Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Islamic State Revives Historic Jihadi Tactics - By Raymond Ibrahim

As Western politicians and other talking heads insist that the Islamic State ("ISIS") has "nothing whatsoever to do with Islam," not only does ISIS correctly implement Islamic law – whether by demanding jizya from subjugated Christians or by sexually enslaving "infidel" women – but even the "caliphate's" arcane jihadi tactics belong to Islam.
Consider a recently exposed "recruitment" tactic of ISIS: abducting, indoctrinating, and beating young children in order to mold them into explosive vest-wearing "martyrs" who hurl themselves onto "infidels":
The children who managed to escape describe how they were indoctrinated into the jihadi group's radical brand of Islam and taught that they should execute their "unbeliever" [infidel] parents. ... "We weren't allowed to cry but I would think about my mother, think about her worrying about me and I'd try and cry quietly," he [an escapee] said[.] ... Some children who managed to escape ISIS and are now living in the refugee camps in northern Iraq, have also been left badly psychologically scarred. The repeated beatings and endless propaganda have meant that some of the escapees wake up in the night with nightmares while others suffer seizures.
The report goes on to say, "The growing trend for ISIS to use child soldiers as suicide bombers, particularly in Iraq, has been suggested as a sign of how stretched their resources are in the region."
Or it could suggest that ISIS is simply following another page of the jihadi playbook.  For centuries, Muslim caliphates seized Christian boys from their families, forcefully converted them and indoctrinated them in Islam, trained them to be jihadis extraordinaire, and then unleashed them back onto their former Christian kin to wreak havoc in the name of jihad on infidels.  (Skanderberg was the exception.) 
That this practice is Islamic is evident in that other modern-day Muslims – not just ISIS – follow it.  In 2012, 300 Christian children were abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.  After convincing impoverished Christian families in Bangladesh to spend what little money they had to send their children to study at supposed mission hostels, con men would "pocket the money" and "sell the children to Islamic schools elsewhere in the country 'where imams force them to abjure Christianity.'"  The children are then instructed in Islam and beaten.  After being fully indoctrinated, the once Christian children are asked if they are "ready to give their lives for Islam," presumably by becoming jihadi suicide bombers…….

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Crypto-Muslims (or Moriscos) pretending to be Christian but secretly working to subvert Spain back to Muslim rule were a continual source of danger for centuries.  While the Spaniards knew that Islam prevented Muslims from being loyal to Christian rule, after the Reconquista, they also learned that many Muslims who had publicly converted to Christianity – going to church and participating in baptism and communion – were crypto-Muslims working for the victory of Islam, including by revolting with the aid of foreign Muslims, such as the Turks.  As a result, Islam was expelled from Spain, and as a result of that, ISIS and other Muslims vow to return.
Yet because this historical event is now portrayed as an example of extreme Christian intolerance – the flip-side of Western academia's devotion to whitewashing Islam is its devotion to demonizing Christianity – another valuable lesson from Christian-Muslim history is lost.
The tactics employed by the Islamic State and other jihadi outfits – from indoctrinating Christian children to be martyrs for Islam to acting Christian, going to church, and wearing crucifixes – permeate Islamic history.  But because the West refuses to acknowledge Islam's true doctrines and history, it must ever confront the jihad blindfolded and blindsided.
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