Thursday, March 16, 2017

County Rights in action Conference: “Bringing Decision Making Home” - by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Over the past few years since I published Restoring America One County at a Time, many people have asked me if there is anyone actually implementing the views of which I wrote. The answer to that is, yes, but the vast majority have deemed it wise to remain quiet and private, under the radar, for now for various reasons. But there is also a group putting the work together in a powerful way, with success, and is quite public about it. Best of all, this group is offering a training conference to export its successes.
Jim Carlson of the Kansas Natural Resources Coalition (KNRC) has been fighting and advocating for local government and local principles for the past few years now. He is leading a coalition of over twenty counties (and growing) in western Kansas. They learn, seek, train, and plan together, and engage the federal and state governments to confine them to their limits, stop intrusions, and fight in court when necessary.
Jim has succeeded well enough so far that he is now in a position to start exporting his models and methods around the country. I recall the phrase “cookie cutter” being used, as some of what he is doing can be applied and work anywhere else, albeit on whatever particular local issues there may be. He seeks to train other local officials and leaders who are interested.
Toward this end, KNRC is hosting a conference in Dodge City, KS, March 28–30, 2017, entitled, “Bringing Decision-Making Home.” Read the brochure. Speakers will include Jim Carlson himself, as well as a variety of well-seasoned attorneys specializing in land rights, local rights, natural resource rights, and more, many of whom have long records of battling the EPA and many other Federal agencies in court. You can read their credentials in the brochure. I will have the privilege of joining these warriors on a Q&A Panel, and will have a book table throughout the event.
I will readily say this is not a general conference, not a conference for everyone. It is intended for local officials and community leaders who seek nuts-and-bolts training as well as networking with likeminded peers. Talks will probably include some legalese and technical detail. That said, there will also be much that is generally informative, eye-opening, on the common level, and applicable in many ways to many places. There may well be many potential community leaders, even activists, media personalities, and ministers, who could benefit from the inspiration, networking, learning, and training offered here. If you are in any such position and wish to see the “County Rights” ideal actually implemented in your area, you may consider registering to attend.
Contact KNRC for further info if you have questions.