Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Trump-Lover's Manifesto - By Robert Oscar Lopez

I happen to like Donald J. Trump.
In fact, if he becomes the next president of the United States I will react with joy, for one simple reason: he will have vanquished political correctness…..

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Policies Don't Matter if Our National Culture Is Dead
I am a one-issue voter: I want our country to have real discussions about things.  In a real discussion among people speaking truthfully, better ideas will prevail over weaker ones.  Both unconstitutional censorship and unofficial silencing are killing our country on every front.  We have to end political correctness before we can fix anything.  And the only person who can end political correctness is Donald J. Trump.
Early on, I was dismayed by my mistaken impressions of the Trump campaign.  One of his supporters told me, "none of the policy matters if we don't have a national culture anymore."  At the time, I assumed he was speaking as a white supremacist opposed to the dilution of genetic purity.  Perhaps he was, in part – but it doesn't matter now, because I have stumbled upon a different meaning of that quote, to which I wholeheartedly subscribe.
Government can grow and shrink, unemployment can rise and fall, banks can open and close – but when our culture unravels, it cannot be sewn back together again.  My friend is right that countries do rise and fall, based mostly on the unquantifiable facets of national character: shared values, which cultivate trust among citizens and inspire people to collective sacrifice.  Our culture is being murdered by those who hate religion, despise nationalism, elevate hedonism of all kinds, and seek to continue the complete erosion of courtship and intact families.
For many years, I made the mistake of thinking that the solution would be to raise up leaders who shared my values.  I thought we had to follow bellwethers who exemplified the purest form of our highest ideals, a standard that all but excluded flawed figures like Donald J. Trump.  Our purism sounded sensible, but it backfired.
What we need, instead, are leaders who create the conditions under which we can defend our values in the public square, speaking for ourselves rather than having others speak on our behalf……….

I don't need a president who thinks exactly the way I do.  I need a president who celebrates free and honest expression, so I can defend my thoughts in my own life.  That's why I like Donald J. Trump and hope he becomes the next president.

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