Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Vox Popoli: Sovereignty in the UK - (A Day to Celebrate!)

Sovereignty in the UK

Great Britain has invoked Article 50 and is officially leaving the European Union:

Brexit begins! Historic moment for the UK as Article 50 letter is delivered to the EU with Theresa May hailing a 'great turning point' for country as it looks to forge a 'bright new future' outside the Brussels club. The Prime Minister signed the historic letter triggering EU divorce last night. Brexit will be irreversible once handed to EU chief Donald Tusk in Brussels today

Congratulations to the British for reclaiming their nation. This is a historic moment, every bit as historic as the Revolutionary War and the defeats of Napoleon and Hitler, despite not a shot being fired.

The EU is a stealth empire that has conquered with lies and banks in the place of infantry and tanks. It is to the great credit of the British people that they have had the courage to resist their subjugation and reclaim their nation and the Rights of Englishmen.