Sunday, March 19, 2017

Vox Popoli: Noble defeatists hell-bent on losing - (Guess who? Yup - daGOP!)

Noble defeatists hell-bent on losing
The God-Emperor simply cannot count on the cucks and cons in Congress following his lead:

Congressional Republicans have a lot to say about their new president.

Donald Trump's proposed budget is "draconian, careless and counterproductive." The health care plan is a bailout that won't pass. And his administration's suggestion that former President Barack Obama used London's spy agency for surveillance is simply "inexplicable."

With friends like these, who needs Democrats?

Less than two months in, Republicans have emerged as one of the biggest obstacles to Trump's young administration, imperiling his early efforts to pass his agenda and make good on some of his biggest campaign promises.

Trump's embrace of a House GOP plan to overhaul the country's health system faces deep opposition from across the party, as does his push to get U.S. taxpayers to pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Republicans largely rejected his thin, 53-page first budget, joking that there's a "fat chance for skinny budget" on Capitol Hill. And his tax reform and infrastructure plans have yet to gain any real traction in Congress.

Eventually, Republicans in the House and Senate are going to grasp that it is the God-Emperor who is popular with Americans, not them. They need to understand that their days of going down to noble defeat and always playing the role of the Washington Generals to the Democrats' Globetrotters is over.

The fate of the American people is at stake. The Republican propensity for defeatism and surrender needs to be relinquished, but if it is not, well, it's not as if President Trump will find it too difficult to rout them. Losing is what they know best how to do, after all.

And if they won't get with the God-Emperor's program, a few examples will have to be made in the 2018 primaries.