Sunday, March 27, 2016

He is risen - by Vox Day

While Christmas is the expression of Christian hope, Easter is the expression of Christian certainty. It is of particular import at this time, when the once-Christian West, having fallen away from its faith, reels before five decades of invasion from the pagan East and South.

But it is always darkest before the dawn and this present darkness is far from the most dangerous that Christianity or Western civilization have endured.

The solution to the decline of the West is not to be found in politics, in tribalism, in violence, or even in the courage of its defenders.
The solution is the hope that can only come from the faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and obedience to the Word of God.

Without that faith, Western Man lacks purpose. Without that obedience, the nations of Europe miss the societal discipline that made them historically great. As C.R. Hallpike has shown,
neither science nor secular humanism are credible replacements for Christianity and the cultural confidence that is a consequence of Christian hope and Christian faith.

So, don't despair that the soldiers of Islam are on the march again. Don't despair that the weak-in-faith have succumbed to temptation and doubt and have fallen away. Don't despair that the numbers of the faithful have dwindled. Don't despair that the pews of the unfaithful churches are empty. Don't despair that those who call themselves Christian leaders throw the children's bread to the dogs.

And don't be surprised that the worship of the world and acceptance of its Narrative has enervated the converged institutions. All of this should fill you with confidence, with certainty, because all of it is exactly as we were told it would be.

Remember, Jesus Christ of Nazareth required a mere 12 apostles to change the course of human history and shake the world. It doesn't matter if there are one billion believers or only one dozen, the Gates of Hell will not prevail.

So stand firm in your faith. Stand fast. Speak fearlessly. When you feel fear, when you feel doubt, think about the empty tomb. For he is risen and he has not given you a spirit of fear, but of victory. The victory that we celebrate today.

Happy Easter.