Sunday, March 27, 2016

Havana Obama and the Soppy Greeting Card War - By Clarice Feldman

Is it any wonder that citizens in the U.S. and Western Europe are increasingly viewing their political leaders with disdain and are seeking to oust them? Is it any wonder that Americans now focused on the nature of the threats, question the outdated international organizations in which our country carries the burden for a passel of freeloading impotent Western Europe (NATO) leaders and anti-Western tyrants (UN)?.....

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Behind the scenes, the Belgian and French authorities began finally doing their job -- rounding up suspects, patrolling known trouble spots, and otherwise responding with more than greeting-card gestures.
Like overindulgent parents of feckless spendthrift children, we have to consider tough love as the next step to their redemption. We have subsidized NATO by hundreds of billions of dollars to protect it from external dangers which at the moment seem insignificant.
They in turn have spent their money on social welfare programs instead of defense and tried to make up the burgeoning cost of those programs and a demographic disaster by welcoming in and not assimilating millions of people determined to kill them off.
To those of us in the US, the presidential campaign now unfolding has particular significance.

Which of the candidates is best suited to deal with this? Jeffrey Varasano on Facebook argues that it is Trump:

Trump is on the right side, against a lot of pressure. If the west is inviting enemy troops across the front and inviting them in for lunch so they can kill grandma before tea, what is Trump supposed to do about it?
Here's the deal. This is not about Leadership, the way that Cruz means. Cruz means engaging in the old political realm -- offering military aid, intelligence, moral support.
But what we know is that the old political realm is dead, or at least it's determined to commit suicide. So if you want to help "the people", you have to support a new politics and form a new allegiance with new leaders. For example, consider PEGIDA. Merkel would love to say, "listen, America is rejecting Xenophobia by electing Sanders or Hillary or Jeb. The whole civilized world is against PEGIDA." That rhetoric works to stifle PEGIDA's recruiting and marginalize them. In contrast, if Trump pulls ahead, PEGIDA can say the opposite - "Look, even America gets it. If they can do it, so can we. We are not alone. We are right."
These seem like minor effects, BUT THEY AREN'T. Minority parties need to be able to point to some success or support, in order to recruit. It's ALL about justifications. This is why you see domino effects, where revolutions in one country spark more in other countries.
Again, like with most issues, this is about recruiting a team and not about policy. Our side, wrapped up WITHIN the system debating policy, doesn't understand revolutions and wars fought OUTSIDE the system and that determine the very existence of the system.
For example, many conservatives bash both "Hope and Change" and "Make America Great Again" as empty slogans. I hate to tell them but the fate of whole nations have risen and fallen on slogans. Thus they aren't empty. Are they devoid of bureaucratic policy? Yes. Do they start wars and flip governments, shaping the world? Oh, yes, that. Give me Liberty or Give me Death. Liberté, égalité, fraternité. How many Cambodians died because of "Make Love not War".
Bucking PC, which Trump does, is nothing more than "Speaking Truth to Power". That's a first step in recruiting for any war. Thus Trump does more to embolden the Invasion Resistance than any candidate. Trump IS Leading. By Inspiring replacement forces.
What does Cruz do? Will he inspire? Cause he can't really DO much as president. He can't invade Europe. What can he do? He has to recruit people on the ground towards a new allegiance that resists. Will he? Can he? Trump does."……………..

I find it impossible to disagree with Robert Spencer’s view:

"The political and media elites have failed Europe and the free world, and put Europe on a course toward civil war and bloodshed unseen on the continent since the days of Hitler."
It is time to sweep them out. All of them: the multiculturalists, the cultural relativists, the internationalists, the levellers, the elites who have brought this death and destruction upon Brussels today, and Paris yesterday, and the rest of Europe tomorrow.
Europe, if it is to survive as a home of free people, must turn out its entire political and media establishment."

It’s not just the political and media elites in Europe. Our own need to be swept bare. Had you any doubts at all, consider the most ridiculous editorial of the year -- in the Washington Post, which obviously under the misimpression that Trump was the president, not Havana Obama, argued that 'The horror in Brussels is a rebuke to Trump’s foreign policy.' 
The horror in Brussels, to the contrary, is a rebuke to the muddled thinking of people like the editors of the Washington Post.
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