Friday, March 18, 2016

What is this blog archive all about? - CL (DaLimbraw Library)

(Updated January 8, 2021)

Even if you read just a fraction of the posts on this site, it becomes fairly obvious that there are some issues which confront us as a nation this year and beyond. Often, a sense of helplessness can overwhelm our system of coping with events that clearly are beyond our individual control. So what to do?

If you somehow stumbled onto this blog site and are wondering what is going on here – let me give you some quick pointers.
The contents on most blog sites are usually written by the blogger or a group of bloggers, many of whom are good writers. I claim no great writing skills. In fact, I learn more from others and have done so now for well over 15 years. What I often lacked was the ability to quickly retrieve something I remembered from months past, so – why not build an archive of related material written by the best in the business – and that is exactly what this site is all about - a simple on-line library. The articles are categorized roughly by topic and are word searchable – I use it almost daily in my conversations on line. All are fully credited to the authors.

As to the overall purpose of my internet presence, if you have not yet visited my website home at - – I urge you to do so. It requires some reading time, especially the full text of referenced articles by other authors. (But please keep in mind it was written in 2015, so many of the time references are out of date, but the substance of them are even more relevant today.)

The action I propose is that we must all become mentors.  A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced, less knowledgeable and often younger person during a sustained period of time -  and thus the purpose of this archival blog (library). Unfortunately, ignorance has few age limits nowadays.

Finally, an observation – what I observe with most people of all political stripes is that they are usually ‘fighting the last war'. That ‘war’ ended long ago – the situation has changed – but they’re still stuck in a time warp of their own making. By some ‘magic stroke’ they decided some time ago that they ‘now know daTruth’ and therefore nothing else can change that. Read ..........

The Eight Degrees Of Ignorance And Stupidity

That is the perfect formula to become delusional and lose a sense for reality. For us imperfect human beings – discovering truth is a process, not an end state. Part of that process starts at link:

I wish you well, but it’s better to be prepared! - CL