Monday, March 14, 2016

"Take a Dive in November!" Says a Major Neocon Republican - by Gary North

The Republican establishment is frantic over Trump. Trump has called the political establishment's bluff. He has made an end run around their vetting process. This is a replay of Goldwater's nomination in 1964.

The Republican establishment took a dive in that election. It threw the election to Johnson. Now a major neoconservative theorist is recommending the same strategy.

Robert Kagan is a Republican, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, a "nonpartisan" Brookings Institution staff member, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a member of Yale's secret society, Skull & Bones. He is probably the #1 neoconservative theorist in foreign policy. He is part of a family of Kagans who share his views. You can read about him on Wikipedia.

He is at the top of the CFR's academic establishment. He has recently written a column in which he calls for the creation of a third party as a way to stop Trump. He wrote this in the liberal Beltway Washington Post…………

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Do you remember the initial question of the initial Republican debate on August 6? "Will you support the nominee of the Republican Party?" Trump refused to sign on. This was supposed to finish him off. It didn't.
Here is a major neocon saying that the Republicans ought to pull a Teddy Roosevelt, to get Hillary elected, just as Teddy got Woodrow Wilson elected in 1912.

I have said that Tea Party voters should vote against any mainstream Republican at the general election. At least, they should stay home. They should make it clear to the leaders of the party that RINO candidates will lose. Tea Party voters should simply kill the chances of RINO's to be elected. I wrote this in 2010:

If the Tea Party bloc cannot get its candidates nominated, it should run third-party candidates every time. It should kill the chances of any Republican candidate unless he decides to pander to them.
The Establishment Republicans will wail in despair. "This is keeping the party from winning." Exactly! The goal is to do this for as long as the Republic Party does not publicly pursue the agenda of the Tea Party wing.
Two election cycles later, the wafflers will be gone. At that point, the Tea Party bloc will control the Republican Party's grass roots.
The political cancer today is big spending. Big spenders must be removed with surgical precision. Every candidate must know that he will lose in November if he waffles.
Politicians see the light only when they feel the heat. This is the doctrine of hell in politics. It is time to give politicians hell.

As "Mr. Dooley" said over a century ago: "Politics ain't beanbag."
Now we have a major neocon Republican academic, who plays for both CFR Team A and CFR Team B, calling for the election of Hillary Clinton as a way to protest Trump.
He has baptized my recommendation. He has done so in The Washington Post.


The Republican establishment will throw the election to Hillary. There will be no third party. There will be a shifting of funds.
When Trump's supporters learn in November that the Republican establishment has taken a dive, they will enter the ranks of the permanently alienated. They will get even in future elections.

Then Tea Party members should make their move. The Republican Party is wobbling. "When something is wobbling, push it."