an immense generational fiscal crisis. But it’s also a measure of the giant larder that fills the Swamp with the projects and busywork of Washington’s global hegemony.
In fact, it is the vastly deep of that $500 billion larder which gives rise to the forces that not only thwart the Donald’s desire to drain the Swamp, but actually enlist him in the cause of deepening its brackish waters.
Who gets rich and who pays for this? And how many are killed or maimed for life all around the world?

Just asking?