Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rescuing America From Itself - by Gavin McInnes

Last week, Kurdish authorities rescued 16-year-old Marlin Stivani Nivarlain at the behest of the Swedish government. Like something out of an SNL sketch, she had emigrated to northern Iraq because her boyfriend joined ISIS and she thought it would be fun. It wasn’t. “In the house, we didn’t have anything, no electricity, no water,” she told a Kurdistan news channel, “nothing.” I’m reminded of the complaining millennials who regretted joining ISIS after they realized their iPods don’t work there (also a comedy sketch). These aren’t just some esoteric examples of a tiny minority of young people who go astray. It’s what’s happening to the Western world. The assumption that we suck is forcing us to abandon everything and replace it with…shit….

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In 2008, Italian performance artist Pippa Bacca decided we had the Middle East all wrong. Muslims aren’t maniacal rapists with no respect for human life. They’re angels sent from God to love us. To prove this she began hitchhiking from Italy to Turkey while wearing a wedding dress. Shortly after she arrived in Istanbul, Bacca was raped and strangled to death. Authorities found her naked corpse thrown in the dirt like a piece of garbage. “Trust is a very human factor,” Pippa’s sister said of the mission. “She believed that to understand people, you had to get to know them.” That’s precisely the problem. They don’t know them. All they know is an idea of them and they made up that idea in their own mind…….

We see this again and again with the left. Letting them run the show is like when I have “kids day” at home and let my children do whatever they want. They inevitably eat candy until they’re sick and stay up all night watching movies. The next day sucks as I have to get them on their feet after no sleep and try to feed them back to health. We do it once a year and they never learn.
Liberals hate power and control, but what they don’t understand is, if it’s not us, it’s someone worse. I’m not just talking about Sharia law or Bernie’s socialist dystopia. Liberals are dangerous to themselves. We let them pretend gender doesn’t exist and the next thing you know, children are being fed hormones to prevent puberty and so many men are having their dicks cut off, we get a suicide epidemic. When a teenage boy kills himself allegedly because he can’t get a sex change, the parents are accused of murder and harassed so much they can’t hold a funeral.
The petulance of the left is based on Daddy issues and getting rid of Daddy only makes it worse. This is why Trump is so popular right now. Obama is Pippa Bacca. We let him run the show for seven years and he left America naked and strangled in a ditch. Trump isn’t popular because of his policies or his record in politics. He’s popular because he reminds us of Dad after “kids day.” Nobody got any sleep these past two terms and we consumed nothing but cultural junk food. We need a patriarch to rein it in.

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