Friday, March 25, 2016

What do you see here? Look at the picture and try to answer - before you scroll down to read the description. (Copied from TTP)

What do you see here?  A group of Moslem “refugees” walking in a snowstorm headed for the German Welfare State?
Well, yes – but look more closely.  There are seven men and one woman – and the woman, unlike the men, is barefoot. What’s more, she is carrying two children – and not one of these seven men is lifting a finger to help her.
This encapsulates the incapacity of a culture that looks upon and treats women as sub-human to adapt to the moral norms of Western Christian Civilization.
That Europe would allow people in the millions from such a culture to flood their shores is suicidal.  The horror of Brussels on Tuesday (3/22) should not come as any surprise in the slightest.  This is what being suicidal begets – you become prey for the predators.

This is a teachable moment.  It is prime time to learn – or relearn as TTP has been teaching this for years – the root cause of the West’s and America’s suicidal  inability to defend itself from foreign threats, be they Moslem terrorism, tsunamis of illegal immigration, or an America-hating president.