Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump: Our Only Hope for Escaping World War III - By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate, Republican or Democratic, who is not part of the political Establishment. Since he self-funds his campaign, he is not beholden to any special interest groups, especially ones in the military-industrial complex. A real estate-focused businessman and TV reality show star, he has no stake in the neoconservative effort to subdue Russia and have Washington dominate the world. Trump views U.S. wars of intervention and occupation around the world, all in countries that pose no threat to American citizens, a waste of taxpayer money. He is the only candidate in either party who will question the cost and legitimacy of our commitment to Cold War relics like NATO and continuing to station troops in S. Korea; our country’s involvement in religious civil wars in the Middle East and overthrowing and killing secular dictators there it doesn’t like (Hussein and Kaddafi); and our threatening Russia by encouraging its neighboring states of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and Georgia to join NATO and give them weapons and military guarantees to defend them…..

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History, it turns out, goes in cycles. (It is not a linear progression as some would argue.) The earth rotates around the sun every 365.25 days. Human history has an 80-year cycle, roughly equal to the lifespan of a person. Like the four seasons of the earth’s solar cycle, the historical cycle (or “Saeculum”) has four Turnings, which William Strauss and Neil Howe have unraveled and defined. [5]

As the table below shows, we are currently in the Fourth Turning of the Fourth Cycle of American history. (This table is taken from my article “World War Redux: The Fourth Turning Fourth Time Around,” published on LRC in 2014, where more information, with source links can be found to these Cycles and Turnings. [6])……………….

The current Crisis Turn in America’s Millennial Cycle began in 2008, set off by the Lehman Brothers collapse and onset of the Global Financial Crisis. Anticipated to last until 2026 when a new Cycle will start, we have 10 years to go until we get through it. If the current (2008-2026?) Crisis Turn follows the course set in America’s three previous Fourth Turnings, there will be a World War III.  Like with the Great Depression that preceded World War II, the ongoing Global Financial Crisis is setting the stage for World War III…..

Donald Trump as President is best suited to make it possible for humanity to escape a WW III nuclear holocaust. He is the only presidential candidate that can do this. (But one hopes that during the campaign he is not influenced by neocons like John Bolton.) David Stockman puts it this way:
“…A nation tumbling into financial and fiscal crisis will welcome the War Party purge that Trump would surely undertake. He didn’t allow the self-serving busy-bodies and fools who inhabit the Council on Foreign Relations to dupe him into believing the Putin is a horrible threat; or that the real estate on the eastern edge of the non-state of the Ukraine, which has always been either a de jure or de facto part of Russia, was any of our business. Likewise, he has gotten it totally right with respect to the sectarian and tribal wars of Syria and Iraq and Hillary’s reckless destruction of a stable regime in Libya.” [8]

America must adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy, as advocated by the nation’s founders, to avoid a nuclear WW III in this Fourth Turning.
Despite the risks, the outcome of this Millennial Cycle Fourth Turning could be peaceful and positive. Strauss and Howe write:
“America could enter a new golden age, triumphantly applying shared values to improve the human condition. The rhythms of history do not reveal the outcome of the coming Crisis: all they suggest is the timing and dimension.”
The next eight years will be a very crucial time in human history.