Sunday, March 12, 2017


They are not. And they never will be. That's why they have to go back.

I know I said I was going off to play Zelda, and I am. But this statement needs to be spread far and wide. I’m still in disbelief even after watching it. I said I was going to do a wrap-up of the Rotterdam stuff later on this evening, and I still think it deserves its own post. This is a good starter, though. Geert Wilders, the Party for Freedom leader who is running for Prime Minister of the Netherlands on Wednesday, just put Turkey and their dumbass voters on full blast. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a definitive statement from a politician.
He flat-out tells Turkey they aren’t getting into the Eurpeaon Union and that they only have themselves to blame after voting in an Islamic thug like Erdogan.

Wilders was speaking in response to last night's Turkish riots in Rotterdam.

Hundreds of pro-Turkey protesters scuffled with police as authorities tried to end a demonstration at the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, where a Turkish minister fruitlessly tried to enter the compound. At one stage, protesters were throwing bottles and mobbing police vehicles as they moved away from the consulate in central Rotterdam. But soon, police charged on horseback and moved forward with batons wielding. 

It's time for the God-Emperor to tell the 80 million post-1965 Not Americans the same thing. They are not Americans and they never will be. America desperately needs its own Reconquista while Europe launches its version 2.0.

600,000 Mexicans were stripped of their US citizenship and deported by President Eisenhower. So don't even try to claim it's not possible or that it's not Constitutional. It is possible, it is legal, it is Constitutional, and there is legal precedent for both naturalized and natural-born citizens. And most of all, it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the USA, the American people, and Western civilization.

You may not like to hear that. But history clearly dictates that the two most likely alternatives are a) continent-wide war or b) the end of Western civilization.