Monday, March 14, 2016

Kasich endorses amnesty - (I am posting this so you can read the predictable consequences for our nation as described by Vox Day.)

I find it hard to believe that anyone in Ohio is genuinely supporting this overtly anti-American lunatic:
1) “God Bless” Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are a “critical part of our society,” John Kasich told the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce last October. “For those that are here that have been law abiding, God bless them,” Kasich said—arguing that illegals “should have a path to legalization.”

2) “I couldn’t imagine” enforcing our current immigration laws: “That is not… the kind of values that we believe in.”

On the GOP debate stage in February, Kasich told millions of American voters that enforcing the nation’s immigration laws is not “the kind of values that we believe in.”

“I couldn’t even imagine how we would even begin to think about taking a mom or a dad out of a house when they have not committed a crime since they’ve been here, leaving their children in the house,” Kasich said. “That is not, in my opinion, the kind of values that we believe in.”

3) Kasich likened deporting the illegal population to Japanese internment camps

“To think that that we’re just going to put people on buses and ship them to the border—look at our World War II experience where we quarantined Japanese—I mean it’s a dark stain on America’s history,” Kasich said in November.

“We shouldn’t even think about it,” Kasich said of the “nutty” idea:

    “I don’t know many people that believe we should deport 11 million people—just because people shout loud doesn’t mean they’re a majority. I think most Republicans would agree that you can’t deport 11 million people. We shouldn’t even think about it. What are you going to do? Break their families up?”

I don't think the people still relying on sob stories and worrying about breaking families up don't understand that the long term alternative to repatriating most of the 60 million post-1965 immigrants is civil war. The USA is heading towards partition at an increasingly rapid rate, and the more foreigners who are involved in the process, the more vicious the ethnic and religious cleansing is likely to be.

The dirt is not magic. The USA is not magically exempt from the same rules of power, politics, and war that have stricken nearly every other multiethnic society in history at one time or another. There is absolutely nothing preventing what has happened many times elsewhere from happening on US soil.

The post-1965 invasion is the largest invasion in all of human history. Think about it. What are the chances that it doesn't end in violence? What is the scenario that doesn't involve various ethnic groups scrabbling ruthlessly for power?

Deporting the illegals is only the first step to avoiding a nightmare, but Kasich is determined to keep making things worse.